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NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood: Episode 34 (5/7/2011)

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Your commentators are: Todd Keneley & Excalibur

Match #1: Nick Madrid vs. Cedric The Hitman
This is an impromptu match as Nick Madrid wants to take out Cedric The Hitman so Cedric does not affect the main event of Austin Aries vs. Scorpio Sky. Both men exchange a few headlocks. Madrid takes Cedric down to the ground. Cedric tries to power out, but cannot. Madrid takes Cedric to his feet, but Cedric puts Madrid in a headlock of his own. Madrid reverses and takes down Cedric with a dropkick. Nick gets overpowered by Cedric who lays out Nick with a Fireman’s Carry into a Neckbreaker on the knee. Cedric ties Madrid up in the ropes and chokes him. He then gives a big clothesline to the back of Madrid. A few chops by Cedric in the corner, but Madrid starts to fight back. He looks for a crossbody, but Cedric ducks and goes for a quick cover, but only gets 2. Cedric once again chops Madrid in the corner. Irish whip reversal by Madrid, but Cedric reverses it into another neckbreaker on Madrid for 2. Cedric tosses Madrid to the corner, but Madrid leaps over and takes down Cedric with clotheslines and a leg lariat. Madrid hits a Side Effect on Cedric but only gets 2. Cedric reverses Nick and hits two roll through Russian leg sweeps, and another neckbreaker on Nick for 2. He goes for a backdrop, but Madrid reverses, dropkicks Cedric in the corner. Nick grabs Cedric, runs up the ropes and plants Cedric with a Tornado DDT for the 1-2-3.
Match Result: Nick Madrid wins via Tornado DDT in 5:59

In the back, NWA Pro Executive Jon Ian says due to the circumstances surrounding Colt Cabana and Joey Ryan, he is authorizing Colt Cabana to defend the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Joey Ryan on NEXT WEEK’S EDITION of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood!

Match #2: “Mirror Image” Ricky Mandel & Hector Canales vs. Lucha Machine & Sindarin
Mandel is now teaming with Hector because Mandel feels that Hecctor is the “Mexican Mirror Image.” Mandel also apparently does not hate Mexico, but hates Lucha Libre. Mandel and Hector double team Sindarin repeatedly, exchanging quick attacks and tags. Mandel throws Sindarin to the corner, but Sindarin blocks with an elbow and hits a dropkick on Mandel. He goes to the ropes, but Hector puts up a knee, causing Mandel to get the advantage. Mandel and Hector double team some more. Hector hits a BIG stalling suplex on Sindarin for a 2 count. Mandel tags in and eats an ace crusher from Sindarin. Sindarin makes the tag to Lucha Machine who hits a big splash on Hector, followed by an enzugiri on Mandel. He takes down Hector with a headscissors takedown, following by a bulldog. both he and Sindarin look to finish him, but Mandel knocks Sindarin off the top. Hector takes advantage and hits a big spinebuster on Lucha Machine for the 1-2-3.
Match Result: Hector Canales & Ricky Mandel win after a Spinebuster by Hector on Lucha Machine in 4:50.

Candice LaRae is in the back is confused over how Buggy had beaten her. Candice says she doesn’t need anyone else, and bets that next week that Buggy will not be able to beat Candice again.

The Tribe is in the back. Navajo Warrior says that the NWA is afraid of the Tribe being a team, which is why they are now more active as singles wrestlers. He says that even as singles they are a force to be reckoned with.

Match #3: The Hawaiian Lion w/Navajo Warrior vs. Marco Scarzetti
For those that don’t know, Marco Scarzetti is Ares of Chikara fame and this is his debut in NWA Hollywood.

The two lock-up, but Marco lays out Lion with a pair of dropkicks and a spinning wheel kick. Lion goes to the floor. Marco looks for a dive, but Navajo grabs Marco’s leg. Lion comes in and hits a big suplex on Marco for 2. Lion takes him to the corner and hits some big chops. Marco attempts to fight back, but eats a throat chop for his troubles. Lion puts Marco in a side headlock. The fans get behind Marco though, who gets to his feet. Lion quickly drops him with a Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex, but only gets 2. Lion puts Marco in another headlock, but Marco gets back to hi feet and breaks it. He goes to the ropes, but Lion hits an enzugiri and a Saito Suplex, but again only gets a 2 count. He puts Marco in the ropes for Navajo to punch Marco while the ref is distracted. Lion drives Marco throat first into the bottom rope. Lion throws Marco to the corner, but Marco gets over him. They collide heads before exchanging forearms. Lion throws Marco to the corner and charges, but eats a boot and a top rope dropkick. Marco goes to the top again, but Lion counters. Marco tries to fight out of it. Marco ends up countering into the Acquisition Neckbreaker (spinning Fisherman’s Suplex) for 2. Marco gets back to his feet and looks for the Toberlone Driver, but Lion counters. Marco counters out and looks to charge, but Navajo grabs his feet. The two face off and Lion looks to charge at Marco, but Marco moves, causing Lion to knock Navajo off the apron. Marco gets a quick rollup and that is all she wrote.
Match Result: Marco Scarzetti defeats Hawaiian Lion via roll-up in 6:03.

Post-match, The Tribe are not happy. They lay into Marco with a double clothesline. They throw the referee out, before laying out Marco with the Reservation Devastation. The Tribe exits, pleased with what they have just done.

Rico Dynamite/Peter Avalon/Ray Rosas are in the back saying that no one needs to know their business. The three of them are going to take on Aaron Bolo/Ryan Taylor/Famous B next week.

Excalibur and Todd run down the importance of the fifth match in Scorpio Sky and Austin Aries match tonight and how it will be a good clean one-on-one match. They then show a video package recapping the story of Sky and Aries over the past several months.

Match #4: Austin Aries vs. Scorpio Sky (Match #5 in The Best of 5 Series)
Aries offers a handshake, but Sky does not want it. The two lock-up, but Sky tosses Aries to the ropes and eats a big shoulderblock. Sky retreats to his corner to check his head, which is still injured. Sky hits a couple big kicks to Aries left leg. He goes for some punches in the corner, but Aries shoves him off. Aries puts him in the corner and claps his arms around Scorpio’s head. Scorpio goes to the outside to get a breather, but Aries dropkicks him in the head and then hits a big suicide dive. Aries drags Sky around the ring. He shoves Sky into the rail. He throws Sky back in the ring, clubbing him in the head repeatedly. He goes in the corner for punches, but Sky shoves Aries off. Aries rolls to the outside. Sky is on the apron, and Aries sweeps Sky’s legs out, causing Sky to land on the apron. Aries hits a hilo into the ring for a 2-count. Sky tries to fight back, but Aries hits a gutbuster. Aries looks for his pendulum elbow, but Sky out of nowhere locks in an ankle lock on Aries. Aries manages to make it to the ropes. Sky tosses Aries to the ropes and looks for a dropkick, but Aries hangs on, causing Sky to harm his head again. Aries goes after Sky’s left knee, which has been harmed throughout this series of matches. Aries hits a reverse neckbreaker for a 2 count. Aries goes for a suplex, but Sky reverses and takes down Aries. Both men get to their feet and Sky tosses Aries to each corner repeatedly and hits a body splash in them. He misses one, and Aries takes Sky down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Aries goes up top, but Sky gets up. Sky looks for a superplex, but Aries reverses, knocking Sky off. Aries looks for a missile dropkick, but Sky sidesteps it. Both men are to their feet exchanging punches. Sky hits a running knee, sending Aries to the floor. Sky then hits a BIG flipping swanton to the outside as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Aries charges at Sky in the corner but Sky hits a bicycle kick, taking Aries down for a 2-count. Sky puts Aries in a Fireman’s Carry, but Aries reverses and hits a back rake. He then hits a kneebreaker into a backdrop. With Sky in the corner, Aries hits a big running dropkick. Aries goes up top looking for the 450 Splash, but Sky rolls out of the way. Aries knee is hurt, and Sky repeatedly tries rolling up Aries for near 3-counts. Sky tries a backslide, but Aries rolls through and hits a big kick to Sky’s head. Sky is completely dead out of it. Aries picks up a prone Scorpio looking for the brainbuster, but Sky powers out hiting the Ace of Spades (TKO)! Sky then locks Aries in Aries’ very own Figure-8 leg submission hold. Aries tries to fight out of it, but eventually has to give in and taps!
Match Result: Scorpio Sky wins the best of 5 series 3-2 after making Austin Aries tap to the Figure-8 in 10:51 (shown).

Post-match, Aries has a chair and looks to hit Sky, but misses. Aries tries to apologize. Sky goes wild though laying into Aries with punches. The ref tries to get Sky off of him, but Sky won’t have it. Sky locks Aries in the Figure-8 again, and refuses to break the hold. Several referees have to come out to try to pull Sky off of Aries. Rick Knox gets on the microphone and says because Sky would not release the hold, and Austin Aries wins by DQ. Sky is not happy with that and immediately goes to the back. Aries takes a fan’s sign saying “Austin Aries Cheats” and gladly poses with it before ripping it.

Match Result: Austin Aries wins the best of 5 series 3-2 via DQ.
Not sure how I feel about the post-match decision, especially in a series like this which has gone on for months. I will take the wait and see approach to see where Sky goes from here, but it is a bit of a sour move to what was otherwise a very good match. Their entire series delivered the goods, and this was no exception, especially with the way that they related the injuries from previous matches into it. ***3/4

Solid episode here. Much like the Colt title win episode, the main focus was on the main event which they did a great job of hyping throughout the evening. Marco (Ares) had a solid debut against the Hawaiian Lion and I am interested in seeing how he does going forward. The main event at the very least is worth checking out, but I would take the time to watch the previous four matches in the series as well.

This episode, along with every episode of NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood can be seen at

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