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AAPW Collision Episode 8 Review


AAPW Collision can be seen every other Saturday at 12:00pm on WSIL-TV 3.

WSIL is an ABC affiliate serving Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Southeast Missouri.

AAPW is a locally owned and operated professional wrestling company that will begin its fifth year of operation this October. Local talent includes the AAPW Tag Team Champions Curly and Heath Hatton, Jay Spade, Mike Masters, Playboy Paul Rose, and the AAPW Heavyweight Champion Edmund “Livewire” McGuire.

On this episode we will learn the outcome of the tag team titles after  Curly and Heath Hatton were disqualified due to an unintentional strike of the referee in the previous show. Also AAPW is gearing up for it’s Jan 14 “Main Event” show which will see the debut of Colt Cabana, El Generico, and PAC.


Collision kicks off with Kevin Hunsperger and Chris Hagstrom making the announcement that Mississippi Mad Man and Ax  Alwardt will collide for the #1 contender spot for the Heavy Weight title. The duo also brings everyone up to speed on the Jan 14th show.


Christian Rose


The All American

                Recap: Christian Rose, who by my estimation, is probably one of the most despised men in AAPW has been trying as of late to change the fans minds about himself. The All American brings up images of former WWE star DaleWilkes, who wrestled under a similar gimmick for many years before retiring.

Review: The match kicks off  with Christian Rose challenging The All American to a test of strength only to kick American in the stomach and grab him in a side head lock. The All American quickly escapes by throwing Rose into the ropes for a shoulder tackle to regain some control.  The All American has early control while Christian Rose seems to be off his game just a bit. After several attempts to try and knock The All American off his feet the shoulder tackles back fire and Rose himself is knocked down. Thee match ends with The All American getting the 1,2,3 after a roll up from a miss Discus Lariat from rose. All in all not a bad match between the 2 men.




Jay Spade


                Recap:  This is a COMPLETE mismatch between these 2 men. Carnage who is 6’2 and weighs well over 200lbs is “Goliath” to Jay Spade’s “David”. While being heavily outweighed by Carnage Spade has the heart and attitude of men twice his size and a “Never Say Died” attitude.

Review:  The match starts off with Spade playing to the crowd to get that energy going early. Carnage quickly moves in and takes Spade down with a Scoop Body Slam, which doesn’t keep Spade down for long. Carnage holds much of the control due to his size and basically throws Jay Spade around like a rag doll. After several minutes of being on the losing end, Jay Spade takes control with an Arm Drag take down and keeps Carnage on the mat for several minutes. This leads into Spade working on Carnage’s arm to try and alleviate some of that power he gives away. Due to jay Spade’s speed he begins to frustrate Carnage. Eventually Carnage gets control and begins to pick Spade apart working on his back. Spade mounts a comeback which culminates in an attempted top rope flying cross body block which Carnage reverses for the 3 count. Jay Spade is able to take an inordinate amount of pain for a man his size, and although in serious pain was able to leave the ring on his own.


Next is an interview with Mike Masters about his recent losing streak. Masters comes out to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He is one of the most hated guys in AAPW and seems to be proud of it. Although having not won a match since Collision debuted Masters claims to NOT be on a losing streak. According to him the ONLY reason he hasn’t won a match is because of Kevin Hunsperger because of not having interviews. He also brings up Kevin hitting him with a chair in a previous episode. Masters says that something has to be done and basically challenges Hunsperger. Hunsperger then walks out of the arena claiming he “is out of there and not putting up” with Masters getting in his face. Personally, I think Kevin should have hit him in the face with the mic before leaving, but I wasn’t there…


We come back from the break to see the AAPW Heavy Weight Champ Edmund “Livewire” McGuire coming out to the ring in street clothes. He then goes to join the announce team, Chris and Kevin.



“The Old School Warrior’ Ax Allwardt w/ Gaylord Stevens


Mississippi Mad Man


                Recap: This is the main event for the #1 Contenders spot for the heavy Weight Title. Described as 6’5, 450 lbs of all business by Livewire, Mississippi Mad Man is just that, bringing back visions of classic wrestlers like John Tenta and Yokozuna. Ax Allwardt on the other hand brings back images of guys like Freddie Blassy and Gorilla Monsoon in their heydays.

Review: The match starts off with Allwardt doing his best to body slam Mad Man and not even being able to move him. Allwardt does his best to dictate the pace byt constantly leaning out of the ring and getting “advice” from Gaylord Stevens. He is thwarted in everything he tries by Mad Man until giving him 2 thumbs to the eyes which only distracts for a second. Mad Man remains in control for much of the first part of the match until Ax gains control and begins working on Mad Man. Allwardt begins taking his usual short cuts by choking Mad Man with tape. Mad Man attempts a MississippiSault  (2nd rope moon sault) which goes wrong when he loses his footing causing a back injury. The match then moves to the floor with Allwardt attempting a Pile driver which is reversed into a Back Body drop by mad Man.  Allwardt then jumps back into the ring while Gaylord Stevens slithers out from under the ring grabbing Mad Man’s feet causing him to not make the 10 count thus losing the match. Ax Allwardt is the new #1 contender for the heavy weight title. Livewire goes to the ring where he and Ax begins trash talking one another. After Ax throws a bottle of water into the face of Live wire the 2 go at it with Livewire dishing out the majority of blows to Ax. Chris Hagstrom then jumps in to try and regain control. The show ends with Hagstrom separating the 2 and holding Livewire back.


AAPW continues to improve on a weekly basis in their television production. The guys in the back are getting better and better at making it interesting for television as well as the announce team of Chris and Kevin coming into their own as an announce team. Many of the guys have come a long way in a few short weeks of being on television.


I am thoroughly enjoying the product AAPW puts out. It brings back many childhood memories of Saturdays spent with my father watching the various wrestling shows. Check out the episode below and be sure to follow them at the following websites:!/aapwrestling

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