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Quick N’ Dirty: Beyond Wrestling “Keep The Streak Alive”


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Elyria, OH – June 5th and June 6th, 2010

Welcome back to another “Quick N’ Dirty” for Beyond Wrestling’s “Keep The Streak Alive” DVD release.

“Keep The Streak Alive” is Beyond Wrestling’s fourth DVD release. We now get point values associated with every wrestler. The point values work like this: wrestlers get 1 point for a win, and lose a point for a loss. For example, if someone were to win 3 matches and lose 2, their point total would be +1. If they lost 8 matches and won 0, their point total would be -8. In multi-man and tag team matches, even if you’re not the one who gets pinned/submitted, you lose a point. Beyond has no titles, so this point system is the one way we can tell who truly is the best.

Let’s get to the matches!

Disc One

From AIW’s “From Dusk Till Dawn” – June 4th, 2010
Corvis Fear vs. Davey Vega

Because this was taped at an AIW show, points are not in play. A few members of Vega’s entourage (Evan Gelistico, Pierre Abernathy, and Gary J.) all tried to help Vega take down Fear before the bell. Fear fights them off and the match was underway. Vega’s buddies remained ringside, helping him out against Fear whenever the moment arose. Fear clearly had Vega’s number and most likely would have won the match earlier had Vega’s cronies not interfered. Vega kicked Fear in the groin and accidentally knocked down the referee with a rolling lariat. Fear dropped Vega with a snapmare driver on a chair. Vega’s buddies beat down Fear, which brings in fellow Beyond Wrestling talent Chase Burnett and Zane Silver to chase them off. The official match result was a double disqualification at 10:28. The story was fine, but this match did nothing for Beyond Wrestling whatsoever. Fear looked excellent, but Vega didn’t come off as a worthy competitor (not so much due to his wrestling prowess, but the excessive interference would lead you to believe so). All the interference was annoying but I guess necessary for the end result. *1/2

We now go to the actual Beyond event where Jonny Mangue is sitting backstage. Chase Burnett and Zane Silver approach Mangue backstage, asking him about CLASH Wrestling’s upcoming tag team tournament. Just then, Chris Dickinson and Pitboss attack Burnett and Silver from behind. Dickinson slams a chair on Silver’s leg against a keg, taking him out of the show. Mangue has joined Dickinson and Pitboss in a group known as “The Doom Patrol”.

Chris Dickinson comes out to complain, refusing to wrestle if he doesn’t get paid. Denver Colorado pays Dickinson $100. Colorado notes that Dickinson has taken out a number of wrestlers. Josh Emanuel, also known as Kano, gave Drew the $100 to get a match with Dickinson so he can know what it’s like to be taken out.

Chris Dickinson (+4) vs. “Kano” Josh Emanuel (0)

Now THIS is more like it. If you like the sight of two guys beating the fuck out of each other, look no further than this match. Dickinson and Kano put on an intense, hard hitting contest in which you couldn’t help but get caught up in the atmosphere. Kano was a perfect opponent for Dickinson, as he forced Dickinson to put his ego in check and really put his best foot forward. In the end, Dickinson grabbed the referee and kicked Kano in the groin to score the pinfall victory at 10:18. Dickinson had to resort to cheating in the end, which was the absolute best way to end the match. Dickinson was so desperate and knew that he was in trouble, so he took the easy way out to win. I really liked this match, if you couldn’t already tell. ***1/4

Denver Colorado tells Dickinson he can never pull anything like that again and that someday Dickinson will have an opponent that will set him straight.

Anthony Stone (0) vs. AERO! (-1)

Stone controlled the majority of this match. He showed a really impressive mixture of MMA influenced wrestling, mat wrestling, with just a hint of aerial offense. AERO finally got a move in edgewise with a urinage backbreaker to cut Stone off. AERO’s look is quite deceiving, as for a goofy looking dude he packs a hard punch. AERO was able to get in quite a few moves before Stone came back with an enzuigiri. Stone almost had the match with a big gut buster, but AERO was able to kick out. AERO picked up the surprise pin with a rope-assisted Hero’s Welcome for the pin at 8:01. I really liked what both of these guys had to offer, and was not the styles clash I expected. Both these guys worked really well together and have the potential to be big. I’m happy to see these guys in Beyond. **3/4

Corvis Fear approaches Chase Burnett, thanking him for making the save in his match with Davey Vega at AIW. Fear says he’d be willing to return the favor when Chase faces Vega later. Chase turns down his offer as he’s still not sure if Fear’s trustworthy.

Jonny Mangue (-2) vs. Corvis Fear (+7) vs. Darius Carter (0) vs. The Duke (+1)

Chris Dickinson attacked Fear before the match. The Duke made the save, but Mangue came in to attack. It’s somewhat pointless to call moves for this match. Everyone managed to show off their skill, get their gimmick over, all while putting together a fun, coherent match. The action never stopped and was kept interesting throughout. Darius Carter probably got the best chance to showcase his character which I appreciated since he’s the guy I am personally the least familiar with. The two guys who were most important to get over were Fear and Mangue, and they did exactly that. In fact, Fear picked up the win at 9:55 by rolling up Mangue. Again, this was a really good match, and after this bout I’m a bigger fan of everyone in the match. ***

Johnny Cockstrong (+3) vs. John Bardin (+0)

Cockstrong belittles Bardin for being French. Bardin shrugs it off, and beats the crap out of Cockstrong as a measure of revenge. Cockstrong’s belittling continues, with his cock based offense being the majority of what he utilized. Cockstrong’s silliness cooled off in the latter part of the match, breaking down into an excellent back and forth contest. Bardin literally came out of nowhere for me, and had a really impressive showing. Cockstrong is someone who you don’t expect much out of due to his silly name and gimmick, but can really bring it at times. This was one of those times. This epitomizes Beyond in my mind; two relative unknowns fighting in the spirit of competition and for the love of wrestling. Cockstrong picked up the win against Bardin at 16:15 with a Beach Break on the top rope. ***1/2

Disc Two

Chase Burnett (-8) vs. Davey Vega (+8)

Vega’s entourage (Evan Gelistico, Pierre Abernathy, and Gary J.) returns for this match. However, the referee sends them all backstage before the bout begins. Speaking of back and forth matches, this was another fine example of that. Burnett worked his ass off, pulling out all the stops to try and dig himself out of his eight point deficit. Vega wasn’t going to let him get through with an easy win, cutting him off and taking him down whenever the opportunity arose. Seriously, this was a match I wasn’t expecting much out of to begin with, but was left impressed with both competitors (especially Burnett). Burnett was flying all over the place and pulling out moves he has made his own (such as crawling through the opponent’s leg for a sunset flip powerbomb, or the quebrada into the double knee strike). Vega was able to ultimately pick up the win with a discuss lariat for the pin at 16:58. It makes me even more upset that Burnett and Silver aren’t booked more frequently elsewhere. This is possibly the best match ever in Beyond Wrestling. ***3/4

John Bardin (-1) vs. J-Block (+2)

Bardin puts in another great showing. J-Block is somewhat of a loud mouth, and Bardin looked to shut him up. Bardin put in such a beatdown that even the wrestlers ringside went nuts. J-Block would get in a big move here and there to prove how tough he truly is. Regardless, it seemed Bardin was a shoe-in to win. Then from out of nowhere, J-Block drives Bardin head first into the mat with the Brain Eater for the pin at 11:57. Maybe I just love seeing guys beat the snot out of one another, but this one hit all the same notes the Dickinson/Kano battle did. Same style, lots of excitement, and all around a fun match to watch. ***1/4

Johnny Cockstrong (+4) vs. Anthony Stone (-1) vs. Darius Carter (-1) vs. Donny Kidd (-3)

Remember that DGUSA four way that everyone raved about? This is in the same vain as that match. The point was to introduce and get over all four guys with the audience and it did just that. It did so at a break neck speed, but slowly enough that you’ll remember everyone in the match by the time the match was over. If you like fast-paced, spot filled matches, this is your cup of tea. Cockstrong picked up the win at 7:35. ***

Winning team enters CLASH Wrestling’s NCPI Tag Team Tournament
Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson (+5) & Jonny Mangue (-3)) vs. Chase Burnett (-9) & Corvis Fear (+8)

Doom Patrol are seconded by Pitboss. This is an easy story to tell; two unlikely allies come together to take out a common enemy. Burnett and Fear meshed surprisingly well together, flawlessly working as a unit. Fear dove onto Pitboss and beat him down, leaving Burnett alone. Mangue and Dickinson gave him a double low blow and a Doomsday Device to win the match and the tournament spot at 8:44. Like I said, the story came across really well in the match. Burnett and Fear were dying to beat Mangue and Dickinson. Not so much to go into the tournament, but to prevent Doom Patrol from representing Beyond Wrestling. They packed a lot of action into a small time frame and I enjoyed it thoroughly. ***

The Necro Butcher (0) vs. Jefferson Saint (+7)

This was an awesome styles clash. Saint arrived to the show late, so the show was structured without him in mind. Therefore, there were no fresh opponents left for him to face. Saint begged for an opponent, noting that he didn’t want to face yet another female competitor. With that, the Necro Butcher came in from the side door ready to fight. Necro beat the living daylights out of Saint, hitting him with a chair, stapling him in the ass, and beating him with a Butterbean cardboard cut-out. Saint got in a lucky opening when Necro accidentally did a somersault senton from the apron onto a steel chair on the floor (he was aiming for Saint). Saint kept on Necro’s leg, almost going into a psychotic rage over it. As funny as it sounds, Necro was lucky that Saint let up and pinned him at 9:18. It was cool to see how Saint’s attitude changed after he got the opening, ready to cripple the Necro Butcher after the beatdown Saint was given. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Saint was made for the 80’s, but still does remarkably well in this day and age. This was an excellent styles clash, and something very unique for Beyond Wrestling. ***

Overall: Simply put, this is the best DVD release Beyond Wrestling has had thus far. We knew they could provide great wrestling and we knew they could give us captivating storylines. This is the show that brings all of that together. The in ring work is unmatched from Beyond’s three previous releases, with guys like Corvis Fear, Chase Burnett, The Doom Patrol, and others really stepping up to the plate. Guys like Josh Emanuel, Davey Vega, and J-Block show visual improvement over their previous performances. There’s also many guys on this show I want to see more of and have me anticipating future Beyond Wrestling releases. The one negative would have to be the AIW match, but it’s inclusion was crucial in order for the storyline progression in the show to make sense. My suggestion would be to watch the last couple minutes for the finish and aftermath and skip the rest. With that, I give this a definite recommendation. If you’ve been sleeping on Beyond Wrestling, now’s the time to wake up and give this hard working group of young, hungry talent a shot.

You can pick up the show at Beyond’s brand spankin’ new website or at Smart Mark Video.

Beyond Wrestling – “Keep The Streak Alive” – Now Available on DVD @ Smart Mark Video from beyondwrestling on Vimeo.

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