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PWG SteenWolf 10/22/2011 Results + Pics

Photo credit to @JoeyRyanOnline
Credit for results: &

A packed house.

Candice LeRae/Kris Kadillac/Famous B defeat Peter Avalon/Ray Rosas/ Freddy Bravo
TJ perkins d Rocky Romero via Tapout
RockNES monsters d The Fighting Taylor Boys (Brian Cage-Taylor & Ryan Taylor)
Davey Richards d Willie Mack via kick to the head
Davey's nose reportedly got busted during the match
Davey promo: says Willie Mack has earned his respect.

The Dynasty (Scorpio Sky & Joey Ryan) defeat Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)
Riccohet d Chuck taylor via the 630
Young bucks d Future shock to retain the PWG tag team championship. In yes, an AMAZING F*CKING MATCH.
El Generico d Kevin Steen to win the PWG Championship followed by an attack by the Bucks followed by the return of Super Dragon!

Steen and Super Dragon vs the Young bucks. Guerrilla Warfare. Dec 10th

Pic thanks to @CptBlackHeart
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Tweet of the night: @MegaTJP
Gave Rocky Romero a legitimate concussion with my sitout powerbomb. Lesson: Dont fuck with me in clutch time.

Rocky's answer

Rocky's response.. Thanks to @ JoeyRyanOnline for pic

Holy Sh*t pic thanks to @WellYoureWrong
new PWG champ! pic thanks to @WellYoureWrong
Super Dragon is back Pic thanks to @JoeyRyanOnline

Super Dragon returns!!! Pic thanks to @WellYoureWrong

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6 thoughts on “PWG SteenWolf 10/22/2011 Results + Pics

  1. Matt Waters

    Super. F’n Dragon. I can die happy. Be interesting to see if it’s the actual Super Dragon or the finally did what everyone was suggesting and just pass the suit along to someone in shape. But then you couldn’t really pick someone nobody has heard of. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. SUPER F’N DRAGON.

  2. wrsisyphus2

    Oh my FUCKING GOD. I thought this would never happen in a million years. In the words of Bobby Heenan-“Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!”

  3. I can die a happy man too that my Super Dragon mask that I bought hella years ago might become relevant again this Halloween!

  4. I can hear it now… Bobby Heenan doing PWG commentary…

  5. thelastmadrox

    Wow. Was not expecting Super Dragon’s return AT ALL. Amazing booking. As far as this show goes, I can’t remember the last time I was so torn over who I wanted to win the gold. I feel like ROH tried to do this with Best in the World, (and it worked to an extent, I am a fan of both of the Wolves) but Steen and Generico, man…I just can’t make up my mind. Side note, I literally just found out a few minutes ago that Generico will be making his wrestling debut here in Hawaii in December. I can’t believe it. Never thought I’d get to see him live without moving my ass to the mainland…

  6. Never got to see Super Dragon when he was active in PWG but damn do I love his style (and mask). Classic wrestling return here and so well done. Can’t wait for that tag match.

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