Pro Wrestling NOAH Possibly Splitting, or Just in Need of a Change?

Charles Schaeffer

I am a follower of all forms or wrestling. I mainly follow Japanese wrestling more often that most of the Indies in the United States, which is why I guess how I earned myself place on the site in the first place. Though I do enjoy watching ROH, Chikara & PWG. I grew up with AWA/NWA/WCW as a kid. I was a big fan of Sting, Jushin Liger & Great Muta fan early on, so I guess you know why I fell in love with Japan style of wrestling. I also watched a lot of WWF in the early 90's and even continue to watch it to today. From the WWF I enjoyed Macho Man Randy Savage, Undertaker, Bret Hart, and many more. Also need to throw that I am big fan of Vader as well. Closing out the 90's I was probably more of a fan of WCW, especially the Cruiserweights. Ultimo Dragon, Mysterio, Jericho, Sting, Chris Benoit and Scott Norton. In WWF, I enjoyed TAKA Michinoku, Stone Cold, Triple H, and so on. Around late 1997 is when I saw my first full Japanese Pro Wrestling show with Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Toshiaki Kawada, been a fan ever since. I had seen some matches here and there, but nothing that was ever close to a full event. Nowadays, I tend to follow NJPW, All Japan, and NOAH more closely, but I enjoy pretty much everything from Japan.

4 Responses

  1. chrisgst says:

    Great write up man, thanks for all the info. Here’s hoping you do some more write ups over on your website and facebook.

    As for the future of NOAH, I would have to say that if they were to break it up, I would hope that possibly business could be done so that we could still see the two act as one roster but possibly have a touring group of fresh talent and a touring group of veterans where the fans would know what they are getting IE they would get some feel good moments from the vets but then some fast paced stuff from the fresh faces.

    Also as always in business it comes down to numbers, they would have to draw and it would seem that possibly some of the vets need to realize they should take a pay cut. But that’s neither here nor there. That is just how it is.

  2. Wrsisyphus2 says:

    Quite frankly, I wish they’d re-merge with All Japan. Both promotions could use the help.

  3. Ichifuji says:

    Good write. But I wanted to read the hottest about NOAH Sugiura vs. Bigfoot.

  4. Ronin7391 says:

    I have nothing but respect for noah,but now since the passing of misawa(one of my top 5 japanese wrestlers of all time) it doesn’t seem the same as it once was before.It was the biggest draw from 2000 to about 2008,then it started to have trouble.finances, poor bookings,mismanagement and scandals shook the company to its core.Add to the fact that they haven’t turned around any new talent in a long time,also hurts as well.After all this it wouldn’t surprise me if they merge with all japan(who has problems of their own) and become a stronger company.We’ll have to wait and see what happens!?