SWF International Wrestling Wars 08.26.12 Results feat 2 NJPW IWGP Title Matches

Chris GST

Chris GST has been a wrestling fan since around 1991. He grew up enjoying most of the back stage politics as well as enjoyed all the aspects that it takes to create that perfect wrestling match. At the end of 2001 when the original ECW died it was then that Chris took an interest in indy promotions such as ECWA and others. Those made him appreciate companies like Ring of Honor, CHIKARA, PWG, JAPW and it has continued to this day.

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  1. wrsisyphus2 says:

    Nakamura’s knee is called Boma Ye (means, basically, Kill ‘Em!). And the Forever Hooligans’ finish is called the Contract Killer.

  2. Thomas says:

    Relatively accurate review but a couple of things here —

    That Mariachi guy has no business having a luchador gimmick if hes not gonna wrestle like one. The 6-man tag he was in was waaaaay tooooo looooong and kartos really saved the crowd from falling asleep.

    I wouldn’t really say all 4 guys in the main event were on their game. AJ Kirch had several botches and didnt look like he really belonged with the other 3. Still it was probably the most entertaining match on the show, but Dutra/Kushida was the best *overall* match of the show. Those two were very clean.

    Really cool to see New Japan guys here in the States!

  3. Chris GST says:

    Thanks for the comment man. I can’t say I agree with your comment about Mariachi. There have been a lot of ethnic wrestler gimmicks where the style didn’t exactly fit but still the crowd enjoyed it for the most part. I do not agree the crowd was falling asleep as from what I heard they were into the hope spots and were cheering Mariachi to make that hot tag.

    I would say you’re comparing AJ Kirsch to the other three who have a lot more experience. All of them had a few botches so I wouldn’t say that AJ’s stood out. There was a major blown spot by Romero but he covered it quickly enough that didn’t ditract from it being a good main event for the show. Kirsch does not have the experience level of the other three but given the few major spots such as the double dive to the outside and a few others, he looked fine. If you already knew the other three and then saw AJ then you’re comparing him unfairly just because he doesn’t have the same name value to indie fans as the others but for what he did it was fine and I don’t think we can hold it against him that he didn’t have the exact panache that the others do.

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