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PWG Fear DVD Review

-Taped from Reseda, CA

-Your hosts are Excalibur and… not the sound tech guy. He probably got future endeavor’d and curb stomped before the show ended.

-TJ Perkins vs. Kenny King

Match in Five Words or Less: Just A Set-up

Match Highlights: Quick lock-up as they feel each other out with gusto.  The Fightin Taylor Boys come out, and this match is over.  Taylor Boys don’t have a match since Los Luchas can’t be there. So…

-TJ Perkins and Kenny King vs. The Fightin’ Taylor Boys (Ryan Taylor and Brian Cage-Taylor)

Match in Five Words or Less: This Ref Sucks

Match Highlights: Taylors go after King and Perkins right away. Even the brand new referee gets tossed outside. Serves him right. Brawl goes all over the building as Taylors maintain the advantage. Cage-Taylor hits a back elbow. Things settle down into a regular tag match. Perkins kicks Cage-Taylor into a leg lariat. Reverse surfboard into a dropkick by King. Team Sinclair Broadcasting looking good. King suplexes Taylor over and hits a series of forearms. Atomic drop and a bicycle knee by Perkins. King hits a legdrop. Perkins covers for two. Vertical suplex. Perkins superkicks by Cage-Taylor but turns around and eats one in the face. Double team ribreaker. Chinbreaker by Perkins. Leg lariat from Cage-Taylor. Backbreaker and a shoulderbreaker. Taylor with a kick to the side of the head. Abdominal stretch. Running back elbow. Small package by Perkins. Backslide for two. Clothesline from Cage-Taylor. He knocks King. Double teaming behind the ref’s back. Boots and choke from Cage-Taylor. Excalibur and Kevin Steen make fun of the referee. Perkins goes in the ropes. Cage-Taylor whiffs on a dive. Forearm by Taylor to his partner.  King in with clotheslines. Right hands on Cage-Taylor. Cartwheel kick into the spinebuster for two as Taylor breaks it up. King catches Taylor and brings him over with a suplex. Taylor kicks him off the apron. Perkins hits a running rana. Tope suicida. Cage-Taylor HITS A MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! Perkins hits a sitdown powerbomb on Cage-Taylor. Taylor breaks the count. King hits a side swinging backbreaker. Cover again on Cage-Taylor. Series of counters. Atomic drop and enziguri by King. Cage-Taylor hits King midspringboard. Springboard suplex for two. Swanton by Taylor for two as Perkins breaks the count. Perkins whipped to the corner. Perkins gets some miscommunication going and dropkicks them. Version of the Go 2 Sleep.  Ryan shoves King into the corner. Bicycle kick on a perched Perkins. Assisted Canadian Destroyer on King gets three.

Match Analysis: Fantastic way to open the show as both teams delivered solid performances. King hasn’t had the best of luck in PWG, but this was his crispest performance to date. You can really see him improving the last few months. Having seen recent turns in Ring of Honor and this match, I can really see King coming into his own. The Fightin’Taylor Boys, meanwhile, are starting to come together as a team. Maybe someone should ask Perkins on Formspring why he lost this match.

Winner (s)/Time/Rating: The Fightin Taylor Boys/12:13/***1/4

-Roderick Strong vs. Amazing Red

Match in Five Words or Less: Amazingly Beaten Up

Match Highlights: Red is making his PWG debut. Meanwhile, the bell ringer is having problems. Some mat work to start. Toehold and single leg dropkick from Red. Strong brings him outside. Kicks away. Strong drives Red into the side of the ring and tosses him back. Clubbering blows. Into various corners for chops. Red responds. Forearm from Strong. Kick to the gut by Red. Running charge taken over. Shoulder block to the midsection. He springboards and lands on Strong’s knee. Red tossed outside. Strong tosses Red ribs first into the ring. Chinlock. Elbows from Red. Powerslam by Strong. He spits on the floor. Back suplex. He deadlifts Red onto his shoulder. Red dropped down. More clubbering blows on Red. Whip to the corner. Red gets his boots up. Tornado DDT. Strikes from Red. Strong with a knee to the gut. Rana by Red. Step-up dropkick followed by another rana. Baseball dropkick. Strong atomic drops Red, but he blocks it. Spiral tap to the floor. OLE! Red takes Strong down and gets two. Code Red blocked. Boot and enziguri by Strong. O’Connor roll into another back suplex. Forearms in the corner. Running forearm. Red out of a fireman’s carry. Strong picks him up and drops him in a gutbuster. Kick by Red. Ducks underneath. Series of missed kicks until Strong can duck no more. Red slowly climbs. Strong hits an enziguri. Red knocks Strong off the top rope and hits a facebuster for two. Red misses a swanton. Jumping knee and Angle Slam from Strong. Steen calls it a Drunk Slam. AWESOME! Stronghold. Awkward looking Code Red gets two. Done right, that would have looked awesome. Knee and enziguri. Red hits a reverse rana. Seated rana off the rope. Standing shooting star press. Strong drops Red across the top rope. Reverse backbreaker. Gibson driver as Strong crunches Red for three.

Match Analysis: Red looked a little tired by the end as he clearly had trouble executing certain moves. Nonetheless, this was a good second contest. Strong beating up smaller guys and tossing them around is super fun. I’d really like to see it happen more actually. Perhaps a match with Ricochet? But hey, Amazing Red is probably better off being dropped on his head in PWG than being ignored in TNA, right?

Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Roderick Strong/14:24/***1/4

-Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, Joey Ryan, and Scorpio Sky vs. Famous B, Chris Kadillak, B-Boy, and Candice LaRae

Match in Five Words or Less: Candice Got Raped

Match Highlights: What a random pairing of teams this is. B-Boy is in PWG for the first time in months. Kadillak and Rosas start out. Quick forearms but Kadillak takes him down.  Sloppy roll-up for two. O’Connor roll blocked. Kick to the head. Body kicks before hitting a boot to the face. Avalon tags in. With the short hair and shaved moustache, he looks like a completely different person. Avalon wants the bitch. LaRae tags in. But she’s not the bitch. B-Boy… oh no. Avalon is not going to make it, is he? Headlock from Avalon. Tackle by B-Boy. A second shoulder tackle and Avalon cowers in the corner. He shoves B-Boy. Forearm and Avalon is dead. His partners drag him to the corner. Sky and B each tag. Shoulder tackle and a cover from Sky. Series of covers and a stalemate. Dropkick by B. Ryan and LaRae come in next. LaRae looks way hotter than usual tonight. Into the corner and Ryan makes innuendos. Purple nurple by LaRae. Pie face by Ryan. Things get dirty. Kiss in the corner. Whip by Ryan. LaRae gets a rana. Into an Octopus. Sky kicks her in the face. Steen yells at her partners for standing in the corner. Sky and Ryan take turns… Avalon gets in on the action. Into a 69 position. Rosas doesn’t want to be left out. The partners FINALLY bail LaRae out. We get quadruple throwbacks to Human Tornado. LaRae tags Kadillak back inside. He hits double boots on Rosas. Whip. Rosas drops Kadillak down. Heat segment on Kadillak. Things get a little gay as well. B-Boy dropkicks Rosas in the back of the head to end the madness. Kadillak blocks a kick and slingshots Sky into the corner. Running shooting star cannonball. Both men are down.  Hot tag to LaRae. Ballplexes for everyone as she gets her revenge. Sky lands right on top of his head. All the faces go up top. They all run into the Scott Lost special. LaRae pimp slaps all the heels. This match rules. Tornado DDT on Avalon to the floor. Ryan spears her out. Rosas hip tosses B-Boy. Kadillak corkscrews between the ropes for a dive. Good lord. Sky hits a tope con helo… sort of. Famous B leaps over B-Boy and Rosas. B-Boy then drops Rosas on the side of the ring. Everyone is obviously down. B-Boy hits Avalon with an acecrusher. Roll through and a kick to the face. 1-2-NO! Sky hits a double sledge. Elbow by B-Boy. Leapfrog rana from Sky. LaRae manages a sitdown powerbomb. She catches Rosas’s foot. Reverse into a German suplex by Rosas. Kadillak hits a gory special before driving the knee. Ryan pumphandle explodes him. Kadillak gets his boot up. Spinebuster. 1-2-NO! Famous B hits a hit kick. High swanton right on Ryan’s face. That was nasty. Avalon drops B on his head in a pumphandle neckbreaker. Forearms on B-Boy. Running flatliner by Avalon. Everyone takes turns hitting moves. Down again. Ryan hits a boobplex. Ryan puts LaRae on the top. Moustache Ride blocked. LaRae hits one of her own and gets two as Avalon pulls the official. Brawl on the outside. Running knee by Sky. Superkick by Ryan. TKO by Sky gets three.

Match Analysis: I was legit stunned when I saw this went over 20 minutes because this was a lot of fun to watch. Lots of randomness throughout. I dug the comedy, and it looked like everyone got some sort of chance to show what they could do. Rosas, Kadillak, and B were the right people to bring back from the previous show, and it’ll be interesting to see what they do moving forward. I sure do hope LaRae doesn’t decide to file police reports though. She could own PWG after all the sexual harassment she experienced in this match alone.

Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, Joey Ryan, and Scorpio Sky/20:47/***1/2

-Chris Hero vs. Willie Mack

Match in Five Words or Less: A Hero’s Welcome

Match Highlights: Chris Hero walks out to perhaps the biggest pop of the night so far. No thanks to the idiot sound guy who played his music earlier in the show. The ring announcer’s mic stops working. Immediate running boot and series of boots from Hero. Chops in the corner. Mack responds in kind. Forearm. Hero responds. Snapmare into a quick pin for two. Hard chop in the corner. Charge but Mack gets an elbow up. Shoulder tackle. Another open slap. Boot from Hero. Mack sends Hero into the chairs. Right hands back in the ring. Short uppercut by Hero. Hero stomps Mack in the knee. Running kick to Mack. Boots from Hero. Cravat and senton. Mack crucifix pins for two. Mack sunset flips for two. Boot and senton across the back. Three more sentons and a cover for two. Simple slap. Big boot by Hero. Slap to Mack’s back. Short jabs from Hero. Mack is laying down in the corner. Boots. Mack gets mad and no sells Hero. Mack with a shoving forearm. Jumping back elbow. Bodyslam. Kneepad comes down and a kneedrop gets two. Mack hits a pair of gutbusters. Exploder over for two. Hero grabs a claw and hits a knee strike. IRON CLAW SLAM! That was a tribute to one Bison Smith. Running forearm. Mack hits a samoan drop. Kip up. Standing moonsault but Hero catches him. Cravatbuster. Hero ties Mack up and nails a boot. Elbow misses. Mack hits a high kick. 1-2-NO! Mack with strikes. Hero leaps over the ropes and hits a boot. Springboard stomp and elbow. 1-2-NO! The elbow pad comes off. Mack backslides and bridges for two. German suplex. Running clothesline. Springboard dropkick. Hero hits a Hangmen’s elbow. 1-2-NO! Bodyslam by Hero. Moonsault misses but he lands on his feet. Knee to Mack. Clothesline response. Backdrop driver. LARIAT! 1-2-NO! Chocolate Thunder Driver drops Hero on his head. 1-2-3!

Match Analysis: Mack’s first win over felt more fluky than anything else. His felt definitive and like something that will mean something for Mack’s career moving forward. Hero brought the fire that he sure didn’t have at Final Battle two weeks later. He wrestled this match angry. Mack responded at every turn. A very enjoyable contest that would be a fitting end for Hero’s PWG career if it is indeed over.  Also, if you care that Hero was a little pudgy… look in the mirror once in a while.

Winner (s)/Time/Rating: Willie Mack/14:26/***1/2

-Hero calls Reseda his home away from home. He’s not sure if he’ll ever be back.

-RockNES Monsters (Johnny Yuma and Johnny Goodtime) vs. Future Shock (Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly)

Match in Five Words or Less: A Fine Exhibition

Match Highlights: O’Reilly immediately applies a cross armbreaker Stalemate. Shoulder tackle by O’Reilly. Yuma puts O’Reilly into his butt a bunch of times. Kneebar counter by O’Reilly. Cole and Goodtime become legal. Series of slaps by Goodtime. Big boot takes him down. Whip. Cole hits a pair of armdrags and dropkicks him. Double team by Future Shock. They continue working Goodtime over. Yuma tags in but gets booted right away. Elbow sends him into the ropes. Blind tag. Goodtime hits a dropkick to the knee. Dive by Yuma. Series of kicks by the Monsters. Atomic drop by Goodtime. Reverse bearhug. Yuma stands on Goodtime’s knee and punches him. Drop toehold of O’Reilly. Again with the punching. Cole nor Yuma can get a suplex. Series of cradles. Nice kick by Cole. Heat segment on Yuma. He fights out of the corner but cannot get the tag. O’Reilly hits a northern lights suplex for two. Goodtime shoves Cole. Yuma hits a stunner/DDT combo. Tag to Goodtime. Dropkicks to Cole and O’Reilly. Jawbreaker into a neckbreaker on Cole. Stomp to the chest. O’Reilly rakes Goodtime’s eyes. He hits a running forearm. Double stomp on O’Reilly. Springboard dropkick on Cole. Single leg kick on O’Reilly. Falcon arrow does not get the deal done. Cole drives Goodtime to the corner by his legs. Miscommunication by the Monsters. Cole gets a roll-up for two.  DDT on the apron by Cole. Yuma is caught with a kick. O’Reilly with a series of butterfly suplexes. He just gets better and more fluid every time. Crowd is going crazy by the end of this sequence. DDT into a German suplex by Cole gets two. Yuma tossed to the floor. O’Reilly takes the tape off. Chinbreaker by Yuma.  Goodtime DVDs Yuma on top of Cole for two. O’Reilly sends Goodtime over the top to the floor. Double team lungblower. Cole drops Yuma down hard. Goodtime dives through the middle rope and interrupts the count at one. Wow. Forearm exchange between O’Reilly and Goodtime. Series of moves and everyone is down. Cole and Goodtime tag in. Goodtime climbs to the top. Cole nails him. O’Reilly joins him. Yuma rips O’Reilly off. Yuma ranas O’Reilly to the floor. Goodtime powerbombs Cole. Sex factor by Yuma. Frog splash by Goodtime gets three.

Match Analysis: These two have to be the best young tag teams in indy wrestling. Goodtime is becoming a stand-out performer. O’Reilly and Cole have taken a slabbed together team and really made something out of it. If ROH seriously breaks them up then they’re completely retarded for doing so. Just because a good team get broken up doesn’t mean Haas and Benjamin become the best tag team in the world by default.

Winner (s)/Time/Rating: RockNES Monsters/16:43/***1/2

-American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) vs. Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno and Player Dos)

Match in Five Words or Less: Two Four Star Matches

Match Highlights: Good to have Davey and Eddie in a match together that isn’t going 35 minutes. These four had a bangin little match on HDNet of all places. Dos and Edwards begin.  Some arm work. Chris Hero and Excalibur construct an elaborate story that sounds suspiciously like the plotline of Lost. Knucklelock. Dos gets a sunset flip for one. Sweeps of the leg and they stand up. Richards immediately boots Uno. Forearms back and forth. Richards hits a dropkick. Kick to the chest. Snapmare and a running punt. Reverse scorpion deathlock. Enziguri by Uno. Bodyslam of Edwards. They pose. Richards and Edwards are displeased… but they pose too. Sunset flip. Dropkick by Dos. Uno hits a cannoball between the top and middle rope. And… they pose. Elbow drop by Uno on Richards. Back suplex. Springboard splash by Dos. Into a nearfall for two. Dos dragged into the corner. Edwards hits a chop. Kick to the gut and running one to the back. Chop from Uno. Turns into a battle. Headbutts by Edwards.  Double team back elbow. Richards places Uno on the top. He comes down. Richards sent into the top turnbuckle. Uno hits a chop. He goes for a top rope rana. Richards crotches him. Double dropkick from the Wolves. Richards with a love top. Kicks to Uno. Heat segment on Uno continues. Crowd doesn’t want Edwards to chop Uno anymore. He responds by slapping him in the face. That was funny. Uno catches Richards in a flatliner. Crossbody by Dos. Release German suplex. DDT spikes him. Springboard moonsault caught. Turns it into a DDT anyway. Tope con helo on Richards. Leg line off the top gets two. Double team from SSB. Side slam gets two. Richards breaks the count and kicks Uno out of the ring. Dos sent into the corner. He gets Richards up and over. Eats a kick anyway. Edwards pancakes him. Richards nails a dropkick off the top rope. Dos fights off both Wolves. Alarm clock blocked. Richards enziguris his own partner. SSB send Richards in the corner. Charge from Uno misses. Northern lights on his own partner which leads to a nearfall on Richards. Running knee on Dos. Dos placed on the top rope. Richards ranas Uno over. Edwards hits a tope suicida. Richards hits a superplex and then rolls through into a falcon arrow. 1-2-NO! Anklelock! Uno hits a series of moves, but Richards won’t break. Edwards applies a single leg crab. Double roll-up gets two. Uno hits a bicycle kicks on both Wolves. Richards gets the anklelock again. Dos hits a reverse rana. Edwards hits a lariat that sends Dos end over end. Everyone is done. Wolves have a violence party in respective corners on SSB. They hit running elbows. Charges miss. SSB take advantage. Suplex into his Richards. Double team backcracker on Edwards. 1-2-NOOOOOOO!  Richards shoves Dos off the top rope while Uno has Edwards in a Gory Special. Richards with kicks to break the hold. Uno stares him down. They square off. Uno SLAPS RICHARDS’ MOUTH GUARD OUT! Richards comes back with an alarm clock as Dos tossed Uno. Richards punts Dos. Double stomp by Edwards on Uno. Richards with one of his own. Edwards covers for two.  Slap to the head. 1-2-NO! Double backcracker. 1-2-into the single leg crab. Edwards stomps Uno to get his team the victory.

Match Analysis: This match? Yeah, it pretty much ruled. SSB are doing a fairly good job of convincing me they should be brought into PWG as often as possible based on their performances. They’ve excelled with both the Wolves and the RockNES Monsters. Excellent back and forth action between these two teams. This should dispel the myth that I have a bias against Richards and Edwards.

Winner (s)/Time/Rating: The American Wolves/22:10/****

-Richards puts the SSB over (He even mentions how much of a cliché it is that he keeps putting people over.) because that’s what he does now. Everyone shakes hands and loves each other  except Edwards and Richards since they’ve got business at Final Battle.

-Non-title: El Generico (PWG World Champion) vs. Dick Togo

Match in Five Words or Less: Ultimate Heel Versus Ultimate babyface

Match Highlights: Code of honor followed. Quick armdrag from Generico. Togo controls. Togo handshake… and he kicks Generico in the gut. Headscissors and a dropkick.  Togo has pretty much outquicked the generic one. Shoulder tackle. Generico with his armdrag sequence. He fakes a dive. They try to get the fans to chant for them. Crowd loves them both. Generico grabs the leg before applying a fron facelock. Bodyslam. Chop exchange. Forearm sends Togo to the mat. Chop in the corner by Generico. Whip and a back elbow. Togo hits a clothesline. Standing moonsault gets two. Togo applies a chinlock. Fist drop. Punches in the corner. DDT sends Generico down. Punch exchange. Generico low bridges Togo. Springboard moonsault to the floor. Blue thunder powerbomb gets two for Generico. Chop by Generico. Off the ropes and a kick. Leaping neckbreaker by Togo gets two. Kick to the spine and then temple. More punches. Generico fires back. Slaps and another big right. Lariat takes Generico down. Michinoku driver on Togo! Double forearms. Half nelson suplex gets two. Yakuza kick. Half nelson gets no sold. Pair of nearfalls by Togo. Crossface. Charging lariat. Generico responds with a yakuza. BRAINBUSTER! 1-2-NO! Togo hits a pedigree. He climbs to the top. Generico meets him. Ruh roh. They battle. Togo hits the pedigree off the top rope. 1-2-NOOOOO! A third pedigree. To the top rope. Senton bomb. 1-2-NOOOOOOOOO! Togo climbs to the second rope. Swinging DDT blocked. Generico places him on the top rope. Togo shoves him off. YAKUZA KICK! TOP… ROPE…BRAINBUSTAH! 1-2-3!

Match Analysis: Words can’t even describe the awesomeness of this match. It was everything I expected and more. A slow build led to an epic finish.

Winner (s)/Time/Rating: El Generico/20:45/****1/2

-Guerilla Warfare-PWG World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) (champions) vs. Appetite for Destruction (Kevin Steen and Super Dragon)

Match in Five Words or Less: The Young Bucks Are Dead

Match Highlights:  We cut right to the four men brawling. To say there is dislike here would be a great understatement. Super Dragon rapes Nick with chair shots.  Just pure insanity. All four men are swinging chairs wildly. Nigel McGuinness would be begging for these men to get their hands up. Unlike certain Torch columnists, I will at least rate this contest despite the chairs to the head. Still can’t say I’m a fan of them however.  Nick hits a prone Dragon with a running knee. Steen hits a frog splash to the floor on Matt. Dragon posts Nick and chairs him. Steen hits an F-5 and nails Matt with a garbage can. My God, they enter the ring. Dragon hits a combo kick. Steen hits a cannonball. Nick hits a spinning back elbow. Powerbomb from Steen. Super Dragon curb stomps Matt into Nick’s balls. Everyone in Reseda is literally standing. Double stomp senton. Twisting leg drop by Steen. Steen kisses Rick Knox. Steen and Dragon go looking for plunder. Nick dropkicks Steen. Chairshot to Super Dragon. Matt DDTs Dragon on the floor from the apron. My God. Steen tears Matt to the floor and powerbombs him into the apron. FINLAY ROLL THROUGH CHAIRS! OH… MY…GOD! Steen places each Buck into a chair. TOPE CON HELO FROM SUPER DRAGON INTO THE BUCKS! Steen brings out a table… and despite he and Dragon’s team name, I don’t think they’re putting a buffet on it.  Matt Jackson is placed on a table. Steen climbs up. Nick hits Steen in the knee with a chair. Dive on Dragon. Facebuster on the chair. Matt places Dragon on the table now. Matt elbows Steen. Nick frog splashes Dragon through the table. Well, Super Dragon certainly isn’t easing himself back into wrestling, is he? Matt works over Steen in the ring. Dragon is down on the outside, so Nick can join his brother. Dragon tries climbing back but Nick nails him with a part of the broken table. Matt battering rams a chair into Steen’s face. Nick pescados Dragon again. As crazy and insane as his contest is, there is an actual and psychology to it. Two chairs are set up in the ring. Suplex blocked. Elbows. One superkick. Steen spits. Nick hits one. Double superkick. Steen yells at them. Two more superkicks. Cover but Steen kicks out at one. Bucks get in each other’s face. Steen comeback. Matt out of a package piledriver. Spinebuster through the chairs. Dragon has a can tossed in his face. Nick hits a 450 through a trash can on Steen. Dragon breaks the count. Violence party in the corner! Nick eats two of the most vicious chops I’ve ever seen. Nick out of the psycho driver. Double superkick. Super Dragon placed on the top rope. Steen and Matt have a forearm battle. Dragon knocks Nick off. Dropkick/senton combo. Steen hits a sleeper suplex. Dragon rolls out of the ring and looks for more plunder.  Another table is introduced. Nick and Dragon battle on the apron. Matt low blows Steen. Matt saves his brother from being put through the table. Steen saves his partner. Pumphandle neckbreaker through a chair. PSYCHO DRIVER THROUGH A TABLE! Steen sets up chairs and puts Matt on one. Dragon comes off and stomps Matt through  the chair. Spike package piledriver ends it. New champions.

Match Analysis: This is one of the most insane and crazy spectacles in PWG history. Words cannot even describe this match. This literally felt like a car crash. Lord knows I’m haven’t ever been a fan of Super Dragon, but this crowd dug every moment of this, and as I’ve said before, Dragon is one of the few wrestlers in indy wrestling with a special aura.  An absolutely incredible contest that ends the storyline with Steen vs. Bucks in appropriate fashion. For a company that doesn’t do storylines very often PWG paid off this one off in the best possible way. It is also worth nothing that they did very few nearfalls. Very pleasantly surprising since that’s something PWG pretty much does for all their main events. The Bucks are dead. Long live Appetite for Destruction.

Winner (s)/Time/Rating: NEW PWG World Tag Team Champions- Appetite for Destruction/22:00 approximately/****1/4

-Steen says the belts have Young Buck stink on them. If this means new belts, I’m fine with that. Steen mentions how Super Dragon’s girlfriend beat cancer this year.

Fave Five:

5. As much as I’m not a fan of his, Super Dragon put on a crowd pleasing performance and looked better than he has since well before he had his last match. He looks healthier than ever and could be a major boon to PWG business if he’s staying exclusive to the promotion. I’d also assume he’ll stay in a tag team so he doesn’t have to carry the load.

4. The Super Smash Brothers have made a major impact within PWG in just two matches. Although they’ve lost two both, their performances can be matched up with anyone else. Here’s to hoping they’re brought back as often as possible.

3. The RockNES Monsters deserve to be tag team champions some time before next year. They’re getting better with each performance and really starting to win the crowd over. As cool as it is to be able to bring in outsider teams, I really like to see the locals get a chance to shine and receive the titles.

2.  Dick Togo may have wrestled his last ever match in the United States, but he did a really cool thing by putting Generico over. The match was pretty awesome and smartly worked. If Generico is on a wrestling card, he’s probably going to be in one of the best matches. Tonight was another example of that.

1. The Young Bucks put together two historic PWG tag team title reigns. An argument could be made that they’ve made those belts as important if not more important than the world title. The fact that their title losses have each come in main events means a great deal. I wonder where they go from here and whether they’ll shift to he midcard, to singles, or have some sort of rematch with the new champs.

The Verdict: We’ve got yet another PWG show where there are at least three four star matches. It goes without saying that this is a thumbs up show. What separated this show from so many others was the local guys really having the focus put on them in a number of matches and the fact that no match on this card ended with a lame roll-up. PWG did an awesome job establishing a number of tag team contenders while also showcasing the world champion against one of the better Japanese wrestlers of the last two decades.

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8 thoughts on “PWG Fear DVD Review

  1. wrsisyphus2

    That GTS like thing TJP does is called the Detonation Kick. I’d say that the PWG tag titles have been more important than their world title for years. PWG has to be the only company that would have a match between SSB and the Wolves, and not have it be a squash. Good for them. Hope both teams are in DDT4 this year. The only thing I don’t like about PWG is that Candace LaRae’s shtick is very, very played out.

  2. wrsisyphus2

    Oh, and before I forget-Super Dragon has an AURA. Not ora.

  3. thelastmadrox

    Hehehehe. Oh man, as soon as I saw “ora” I knew wrsisyphus2 would pounce on that. Haha. Good read here though, and man, what a dvd this was. The last three matches all felt like main events. It seems like right now, the only other promotion besides PWG that looks to be giving the SSB any sort of push (or even just decent match lenth) is Evolve. But they don’t have anywhere near the focus on tagging that PWG has. They have maybe one tag match per show, and just broke up one of their top teams in Up In Smoke. Hopefully the SSB become regulars in PWG, they are pretty over right now.

  4. @wrsisyphus2 I bow to your superior spelling skills and have edited my error. Also, I have never heard Excalibur refer to the Detonation Kick. Guess it’s possible I miss some commentary.

  5. Look in the mirror sometime? I’m 130lbs? Hero is in a profession where physique is certainly part of the prerequisite (at least post-’80’s). That’d be like a film critic giving an opinion on a director then being told to finance and shoot his own film once and awhile.

  6. wrsisyphus2

    Sorry about the spelling nazi-ing. Anyway, I just mentioned the Detonation Kick name because that’s what ROH’s commentator Kevin Kelly has called it when he’s worked there. Maybe it’s called something different in PWG, or hasn’t been named there yet. It just helps to have a name to put to the move, really.

  7. Jerome Cusson

    @Brian My point with the Hero comment had to do with some people who were talking about him being out of shape. Of course certain wrestling companies emphasize physique over skill, but Hero’s performance was in no way adversely affected by how he looked, yet people were still open to criticize what he looked like. I also don’t think your film analogy works at all. If I was criticizing individuals for their performance in the ring and saying others couldn’t do so, then your point would be valid. I appreciate your comment though and the opportunity to explain myself.

    @wrsisyphus2 Never hesitate to correct mistakes in our reviews. I appreciate being told when I’m wrong so I can correct the mistake in expedient fashion. Also, it should say a lot about ROH that I never realized what Kelly was calling the movie. I really must be zoning out the announcers.

  8. thelastmadrox

    I wish some of the silly move names that happens during PWG commentary would carry over to other promotions. When Steen hit a Finlay roll on Pac and Excalibur and Chris Hero dubbed it the “Steen-Roller” (accompanied by an audible high five!) I cracked up.

    And I mean really, who wouldn’t want to hear Kevin Kelly call a TJ Perkins match with, “ooooh, he hits the 1970s style abortionator!!!”


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