CHIKARMY Insider with Rance McGrew! (Aniversario Results + Triple Shot Preview)

Justin Houston

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  1. wrsisyphus2 says:

    Weird that Eddie’s new finisher is an MMA type thing; doesn’t really seem to fit his style. And UltraMantis Black has a lot of momentum going into the tournament; I’d love to see him win. Unfortunately, I still think Claudio/Kingston as the title decision match is the way they’ll go.

  2. Matt Waters says:

    Eddie/Claudio is the logical finals but I see this tournament as a way to shine a light on some of Chikara’s unsung heroes. I’d love to see Mantis take it home, but realistically the only person in Block A with a chance of making the finals is Claudio, and Mantis would have to take down Kingston, Brodie, and Jigsaw to meet him there… so I guess it’ll be King/Claudio.

  3. wrsisyphus2: Agreed on Eddie’s finisher, although I’m already salivating at the idea of him drilling someone with a backfist and immediately locking on the choke.

    Matt Waters: I disagree that only Claudio could escape A Block. Hallowicked already has one of his toughest wins out of the way in beating Quack. I really only seem him losing to either Claudio or Icarus now, and that could be enough to get him into the finals and potentially face Kingston or UltraMantis, two matches with a ton of history.

  4. Samantha says:

    I would really prefer to see a Hallowicked vs UMB finals.There is so much History there as well as it could stand as a test of Mantis’ trust.Will he use nefarious means to win? It would be awesome to see Mantis finally win something (besides our love) in Chikara. However, a Claudio vs Mantis match could put an end to the BDK with Mantis winning

    To Summarize: Mantis should win his block and the Title.

  5. Matt Waters says:

    Sure, but the only person I could imagine defeating Claudio in Block A is Quack. You’re right, Wicked is the next most likely to make it through, but I think he and Frightmare will get another push as a tag team once Frights relinquishes the cup. A Wicked/Mantis finals would be awesome though.

    Claudio/Mantis probably wouldn’t end the BDK, but it would be a nice way for Mantis to come full circle. Maybe Claudio could get so cocky that Mantis provokes the BDK into putting the Eye of Tyr on the line as well, and he could use it to finally free Delirious.

    Or in the event they go with the obvious King/Claudio match then I think Mantis should face Ares again to try and get his win back from the Germans but with the above mentioned stipulations. Maybe with his career on the line too as he’d have nothing left to fight for after not winning the singles title, and just wants to make Chikara a better place or die trying so to speak.

  6. KC says:

    I could see Wicked beating Claudio more then Quack because I think Quack is near the end of his run plus Wicked is the only other person that has a good chance of coming out of Block A. I still think it’ll be Claudio/Kingston in the finals and Mantis will fight the BDK if for nothing else to get Delirious back with WIcked. About the only way I see UMB/Wicked is if Claudio makes good on his threat of injuring Kingston and making him lose all his points, and King returns the favor in kind to set up one final showdown between the two.

    And I think that Kingston’s new finisher is that he knows everything he’s thrown at Claudio has only gotten him so far and he’s adding something new to the arsenal to put him over the top.

  7. Rob says:

    It’s gotta be Claudio vs. UMB. Lot of history there with the formation of the BDK.

    If that happens, do you think Claudio gets 90% of the fans behind him?

  8. Rob says:

    FYI, my dream final for the championship would be Darkness Crabtree vs. Dragon Dragon…oh well

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