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CHIKARA Pro Canada Debut Green Ice 03/24/12 Results

Kobald defeats Sara Del Ray with “a botched roll-up”

Eddie Kingston came out and called out Brodie Lee with a simple message: “See you tomorrow.”

-“Remember that scheduled 4 corner elimination tag-team match? Well, it began with chaos and mayhem!” not sure what that means exactly. Perhaps members of The Swarm interrupted the start of the match

6-man Squared Circle Wrestling showcase: Brent Banks, Hacker and Alex Vega defeat Sebastion Suave, Josh Alexander and Marcus Marquez

— Hacker gets the pin with the ctrl alt delete

Brodie Lee defeats Fire Ant

Dasher Hatfield defeats Archibald Peck via submission

** Veronica comes out mid match and fails to acknowledge Archie

Elimination Tag Match (Los Ice Creams vs The Batiri vs The Spectral Envoy vs Soldier/Green Ant)

** The Swarm attacks and takes over for the Ice Creams

–Spectral Envoy eliminated by Batiri after delirious distraction
–Green Ant submits Batiri with Chikara Special
–Swarm wins when Yellow gives tko to Green Ant, great wild out of control brawl

Tim Donst defeats El Generico with a choke sleeper, very good match.

17 & Shard defeats Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw when 17 submits Quack with a Kimura

CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston defeats Ophidian

Chikara will return to Canada, London June 23

CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas: FIST (Chuck Taylor & Icarus) vs 3.0
Fist takes the first fall after a rollup following powder throw
3.0 takes second fall with a quick rollup
Matthews submits Icarus with a Boston Crab for the fall and the titles!!!

Multiple sources stated roughly 300 in attendance
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