¡VIVA CHIKARA! – King of Trios 2012 Preview


It’s King of Trios season once again, so Justin and Kevin (under a new podcast title) have returned to discuss the tournament at large. With little to no confidence, Justin and Kevin fantasy book the whole tournament and discuss their thought process behind their calls. Although both men come to the outcome, they arrive at it in drastically different manners. Of course, non-tournament matches are discussed as well. If you are unfamiliar with the CHIKARA product, rundowns of current storylines are provided so you can get in the know before the largest professional wrestling tournament of the year goes down. 90 minutes of audio goodness awaits!

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Brad Garoon

Brad Garoon used to be the go-to guy for Dragon Gate related reviews. His defunct Cool Kids Table website was the inspiration for PWPonderings. These days, Brad co-hosts our Adventure Time centric "Flooping the Pig" podcast and runs the uber successful Burger Weekly website. He also watches ZERO wrestling these days.

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  1. chrisgst says:

    I do not recall this swallowing of an invisible grenade. I must go back and watch this. 

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