FIP Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2011 Night 1 results 10/28/11


The Scene win the tag gauntlet to face Dark City Fight Club for the FIP tag titles later tonight. The teams were:
The MAG Tag Team Champions The Misled Youth (Jude Mackenzie and Joshua Masters).
Los Ben Dejos
World's Largest All Knighters (Shooter Storm & Joey Knight)
The Scene (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed)
Ninja with Attitudes (Eddie Taurus & Kaotic Romeo)
BuMzRuS (Milo Beasley & Ray Beez)
The Highway Men (Marc Mandrake & Butch Long)

ooklyn Shore (Francisco Ciatso and Michael Zaki)
CJ O'Doyle & Brian Maddox
Moco Loco & South Bronx Sadist
Matt Ripley & Josh Rayne

Lince Dorado beats Louis Lyndon to advance in the Tournament via Shooting Star Press
Jerrelle Clark defeated Aaron Epic via a powerbomb position into a piledriver
Mike Cruz defeats Pinkie via a Swanton to the back to advance.
Bobby Fish defeated Jonathan Gresham via a spinning wheel kick to advance. Intermission now.
Flip Kendrick defeated Johnny Vandal via Shooting Star Senton to advance.
AR Fox beat Manscout Jake Manning via his leaping version of the Spanish Fly.
The Greek God Papadon defeated Chris Jones via a regulation piledriver.
The Scene defeated DCFC to win the FIP tag titles due to interference from a fan who was revealed to be Pinkie Sanchez.
Johnny Gargano defeated John Silver via making him tap to the Gargano Escape.


Chris GST

Chris GST has been a wrestling fan since around 1991. He grew up enjoying most of the back stage politics as well as enjoyed all the aspects that it takes to create that perfect wrestling match. At the end of 2001 when the original ECW died it was then that Chris took an interest in indy promotions such as ECWA and others. Those made him appreciate companies like Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, PWG, JAPW and it has continued to this day.

3 Responses

  1. You forgot a team, The MAG Tag Team Champions The Misled Youth (Jude Mackenzie and Joshua Masters).

  2. Chris GST says:

    Thanks for the addition.

  3. wrsisyphus2 says:

    Man, this was poorly advertised. I didn’t even know if it was happening this year or not. Anyway, Fish/Gresham sounds great to me.