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IWA Unlimited: Trespassers Will be Shot on Sight 2012 Review

Trespassers Will be Shot on Sight on April 14th, 2012

A video package is shown highlighting the entire card. Christian Rose has started a movement to destroy IWAU and has recruited an army to face off against those that have volunteered to defend IWAU. I will indicate everyone's affiliation in the write-up but there's also two quality video packages shown showcasing both groups.

Opening Match: Elimination: Team Karryt (Jimmy Karryt, Reed Bentley, Jason V, and Scott Parker) vs. Team Brooks (A.T. Brooks, Perry Winkle, Tony G, and Blake Reed)

The crowd chants for IWAU and Bentley humorously exclaims that he’s not trying to destroy anyone. Parker wants nothing to do with Reed. Jason volunteers to enter the ring but gets taken down by a shoulder tackle. Reed corner splashes all four of his opponents at the same time and cleans house. Parker brings a chair into the ring but Reed steals it and uses it against him. The referee disqualifies Reed, eliminating him from the match. Brooks hits a spinebuster on Karryt and reigns down punches. Karryt finds knees on a split-legged moonsault attempt. Tony and Winkle continuously spear Karryt in the corner. Tony connects with a baseball slide on Jason and Karryt at the same time. Winkle and Brooks follow with baseball slides of their own. Winkle comes off the middle rope and connects with a lariat on Jason to eliminate him. Reed catches Winkle with an enzuigiri but Winkle quickly returns the favor. Reed hits a neckbreaker and a senton on Winkle for a nearfall. Winkle responds with a lungblower and a senton of his own. Reed connects with a roaring elbow and hits a fisherman buster to eliminate Winkle. Tony catches Parker with a few sledges and hits a DDT to send him packing. Brooks surprises Bentley with a rollup to eliminate him. Brooks connects with a gamengiri on Karryt followed by a springboard forearm smash. Karryt sneaks in a thumb to the eye and adds a spin kick. Brooks returns the favor with a thumb to the eye and hits the Brooks and Done for the win at 11:32. This was a decent opener that elevated Brooks after his hard-fought match against Matt Cage last month. The exchange between Bentley and Winkle was probably the highlight of this match, although I wish the action would have been given more time to play out as some of the eliminations felt rushed. It’ll be interesting to see where Brooks (and Karryt after suffering his first loss) goes from here. **½

Match #2: Nick Brubaker (Destroy) vs. Gunner Franks (Defend)

They begin with some chain wrestling and Franks snaps off a few armdrags. Brubaker connects with a yakuza kick. Franks avoids a charge but runs into a lariat. Brubaker hits a spinebuster and takes control. Franks comes back with a lariat of his own but falls victim to an overhead suplex. He escapes a fisherman buster and connects with a running knee strike. MsChif enters the ring and low blows Franks behind the referee's back. Brubaker rolls him up for the victory at 6:09. They kept the action simple but the crowd was strongly behind Franks and the defend IWAU campaign. Although he didn’t get a chance to showcase much of his offense here, I think Brubaker is coming into his own and I would like to see him back in IWAU soon. All things considered, this match was primarily used to set the stage for the rest of the show. **

Angelus Layne confronts MsChif in the ring. Christian Rose and Brubaker corner Layne but the rest of the defend IWAU campaign comes out to chase them away. The crowd cheers for them as they check on Franks. Alex Castle and Cash Bordin stare each other down but they don’t come to blows.

Match #3: Christian Rose (Destroy) vs. Arik Cannon (Defend)

The destroy IWAU movement is ahead 1-0. Rose attacks before the opening bell. He lays in a stiff kick and connects with a few flash kicks. Cannon takes him down with armdrags. Cannon hurts his left knee after attempting to out-quick Rose in the corner. Rose chop blocks his leg and continues to work it over. Cannon hits a backcracker but hurts his knee in the process. Rose connects with a basement dropkick and regains control. Cannon avoids a charge and Rose accidentally clotheslines the referee. Cannon hits an exploder but there's no referee. Rose kicks a ringside attendant in the face and steals his chair. He attacks Cannon's left leg with the chair, hitting a shinbreaker onto it. Rose slams Cannon's leg into the ringpost. Cannon drop toe holds him into the propped chair and connects with an enzuigiri. The referee recovers and counts the nearfall. Rose tries to apply a boston crab but Cannon turns it into a small package for a two count. Cannon ducks a roaring elbow and lands a hard right hand. He connects with a basement superkick and hits Total Anarchy for a nearfall. Cannon follows with a brainbuster but Rose won't stay down. Rose synchs in a boston crab but Cannon is able to reach the bottom rope. Rose drags Cannon to the center of the ring and sits down on the hold for the win at 12:50. Rose continues to look unstoppable and followed his great performance last month with a solid contest against Cannon. Rose was able to withstand all of Cannon's bombs as he ensured that Cannon couldn't capitalize on his offense by working over his leg. Cannon was painstakingly consistent with his selling and I think this match accomplished everything that it set out to do. ***¼

Match #4: MsChif (Destroy) vs. Angelus Layne (Defend)

The destroy IWAU movement is ahead 2-0. They trade control of a wristlock and MsChif keeps resorting to pulling Layne's hair. Layne hits a suplex but finds herself in a japanese stranglehold. MsChif takes control until Layne snapmares out of an inverted DDT attempt and connects with double knees. MsChif stretches her with a submission but she fights out of the hold. Layne hits a northern lights suplex for a nearfall. MsChif responds with a chokebomb. Layne sneaks in a small package out of nowhere for the victory at 9:14. After the events that happened earlier, I was expecting this match to be a bit more focused on their hatred for each other. However, the action was still enjoyable with MsChif controlling for most of the match and Layne making her comeback with the crowd behind her. I actually preferred Layne’s match against Serenity from All or Nothing back in January as a showcase of her talent. **½

Match #5: Krotch (Destroy) vs. Cash Bordin (Defend)

The destroy IWAU movement is ahead 2-1. I don’t like Krotch’s chances too much here. Bordin attacks before the opening bell. He elevates Krotch to the floor and catches him with a dropkick through the ropes. In the ring, Bordin gets crotched (play along) on the top rope. Krotch hits a chinbreaker and connects with a dropkick. He takes over with a seated senton. Bordin innovatively blocks a charge and connects with a yakuza kick. He follows with a running knee strike and monkey flips Krotch across the ring. Bordin hits a bulldog for a nearfall. Krotch responds with a chinbreaker but falls victim to an implant DDT. Bordin connects with a shining wizard for the win at 5:44. These two delivered a nice back and forth match for the time given. I haven't seen Krotch wrestle many places but he held his own against Bordin, who has been improving in the ring as of late. At this point, I think everyone knew that the main event would be the deciding match so I think a shorter match to showcase Bordin was the right direction for this contest. **½

Match #6: Shane Hollister, Brett Gakiya, and CJ Esparza (Destroy) vs. Joey O'Riley, Matt Cage, and Alex Castle (Defend)

The destroy IWAU movement and the defend IWAU campaign are tied 2-2. This will be the deciding match. Hollister is not interested in clean breaks and cheap shots Cage. Cage responds with a hard right hand and a leaping russian leg sweep. O'Riley lands a standing moonsault onto Hollister and the Kentucky Buffet make a wish. Hollister catches Cage with a nice backbreaker and Zero Gravity follow with stereo slingshot dropkicks. The heels work him over until he ducks under a lariat from Hollister and makes the tag. O'Riley snaps off a headscissors on Hollister and lands a standing shooting star press onto Gakiya. Hollister lawn darts O'Riley into the corner and now he gets isolated. O'Riley is able to catch Hollister with a DDT and he tags out. The Kentucky Buffet clean house with their tandem offense. Castle hits a uranagi on Esparza while Cage connects with a knockout kick on Gakiya. Zero Gravity low bridges them to the floor and Hollister catches them with a dive. Zero Gravity add planchas as well. O'Riley follows with a big dive of his own. Back in, everyone catches each other with kicks in a great exchange. Cage superkicks Hollister into a saito suplex by Castle for a nearfall. Zero Gravity hit the Flippy Cup on Castle. Hollister hits a gory special shinbreaker on O’Riley and he gets caught by three superkicks. The Kentucky Buffet narrowly break up the pin attempt. Cage hits a tiger driver on Hollister and Castle follows with an ace crusher. O’Riley lands a 450 splash onto Hollister for the victory at 16:24. Everything came together in this main event and the big win for the defend IWAU campaign sent the crowd home happy. Hollister and Zero Gravity complemented O’Riley and the Kentucky Buffet extremely well and this match was about as good as you would expect. It’ll be interesting to see if this is the end of Christian Rose’s movement to destroy IWAU and if so, where he goes from here. Regardless, this match ended the show on a positive note and was clearly the match of the night. ***½

: Trespassers Will be Shot on Sight was an interesting show for IWAU. A lot of exciting outside talent was brought in and I hope that they are brought back as Brubaker, MsChif, Krotch, Hollister, and Zero Gravity all impressed. The match quality on this show wasn’t as high as the other events this year. Cannon and Rose delivered a solid contest and the main event came through, but I think the rest of the matches needed more time to develop. With that said, this definitely was a feel-good show for IWAU, as it was extremely evident how much the fans love the regular roster members by their reactions throughout the show. The defend IWAU campaign was put into a position to win the final three matches on the show to defeat the destroy IWAU movement and the crowd was solidly behind them the entire way. While I cannot give this show a clear recommendation, I thought it was still enjoyable in that sense.

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  1. Man they got this out quick…

    Things that happened I guess “off-air” that Michael Long did not film – I awarded Matt Cage the NBS Central Illinois Wrestler of the Year, Kentucky Buffet tag team of the year, IWAU promotion of the year…which drew out Christian Rose to shove down John Johnstone…that will air on the NBS TV in a few weeks

    Some masked man named El Maskerado came out and was supposed to wrestle Cole James, Johnny Bigtime came out to say he wasn’t gonna waste his time with the masked dude…so John Johnstone talks to Cole on the phone and says Bigtime has to wrestle Maskerado. Whole match was just Maskerado shoving Johnny on his rear…this went on until Doomsday ran out to attack him for the DQ.

    Homicidal Steven Davis was inducted into the Central Illinois Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame…I was in the ring to introduce Josh Totten who did the induction, but Davis was attacked by Doomsday before he made it into the ring. Totten ran him off, Davis called him back out and they slugged it out before Doomsday ran off. This will air on the NBS TV in a few weeks.

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