Justin Ruff

Justin Ruff grew up in the city of Arlington, Texas and has been a wrestling fan since 1996 at the height of the Dungeon of Doom. (Please don't judge him.) He started going to his local indy and blogging about what he saw, and then it kind of took off. Then he discovered there was a whole world of indies out there waiting to be explored. He lives with his wife and daughter, his SHIMMER-watching buddy. His interests include spending time with his family, Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, MMA & films of all kind.

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  1. nckodo says:

    Glad you enjoyed the show, went to my first live Shimmer at Volume 9, have not missed one since. It is great wrestling!

  2. Brian says:

    if you liked that wait until you get to the later shows.. everything from the 30’s on has been crammed with awesomeness..

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