Pro Wrestling Guerrilla “Threemendous III” Preview

Brian Da' Brain

Wrestling fan since 1985 but I was born in 1988. My favorite wrestler changes everyday. I love storytelling and wrestling is the perfect example of the classic three act story arc. Everything has a beginning, middle and end. Every hero hears the call. Every hero has a villain. Every hero has their darkest hour. Every hero must RISE. Got a degree in film and television a year ago and have been doing the whole "Office Space"/"American Beauty" thing for now. Will get an industry job soon. Hopefully.

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  1. Matt Waters says:

    Nice preview, more of these please.

    Younger is moving to California so I think he’ll become a semi-regular which pains me as I loathe no wrestler more than Drake.

    I found it interesting that in their website’s preview of the event they referred to BCT as just Brian Cage more than once, suggesting he’s going out on his own given how over he is while the others are content to play heels. I also heard he was on his way to developmental but that’s yet to happen so… hmm.

    I think Mack is getting the title here.

    Your top 5 matches are pretty much spot on with mine. That tag match with Dragon and Davey against Evans and Roddy was insane. Few men have taken a bigger beating than Jack in that match.

  2. wrsisyphus2 says:

    Drake Younger’s really good, I don’t know what you’re on about. Actually, Steen wrestled 16 times in 2011. As far as Hollywood Globetrotters, I always thought that match went way, WAY too long, considering it was practically a squash.

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