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Resistance Pro 09.14.2012 Just a Game LIVE Results

Darcy dixon attacks Lucy Valdez I believe. Valdez was trying to strip. Is this a match? No red. Valdez gets her down… And walks away.

I meant no ref.  Robert Anthony comes out and his theme sounds like porn music.

Stephen walters talks garbage about Anthony and calls dixon a whore. Walters puts him on notice. Anthony cuts a great promo.

Walters attacks Anthony. I guess this is the opener

Robert Anthony wins in 13:13 with taco pizza over Steven Walters in a solid match

11:01. Ruff Crossing and John Skyler defeat Chris Hall and Da Cobra. Nice finishing move

The tag match was pretty good. Aaaaaaand here’s Jesse Corgan.

Billy Corgan promo. Says jesse doesn’t belong in the ring. Funny…

Billy hugs Jesse. Jesse shoves him. Middle finger. Billy gets ready to punch him. This shit is so awkward

Thunder kitty vs crystal.2 out of 3 falls. WHY NOT

Thunderkitty wins the first fall with a roll up in thirty seconds

Crystal wins fall number two

Thunderkitty wins by submission in the third and deciding fall. This was something.

Ashton Vuitton cuts a promo before his match. Samuray Del Sol!!!! Salvation!!!!!

In 9:55 Ashton Vuitton wins by submission over Samuray Del Sol. Clean as a whistle

Melanie Cruise vs. Nikki St John for the R-Pro women’s title match

Lou dangeli comes out and wants violence. Josephus Brody decks the referee after coming out with a chair. Brody slams Cruise.

Dangeli apologizes to Brody. They hug it out. Dangeli cuts a promo and mocks r pro. Because of him that’s why r pro is successful

Dangeli says st John should join his heel faction. He used the word heel. Swear to god

450 attacks Brody now. Cruise sends st John out of the ring and works her over. Security separates them. Referee #2 rings the bell

Apparently this is mixed tag. Folks I don’t know what the hell is going on

Nikki st John hits Cruise with the chain. The original referee counts the fall after the second referee gets taken out.St John wins the belt

The Baron brothers exit with the belt. So now what? Can we bring the gong out again?

Main event: Jay bradley vs. Gene Snitsky

Jay Bradley pins Gene Snitsky with the lariat in 10:20

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