Wednesday , 1 April 2015
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The Big Tall CHIKARMY Insider! (Full C-Rex II Results + Tons of HUGE News)


Welcome to one of the most exciting editions of CHIKARMY Insider EVER! Seriously, I can’t hype up this edition enough! The only feature this week is a full rundown of Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel weekend, which was supppadrgh0werih0-ujth…..

WARNING: It was announced live in Philadelphia that BOTH NIGHTS of Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel weekend will be available for order starting TOMORROW at Smart Mark Video! Like last year’s C-Rex and this year’s King of Trios, it’ll only take a few days to enjoy some fresh Chikara action! If you haven’t seen the weekend results yet and you already planned on buying the shows, this is a fantastic opportunity to go in blind and watch the DVDs without knowing the results!

….. PlrtzGlrb22bqerhijnNFiohsdog9ljmoHppposed to be a phenomenal set of shows! However, some AMAZING surprises and announcements were made, including a huge December show, when Chikara’s first iPPV will take place and much, much more! Remember: I arranged the results and added some minor statistical details, but they are compiled from the notes and pictures posted by those live at the events (mostly from Twitter). As such, I take no credit for their hard work. Read on for C-Rex II results!




1. 12 Large: Summit B Block: Fire Ant d. Jigsaw (11:40). The leader of The Colony gets his first two tourney points, upsetting Jigsaw by targeting his injured arm and forcing him to submit to a short arm scissors. Jigsaw sits at zero points in the tourney.

2. Special Singles Match: Gregory Iron d. Jakob Hammermeier (2:00). Iron returns to Chikara with quite a bit more notoriety, but he’s up against the dreaded BDK for the first time since Young Lions Cup VIII weekend. Almost immediately, Jakob “accidentally” splashes the referee, giving him the opportunity to choke Iron with his tie. However, UltraMantis Black runs out and obliterates Jakob, allowing Iron to get the victory in fast fashion! UltraMantis then demands to see Ares, or he’ll run through every member of the BDK to get to him. After a strong showing during Aniversario weekend, Jakob has now lost every match he’s been in after a miserable Midwest run and a loss at the hands of Iron. Greg, on the other hand, has put down both of Chikara’s most hated rudos in his two most recent matches.

3. First Time Ever: Eddie Kingston d. Adam Cole (7:21). The “Panama City Playboy” is sent packing via Backfist to the Future. “The War King” remains an unstoppable beast; since the Bruderschaft was born over a year-and-a-half ago, only one non-BDK member has put Eddie down…and he’s currently WWE Smackdown’s Mr. Money in the Bank.

4. Six-Man Tag: El Generico, Scott Parker & Shane Matthews d. Icarus, Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano (16:41). At one point, all three members of 3.OLE had all three members of F.I.S.T. in Boston Crabs. In the end, Scott Parker pins Chuck Taylor after the Sweet Taste of Professionalism to give his squad the dubya. This was Generico’s first non-tournament tag match of any kind in Chikara, and only the second time in five years that he’s won a match as a part of a trio, the other being with the Super Smash Brothers at King of Trios 2008.

5. World of Sport Rules: Johnny Kidd d. Johnny Saint (R4 – 1:41). Kidd defeats Saint in a battle of Johnny’s, getting the winning fall with a Kneeling Frog Press. As obvious with it being World of Sport Rules, not much by way of huge moments. However, it was said to be a fantastic match. Smart Mark Video already posted this photo to their Facebook account, leading to speculation of C-Rex II weekend being yet another lightning-fast release.

6. Six-Woman Tag: Portia Perez, Mima Shimoda & Tsukasa Fujimoto d. Sara Del Rey, Daizee Haze & Makoto (20:18). Shimoda pins Haze with the Death Lake Driver (a sick Super Tiger Suplex), adding extra heat to their singles match in Philly tomorrow night.

7. CHIKARA vs. BDK: Tursas d. Green Ant (17:56). Green Ant is decked out in ultra patriotic gear for this serious contest. Easily the longest one-on-one contest of both men’s careers, Tursas manages to derail the Flex Express, pinning Green Ant with a top rope splash.

8. 12 Large: Summit A Block: Mike Quackenbush d. Claudio Castagnoli (19:59). In their first singles match in two-and-a-half years, Quackenbush taps out Castagnoli with The Chikara Special to secure two points in what some might call an upset. Claudio still sits at two points. Said to be a fantastic match and a fantastic show overall!




1. Ice Ribbon Showcase: Tsukasa Fujimoto d. Makoto (10:17). Fujimoto won via Venus Shoot, a triangle enzuigiri like Masaaki Mochizuki’s Sankakugeri. This was NOT for Tsukasa’s ICE×60 Championship as Chikara’s Twitter suggested.

2. First Time Ever: Archibald Peck w/ Veronica d. Dasher Hatfield (7:55). With an assist from his best gal, Marchie Archie rolls once again.

3. Special Women’s Match: Daizee Haze d. Mima Shimoda (8:21). Haze reverses a German Suplex into a cradle for three and a huge victory over Shimoda.

4. Six-Man Tag: UltraMantis Black, Hallowicked & Frightmare d. El Generico, Scott Parker & Shane Matthews (13:06). UltraMantis Black obliterates Generico with the Praying Mantis Bomb, giving The Spectral Envoy a much-needed victory. After the match, Tim Donst massacred Frightmare on the floor with a chair.

~ Back from the break with tag action but Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor don’t have opponents. Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur is out with The Hatâ„¢ to choose F.I.S.T.’s opponents at random. The first team out of the hat is…Karl Anderson & Giant Bernard! Sadly, they are not here! The second team chosen out of the hat is…Atlantis & Rey Bucanero! THEY’RE HERE!!!

5. Special Tag Match: Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano d. Atlantis & Rey Bucanero (11:20). Gargano fakes a foul and nefarious rudo referee Derek Sabato buys it, giving F.I.S.T. three points and a future title shot.

~ A HUGE announcement is made: November 13th in Philadelphia will be Chikara Pro’s first iPPV!!!! AAAAHHH!!!!

6. 12 Large: Summit B Block: Eddie Kingston d. Jigsaw (19:43). From the very beginning, King targeted Jig’s uninjured arm and Jigsaw went after Eddie’s bum knee. In the middle of the match, Vin Gerard tried to take out Kingston yet again, but ate a superkick from Jigsaw before he got a chance. In an absolute WAR, “The Last of a Dying Breed” defeated one half of the Campeones de Parejas with a bridging Backdrop Driver. Said to be the best match of the night so far. Jig still doesn’t have a point while Kingston now has a commanding SIX points in the tournament.

~ As speculated, both nights of Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Sequel weekend will be available tomorrow at Smart Mark Video! The good news just keeps on comin’!

7. Dream Tag Match: Mike Quackenbush & Johnny Saint d. Colt Cabana & Johnny Kidd (26:32). Saint gets his win back from the previous night, pinning Johnny Kidd to give the victory to himself & Mike Quackenbush a big victory. Said to be an extremely fun, technically beautiful contest.

~ After the match, Mike Quackenbush put over Cabana, Kidd, Saint and the Philly crowd. It was then announced that Chikara would be hosting a between Seasons show in December called Joshimania! Manami Toyota will return to the company and Aja Kong will make Chikara her debut! Holy sh*t!

8. 12 Large: Summit A Block: Sara Del Rey d. Claudio Castagnoli (13:15). Tursas accompanied Double C to the ring, and Del Rey made sure to take him out early with a rolling dive to the outside. In the end, Del Rey managed a crucifix pin over the BDK leader, giving her four points and leaving Claudio at two points and zero wins on the weekend. The Philly faithful were going nuts for her win when Claudio attacked her! Daizee Haze tried to intervene and Castagnoli chokeslammed her!






Please leave any comments or questions you might have and I’ll do my best to respond with as many Mongolian throat songs as I can conjure. I’d like to do a contest or something cool like that, but I’m not sure how much interest there’d be. Let your voice be heard! Also, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see in the column, like fantasy booking, treasure hunts, wish-lists, secret handshakes, etc.



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  1. I am thoroughly looking forward to Quack v Del Rey now. I was before, but now it means that much more. I am honestly surprised by the Block B results. I figured Kingston would do well, but not a blow away like this.

    I don’t know which match I want to see more
    Quacksaw vs Osaka Pro (Gotta love those 1st time meetings)
    Quacksaw vs Chucky/Johnny
    Chucky/Johnny vs Osaka Pro (which has history behind it)

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