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Podcast of Honor: 10th Anniversary Preview

“Ring of Honor are celebrating their 10th Anniversary on Sunday March 4th and Matt Waters, Chris GST and Jerome Cusson are here to break down the whole card and more. Talking points include: Breaking up the All-Night Express, Jay Lethal’s TV Title reign, ROH’s poor treatment of Jimmy Jacobs, the banning of the Package Piledriver, money stipulations in wrestling, where Eddie Edwards goes next, El Generico action figures and the general management of the company. El Generico action figures!”

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One thought on “Podcast of Honor: 10th Anniversary Preview

  1. Bartoloco

    You guys were questioning what to do with Eddie Edwards in this show. I honestly say position him as the face of the company. At the January ROH tapings in Baltimore, he was super over. I don’t know how well that came across on TV (because I refuse to jump through all the ridiculous hoops ROH makes you jump through just to watch their show online). But I’d say it was 1. Briscoes (crazy Stone Cold over) 2. Steen (amongst those who knew him, over as hell) 3. Edwards (surprisingly big crowd reaction). Davey’s reception was lukewarm. The “bromance” you guys were chuckling about on the show here, that’s not going to win you many fans in an ROH crowd. I don’t know if people feel that Edwards title reign was cut short prematurely by Richards, or people are rejecting his MMA style to Edwards more traditional style, or people just aren’t buying this bad ass MMA guy as a babyface. Something is not clicking. I don’t know what kind of program you’d have to get Edwards in to elevate him, I’m just throwing it out there based on my observations. I know he’s already on top of the card for the 10th Anniversary Show. I’m just saying how to keep him there without going for another extended feud with Davey.

    And I agree, if it’s Steen winning the title at Final Battle that will be disappointing. A little TOO booking 101.

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