#1MansOpinion Full Review: This Ones For The Haters EVO vs PWX


Grew up in "Flair Country" Charlotte, NC. I became a wrestling fan as soon as I was old enough for my older brothers to put me in front of a TV, Circa 1985. My first lasting memory was Tully Blanchard & Magnum TA in an "I Quit" Cage match. From then on I became a fan of heels & remain one today. Searching for an alternative to the predictable WWE of the last few years, brought me to great indy promotions like ROH, PWG, and local promotions in the Carolinas such as Pro Wrestling Evo, PWX, & CWF Mid Atlantic. Over the last 3 years Independent Wrestling has become my truest passion & I'm honored to get to watch, speak to, and report on some of the best talent on the indies on a regular basis. Away from the wrestling world I am a lifelong, diehard Chicago Bears fan & a huge fan of movies.

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  1. I’ll be honest, i only watched a few matches but EVO just doesnt draw. Ive been to a few shows and the crowd that was there the other nite is about normal for them. PWX is the bigger draw in the area. But thats not a knock on EVO’s talent, they just dont promote it like they should. I mean you can tweet about it all you want, get everyone else and their wives involved in doing the same, but if no one shows up, youre not doing your job right. PWX hands out flyers everywhere, promote the hell out of it on facebook and twitter and the proof is in the crowd.

  2. Jer Polk says:

     Thanks for checking out the article and your feedback on both companies. You make some good points. I too, was surprised with the gate at this past Friday’s show and part of that was due to the loyal fan base of PWX followers I see at their shows each month. As you said the two have no question the best talent in the area and I believe they should draw more than they do.

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