Team Ambition Iowa Incident Press Release + Kyle O’Reilly’s Response

Chris GST

Chris GST has been a wrestling fan since around 1991. He grew up enjoying most of the back stage politics as well as enjoyed all the aspects that it takes to create that perfect wrestling match. At the end of 2001 when the original ECW died it was then that Chris took an interest in indy promotions such as ECWA and others. Those made him appreciate companies like Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, PWG, JAPW and it has continued to this day.

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  1. After reviewing this situatation more in depth I’m under the impression that Team Ambition feel they ARE above the “Small Promotions” despite what Kyle O’ Reilly says in his statement. O’ Reilly’s statement is fairly well worded and I appreciate that he took the time to release it however it just seems to back up a “holier than thou” attitude from this group while outright denying one. If I were in the shoes of a promoter I’d want someone who A. Shows up on Time B. Is agreeable to an amicable match layout so I can promote my show accordingly and C. Follow through with that plan in a professional manner. Things do happen & I personally would’ve accepted the 8 man tag proposal but it seemed beyond changing this promoters card(which Team Ambition had no right to do) Their main goal was to do things there way, when they wanted to do it. This is not the first time I’ve heard this about members of Team Ambition and the reputation they are building would not foster a relationship I would choose to continue. Richards is a great worker, O’ Reilly has also honed his craft very well & I enjoy watching him but not at the price of being disrespected and having the workers who are in my promotion(hypothetically) working their assess off each show get the idea that I will work around them for outside talent no matter the detriment to the show. As for Kozina my feelings on him are much more negative than Richards & O’Reilly as I personally don’t see the draw for him & he acts as though he is a top tier “get” on many shows but you don’t pay top dollar for the guys who train the workers. These thoughts are rambling for which I apologize but despite who was involved I think this is a worst case scenario for an ndependent wrestling weekend and I really hate this side of the business.

  2. wrsisyphus2 says:

    O’Reilly has an exact quote from Joe Rogan in that bizarre missive of his. He writes as bad as he promos. Anyway, I haven’t much to say about this whole incident, other than I don’t know why people are surprised Richards and his entourage acted like cunts-they’ve got a rep for it. I sometimes wonder how they get booked as often as they do.

  3. APW Supporter says:

    Its hilarious that Kyle admits that they ripped a promoter off. The entire weekend they cared less and less as the crowd got smaller. Friday’s show was a good crowd, they tried hard. Saturday was a good crowd for the smaller venue, they goofed off a bit and ran down everyone. Then Sunday about 30 people and that happens. You got paid, do the damn work instead of complaining about disrespect. People get disrespected all the time and still do their work.

    Man up. 😉

  4. gem'no says:

    Was what you did completely justified and reasonable? … Are you kidding?

    I believe, you (Kyle) mean honest and just try to get over your angle of perception. – You should snap out of it!

    When you have made a contract and you request (one-sided) a change of plans, then you breach the original contact. Your contract partner then has the full right:
    1) Offer you a deal where he takes something in return from you
    2) Cancel the deal and leave you less/no money
    3) Still pay you in full to improve your long term business relationship … like an overly nice, rich guy, while others may see that and consider this weak or unfair leadership by the promoter

    You should be grateful that he even gave you a counter offer so close before the end of the show. And you should also be grateful for every time you come too late to a show and are not just canceled right on the spot.

    Anything else are childish dreams of milk and honey. Sorry for being straight.

  5. davea says:

    First all of if you make your living by wrestling you should have some ethics and show up on time to a show……………..i find it totally disrespectful to apparently always show up late. and not be concerned about it ………taking money and leaving with out doing anything is completely wrong……………Kyle for 7 years in the business you need to wake up ………… would be the first to whine if you wrestled and didnt get a dime because the promoter felt disrespected and kept the money but u feel its ok to do basically the same………………….if you dont want bookings in small towns then dont do them……….also with 4 guys in the car how do u get so lost ???????????/ use the money you didnt earn from this promoter and buy a GPS………….

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