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PCW – Preston City Wrestling vs Premier British Promotions

PCW – Preston City Wrestling vs Premier British Promotions , 28th October 2011

*Please note this review was written a few months ago, which i forgot all about until i found it on my computer today !

Preston City Wrestling return with their 3rd ever show titled Preston City Wrestling (PCW) vs Premier British Promotions (PBW), in which competitors from the PCW roster shall take on PBW alumni. PBW are a promotion based in Scotland, I myself have seen next to nothing of the promotion itself, but have seen numerous members of their roster, whom compete up and down the UK, and they boast some really impressive talent.

Before i move onto the review i must mention the PCW fans, they are class, really passionate and white hot throughout near enough all of this show, just like they were in PCW's debut and follow up show.

Before the action gets underway the the PBW roster come to the ring cutting a promo basically introducing their roster to the PCW crowd whilst gaining major heat with the fans, Kid Fite the owner of PBW, verbally abuses many members of the PCW crowd. Some of the insults ranging from calling two men obese motherfuckers and saying one female member of the audience has had loads of 'cock'. A really good promo i thought, as the loyal PCW crowd were even more on the backs of the PBW wrestlers and the promo was effective in introducing the PBW roster to the PCW fans and drawing even more heel heat on the PBW roster.

Match 1 – Martin Kirby (PCW) vs TJ Rage (PBW) vs CJ Banks (PCW) vs Raynaldo (PCW) vs Davey Blaze (PBW) vs Bubblegum (PCW) [**1/2]
Bubblegum was the surprise entrant in this 6 man elimination rules match up, that for me never really seemed hit it's stride and seemed as though was stuck in 2nd gear throughout for the majority of the match. The big problem for me with this match was with 6 competitors, very few were given enough time to express themselves and only really had sort amounts of time to showcase their skills. When Kirby and  CJ Banks were in the ring together the action was top notch, these two looked excellent in the ring together, i would love to see these two go up against one another in singles action sometime in the future, as what they produced in this match together, all be it for a small period was on the money. Another negative for me was when it came down to the final two competitors, with the tagging out rules off this 6 man thus helping both guys conserve energy i was expecting them to go all out, instead they went at a real slow lethargic pace and for me this really hurt the match. This match did what was needed, and that was warm the crowd up for the rest of the nights action and this was a fairly decent match up.

Match 2 – M.O.B (Keith Myatt and Ruffneck (PCW)) vs Fight Club ( Liam Thompson and Kid Fite (PBW) w/ Kay Lee Ray ) [**]
Mean Old Bastard's is what M.O.B stands for by the way, this is the first time i have seen M.O.B before, and probably by their name you can tell what type off tag team they are. The best way to describe them would be two tough brawlers who like a drink, abit like the A.P.A in the WWE and are really over with the crowd with chants of M.O.B breaking out throughout this match up. I've seen Fight Club before, live actually, they had a cracking match in NEWS against Dragon Ryders. This was a decent match up, more of a brawl really, with the ref 'Des' who also was massively over with the PCW faithful being a bit relaxed with the rules, as both teams brawled around the nightclub and in the crowd, along with Kay Lee Ray getting involved in the action at times, which at one stage resulted in her on the receiving end of a stunner for her troubles. On a whole the match was decent and the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

Match 3 – El Ligero (PCW) vs Noam Dar (PBW) in a submission match [***]
This match up pitted the ever impressive El Ligero against the rising star of British indy wrestling in what was good solid submission match. Noam Dar in this match worked the leg of El Ligero superbly, softening the limb up for his signature leg lock, and Ligero's selling of the leg was class throughout the match. Ligero himself tried to soften Dar's arm up for his signature submission the crossface, however you could tell, this was Noam Dar's area of expertise and his work looked alot better then Ligero's. Seeing numerous El Ligero matches and being a big fan of his, i thought a submission match didn't really suit his style of wrestling but he still made a cracking effort. An argument could be made that this match was a bit lengthy,however when both guys upped the tempo, the action was cracking. A good solid outing by both guys,and i wouldn't mind seeing a rematch later down the line without the submission stipulation, as it could make for a cracking encounter.

Match 4 – Joey Hayes (PCW) vs BT Gunn (c) (PBW) for the PBW Championship [***]
PCW's Joey Hayes challenged PBW champ BT Gunn for his title in a very exciting back and fourth match. Both guys went all out for a good 12 minutes or so and put on an entertaining match up. Previous matches on the card appeared to be stuck in first or second gear, this however wasn't. BT Gunn is regarded as one of the premier talents in PBW and Scotland and matching him with Joey Hayes was a perfect choice. Everytime I have seen Joey Hayes he is always a pleasure to watch and always one of those guys you can rely on to put on a good match and tonight was no exception.

Before the next match we had Dave Rayne come to the ring for his birthday bash, knowing PCW this was going to be a birthday celebration to remember for the fans and especially Dave Rayne. Dave Rayne came to ring all suited and booted and looking a bit worse for wear off the drink, he then proceeded to rate the female members in the audience out of 10, with any getting a 6 or under then has he said they could go back to their 'pig stye'. Sam Bailey and Mad Man Manson, (Disco Madness) then interrupt Rayne's birthday celebration, Mad Man Manson is hilarious the guy has to be one of the best characters in wrestling today. Manson tells Rayne that they have a stripper so get him sat down on a chair and blindfolded, Manson then says this could be some “inter-racial bondage” haha , maybe realizing that was naughty, with the kids in the crowd he then says don't worry the kids won't know what it means it will go straight over their heads haha the mans a scream really, really funny. Of course their was no stripper one of the larger male members of the audience was the stripper and Rayne ends up kissing his ass, thinking he was puckering up for a kiss from some hot stripper. Great segment, typical PCW.

Match 5 – T – Bone (c) (PCW) vs Andy Wild (PBW) for the PCW Championship [**3/4]
For the time given this was a fairly decent back and fourth match, the match went on for about 10 minutes and both guys looked really good. T-Bone brought his usual powerhouse style mixed in with some stiff, strikes and Andy Wild himself a big guy, maybe not as impressive muscular wise, mixed it up with T-Bone as well move for move. What i enjoy with PCW's booking with T-Bone is that he is a strong muscular guy, he dosen't stand 7ft tall as most big guy monster esq wrestlers do, but he is booked with that sense of vulnerability, not a monster who is going to destroy people as such and thus his opponents get a fair if not even amount offense in making it such a much better match to watch. A couple of things let this match down, they could have had another 5 minutes or so to do their thing and i thought the finish was weak.

Match 6 – Shaun 'The Hammer' Davis (PCW) vs Jack Jester (PBW) [*1/4]
Jack Jester was treated to chants of 'Hammers gonna kill you', 'Fuck him up Hammer, fuck him up!' as he took on Preston's own the 'The Hammer' Shaun Davis who is over massively with the PCW. This match was basically an extended squash match to establish The Hammer's dominance against a credible opponent of the PBW roster in Jack Jester who got some offense in but nothing worthwhile or to write home about. The Hammer no doubt is going to be a future PCW champion, I'll bet some serious money on that and PCW are building him up nicely as an unstoppable monster, it will be interesting to see when PCW management pull the trigger on Davis and move him up into the main event scene and challenging for the title, i reckon it will be sooner rather than later.

Mactch 7 – Kris Travis (PCW) vs Lionheart (PBW) in a last man standing match [****1/2]
Holy shit what a crazing match, that had me on the edge of my seat throughout, this was a hate filled intense last man standing match up with some really, really sick spots, just sheer brutality. The crowd were shit hot throughout the match up. The match was that crazy 'Please don't die' chants broke out along with 'Holy Shit' at numerous times. This was meant to be Kris Travis's last ever match and at the time he must have intended to go out with a bang because this match was a classic. Where to start ?, i don't know ha! I'll do my best do give a rundown of some of the crazy shit that happened in this match up. Right from the get go the hatred was ever present has Travis and Lionheart began brawling all over the arena, one spectacular spot came into play when Lionheart went to whip Travis into a wall, instead Travis used the momentum to run up the wall and thus land a moonsault on Lionheart in the process. A nice spot with the crowd also happened with Lionheart falling off the ring apron onto the fans and Travis diving through the ropes onto him. Tables came into play with both competitors getting put through  one each, Travis from a spear and Lionheart whilst on the table on the outside, by Travis double foot stomping him from the top rope to the outside.  When the action got in the ring the brutality was turned up a notch as Lionheart beat the shit out of Travis with a Frying Pan with some really brutal looking shots to the head pleading with him to just 'Fucking Retire' as Travis wouldn't stay down. Thumbtacks came into play and some real sick spots resulted, Travis hit a suplex coming down into a powerbomb type move on Lionheart into the tacks, who returned the favour hitting a Rock Bottom, which is a bit more like Booker T's bookend  onto the tacks, the sickest spot of the match had to be Lionheart pouring the tacks on Travis's body and then hitting a frog splash from the top rope onto Travis. This match was a classic and my words carn't do it justice to be honest, both guys beat the living shit out of each other but also told a great story with the match, massive respect has to go to both guys for what they put their bodies through in this match up.

Both Competitors after the match received a well deserved standing ovation from the PCW fans, who themselves played a big part in this match. Lionheart got on the mike after and broke character hugging Travis and saying people like him shouldn't retire.

Overall show thoughts – This was decent show up until the main event, but my god the main event made this DVD a must buy, the price of the DVD alone is worth it just for the main event, throw in a couple of good matches and thus a decent undercard and you get real value for your money. I strongly recommend you guys go and order this DVD and see what PCW is all about. The fans are phenomenal throughout, the in ring action is really good and even the segments are class as well. PCW are really looking a great promotion just 3 shows into their tenure and i look forward to more shows and also the 2012 shows which have been garnering some real high praise.

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