IWA Unlimited: Trespassers Will be Shot on Sight 2012 Review

Ryan Rozanski

Ryan Rozanski has been a professional wrestling fan since he was six years old. He has been involved with Pro Wrestling Ponderings since nearly the beginning. Notable roles over the years include reviewing TNA television, Jersey All-Pro Wrestling, and the Women of Honor two-disc compilation. You can often find Ryan tweeting about reality television on Twitter and subsequently getting grounded by Jerome Cusson.

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  1. Crimefighter says:

    Man they got this out quick…

    Things that happened I guess “off-air” that Michael Long did not film – I awarded Matt Cage the NBS Central Illinois Wrestler of the Year, Kentucky Buffet tag team of the year, IWAU promotion of the year…which drew out Christian Rose to shove down John Johnstone…that will air on the NBS TV in a few weeks http://stlwc.blip.tv

    Some masked man named El Maskerado came out and was supposed to wrestle Cole James, Johnny Bigtime came out to say he wasn’t gonna waste his time with the masked dude…so John Johnstone talks to Cole on the phone and says Bigtime has to wrestle Maskerado. Whole match was just Maskerado shoving Johnny on his rear…this went on until Doomsday ran out to attack him for the DQ.

    Homicidal Steven Davis was inducted into the Central Illinois Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame…I was in the ring to introduce Josh Totten who did the induction, but Davis was attacked by Doomsday before he made it into the ring. Totten ran him off, Davis called him back out and they slugged it out before Doomsday ran off. This will air on the NBS TV in a few weeks.