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Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) Presents: Girls Night Out 5

Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) Presents: Girls Night Out 5

By Alyssa Kay
Tired of the bleach blondes and the fake nails? The Barbie doll wannabes and the screeching? The “stinkface” and a booty-pop as a finishing maneuver? Well, Divas and Knockouts beware! In just two short weeks, Absolute Intense Wrestling is brining you a whole new perspective when it comes to showcasing the best of women’s professional wrestling with Girls Night Out 5!
On Sunday, January 29th, 2012, the Puritas Lutheran Church on 13812 Bellaire Rd in Cleveland, Ohio will play the stage and stomping ground for a card full of brutal and beautiful women at a special 4 PM belltime. And with a low price of just $15.00 a ticket, it is impossible to miss a lineup that includes the likes of the following:

AIW Women’s Title Match- Mickie Knuckles(c) vs. Sara Del Rey: “The Walking Episode of Cops” Mickie Knuckles will be taking on “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey in what is sure to be a hard-hitting, and well-rounded match. Both women can wrestle diverse styles and have tackled the odds in battling both male and female competitors internationally. Not to mention that the last time they met in ’08, a winner was never declared due to an injury sustained by Knuckles in the ring. Knuckles has been a tough competitor and champion in AIW, but will she be enough to stop the Death Rey?

Marti Belle vs. Mia Yim: As a member of Flexor Industries, Mia Yim will be looking to make her second appearance in AIW against Ms. Belle. This will also mark Belle’s second appearance in AIW. In the past she was able to pick up a pin, but will this put her at an advantage over Yim’s previous loss? Yim is looking for revenge, and with the devious Chest Flexor in her corner, there’s no doubt she’ll be looking for a pin in any way she can.
Cherry Bomb vs. Allysin Kay: The fan-favorite Cherry Bomb will be making her third appearance in AIW, after having competed in the past against both Veda Scott and Hailey Hatred and proving that she’s not just another pretty face. Allysin Kay, another member of Flexor Industries may stand to be her toughest challenge yet. Kay has been on a losing spree in AIW, and this time, there’s no doubt that she’ll arrive with guns a-blazing.
Angel Dust vs. Gabby Gilbert (formerly known as Roxie Cotton): It’s been many months since either Dust or Gilbert have been seen in an AIW ring, thus marking this match as one that is bound to surely be explosive. Gilbert was last seen in the ring under the name Roxie Cotton in a “retirement match” against Portia Perez. After the match, she savagely attacked Portia stating that she was no longer going to be the spunky Roxie Cotton, but was now going under the name Gabby Gilbert…and that the fun and games were finished. She will be taking on another fan-favorite, Angel Dust, a former Women’s Champion in AIW. Though smaller in stature, Angel Dust has always proven that size doesn’t matter, holding her own in the likes of competitors such as Mena Libra and Sara Del Rey. This match is one that cannot be missed.

Veda Scott and a few other surprises are also scheduled to appear on the card.
As always, AIW includes a special “Guys Night Out” preshow before each main card. This event will include matches such as:

Rickey Shane Page vs. Eric Ryan

The Duke vs. Colin Delaney

Façade vs. Louis Lyndon
Expect these matches to be nothing short of a roller coaster ride, as these men, each with something to prove and a lot to defend steps into the squared circle.
We hope to see you there!

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