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#1MansOpinion Full Review: This Ones For The Haters EVO vs PWX

The two premiere Independent Wrestling promotions in the Southeast came together on September 28th to try to prove once and for all who is the best. PWX entered the house that Pro Wrestling EVO built and came out victorious. The finality of that victory however remains in question. Tyshionn Williams’ team of PWX & ROH talents won the big 6 man main event but the night was not without controversy. The following is a report of the full night of action including each PWX vs EVO matchup and the amazing conlcusion of the SuperHEX finals. Also what could’ve been the first in many epic battles between Pro Wrestling EVO an Premiere Wrestling Xperience. Remember this is just…….

Match Ratings 1-5 Stars

Overall Show 1-10


                                               Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr

Team PWX wasted no time in interrupting Ring announcer Chris Shore as he welcomed the fans to Cabarrus Arena or ‘This Ones for the Haters’ Roderick Strong lead Eddie Edwards and Delirious to the ring and they spoke about EVO Captain Cedric Alexander’s threats to kick their teeth down their throats, Strong said tonight PWX would prove that they are the dominant team. Delirious then took the mic and delivered some words to PWEVO that were as always incoherent and profane.

SuperHEX Finals

Kirby Mack vs Chiva Kid

Kirby Mack hit the ring as only Kirby Mack can,  shining a spotlight on himself(LITERALLY!). The crowd erupted for his opponent Chiva Kid who has been on an incredible roll to get himself to this SuperHEX championship match. Kirby hit the floor & said he was in no rush as an amped up Chiva awaited him in the ring. Chiva was in control for the first part of this match as he turned back Kirby several times with arm drags and shoulder tackles sending Mack to the floor after each exchange. These two went back and forth with each man coming less than half a second from becoming the first SuperHEX champion on several occasions. Chiva used his speed and high flying to combat Kirby’s mindgames but in the end Chiva missed a double revolution moonsault and Kirby having exhausted all other options began a submission game. Kirby showed he wasn’t playing any games  as he got the tap out victory to become the Inaugural SuperHEX champion with his new half crab variation called the “Gardocki Lock”.

                                            Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr

#1MansOpinion: This was a great opener. Back and forth action that really capped off the  SuperHEX series to perfection. 8 men have  battled for 10 months in his exciting division and I would expect nothing less than a battle like we saw at ‘This ones for the Haters’ to crownt the inaugural champion. As I said both men seemingly had the title won numerous times throughout the match and this match showed that both Kirby & Chiva have emerged as top talents in EVO through this SuperHEX series. *** 1/2

Jimmy Jack Funk Jr & “Hard Knocks” Craig Huffman vs The Free Radicals(Joe Black & Robyn Golphin)

This was a battle of strength & size vs speed and determination. The Free Radicalz looked good early taking out both their biggger opponents but Funk & Huffaman were able to isolate Golphin and tag in & out brutalizing the youngster from Detroit. Joe Black was helpless on the outside yelling to Golphin that he had to fight back. Huffman & Funk took every opportunity to double team Golphin and tag in and out(legally and illegally) keeping Golphin in the ring. The Relentless one always earns his nickname and fought back finally getting the tag to Black who was more than ready to get his hands on his opponents. Black was unstoppable and lead the comback for his newly formed team. JJF & Huffman tried to use the numbers game once again but Huffman accidentally clotheslined JJF over the top and Golphin was back in it  hitting a springboard roundhouse kick  on Huffman which allowed Black to deliever a spear picking up the win and the first point for Team EVO.

                                            Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr
#1MansOpinion: Huffman & JJF were good representatives for Team PWX against the smaller Free Radicalz. This was a good match and while shaky at first Black & Golphin look like a formidable tag team if they can keep on the same page. Golphin  is one of the more athletic guys in EVO and wll continues to improve. Joe Black is bound and determined to find success whether it’s singles or tag but appears up to the challenge to tackle any and all opponents. ** 3/4

4 Way Elimination
Adam Page vs Leech Landa vs Dirty vs Chip Day

                                           Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr

This was contested under Lucha rules with tags not being necessary so the action was quick in this one. Landa was the first to go after showing some speed and athletic ability he was eliminated by a brutal kick from Chip Day. Dirty who lived up to his name  was the next to go unable to outmatch his opponents and being pinned by Adam Page. The final two had a good back and forth with Page winning out in the end, withstanding some strikes by Chip Day and catching Chip on the top. Page hit a middle rope swinging neckbreaker for the victory.

#1MansOpinion: This was unannounced and two of the guys were making their EVO debuts. Landa is a very small guy but quick with some athleticism, Dirty has a good look and seemed to be good in the ring from what little I was able to see of him. Page & Day were the “stars” of this match so it was definitely right to come down to  these two  talented guys. Day looked good in singles action here as we usually see him as a tag team partner of Corey Hollis and Page is quickly becoming one of the top Indy guys in the SouthEast. ** 1/2

No Disqualification
Circo(EVO) vs Zane Riley(PWX)

It was announced just before the match by ring announcer Corky Franks that this second match in the EVO vs PWX series would now be No disqualification! If you’ve seen either Circo or Zane Riley you know the no DQ style suits them both perfectly. This one spilled out of the ring early and CIrco brutalized Zane running him into the outside ring posts and taking him to the front row of fans wearing EVO shirts allowing them to get in chops as Circo held the bearded one. Circo sent Zane over the guardrail but Zane grabbed a beer and spit it into the eyes of Circo to regain the advantage. Riley took over back in the ring pounding on Circo and rarely  focusing on getting a pinfall, Circo reversed a pumphandle slam attempt into a reverse DDT and hit a frogsplash into an elbow but couldn’t put Riley away. 2 more trips to the top, finally the frogsplash elbow got the job done for the former Cirkus “Man Creature” Circo as EVO took the 2-0 lead.

                                            Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr
#1MansOpinion: This was a very good brawl, out of control from start to finish. Riley & Circo matched up well and could have a return match if PWX and EVO ever do battle again. Riley is a rough, tough strong style brawler and Circo is reinventing himself away from the tyranny of Marcellus King and the Cirkus. ***


                                           Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr
“The Southern Savior” John Skyler(PWX) vs Arik Royal(EVO)
Skyler and Royal have both been active on social media going into this match with Skyler saying he would bring “Change” to Pro Wrestling EVO. The tension was high from start to finish in this match and Arik Royal continued the rampage he has been on in the last six months. Royal brutalized Skyler, press slamming him and whipping him from post to post before taking him to the outside. Royal continued the assault throwing Skyler into the guardrail, then sitting Skyler in a chair hitting a cannonball on the outside as the crowd chanted “That was Awesome!” Royal feeding off the crowd rolled Skyler back in to continue the assault and the Southern Savior fought back but missed a “Sliced Bread” attempt and Royal nearly knocked him out of the ring with a “Pounce”. Just as Royal looked to be finishing Skyler off PWX owner Tyshionn Williams made his first appearance of the night distracting the referee and throwing a tennis racquet into Skyler who slammed it over Royal’s back. The referee turned back around as Skyler hit “Sliced Bread” to pick up the victory and close the gap for Team PWX.

Post Match: Skyler and Ty hugged in the ring and The Southern Savior got the “mic time” he had been asking for. He spoke about Change and said it was coming for Everyone in Pro Wrestling EVO, from Joe Black, to Robyn Golphin all the way up to the EVO Champion Zack Salvation. Skyler then announced he would be in this year’s Annual EVO Eight tournament in January to crown a #1 contender for the PWEvo championship.

                                           Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr

#1MansOpinion: This match delivered! Royal brutalized John Skyler much like he did Kirby Mack at ‘This is Wrestling’ but was derailed by the actions of Tyshionn Williams. Skyler has complete domination on his mind and with Williams behind him and unliimited talent to match his attitude Change could be coming via The Southern Savior. *** 1/2

Steven “The Fever” Walters(EVO) vs Lodi(PWX)

Walters didn’t endure himself to the “Hometown” crowd but Lodi got them charged up racing around the arena handing out his signature signs as Walter grimaced from inside the ring. Once the action began Walters was overmatched by Lodi’s strength but used any advantage he could to get ahead and dominate the match offensively. Walters was able to block Lodi’s first attempt at a DDT but fell prey to the finisher the second time as Lodi evened the score for Team PWX.

                                           Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr
#1MansOpinion: This match had a strange vibe due to Walters being Heel and Lodi being super over as babyface with them representing their respective promotions. Walters is as technically gifted as they come, fresh off his first tour of the UK and Lodi is still a great entertainer and matchup for the  young guys in the business. Nothing bad in this match. **1/2

PWX Championship Match
“The Midnight Son” Caleb Konley(c) (PWX) vs Corey Hollis (EVO)

                                           Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr

This was a technical matchup from start to finish. Konley and Hollis matched one another hold for hold. Hollis was very close to becoming the new PWX champion on several occasions but there was no quit in “The Midnight Son”. Hollis tried every suplex combination, pin combination and sheer striking he could to put Konley away. In the end Hollis reversed Konley’s first “OH Face” attempt into a styles clash but still couldn’t get the win. Hollis was frustrated and grabbed the PWX title only to have his partner Chip Day come down to try & Stop him. Hollis quickly blasted Day with the title but this gave Konley enough time to recover and lock in the “Oh Face!” to get the tap out win and retain his PWX championship.

                                           Photos courtesy: Adrian Rohr
#1MansOpinion: Hollis proved he was for real in his first opportunity for the PWX championship. Some may think this match was slow or even “boring” This is 1MansOpinion and I wouldn’t describe this match that way at all. The back and forth between these two was very good. Hollis as I’ve said before has some innovative offense that is great to watch and Konley remains one of the most traveled Indy talents in the Southeast. *** 1/4

6 Man Main Event Team EVO vs Team PWX
Cedric Alexander, Marcellus “The Mid-Atlantic” King, & PWEVo Champion “The Queen City Killer” Zack Salvation vs Roderick Strong, PWI Ultra J Champion Eddie Edwards & Delirious

                                           Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr

The big question going into this one was how would Team EVO coexist? Marcellus King made the tough decision to ask his long time rival Zack Salvation to join he & Alexander to face three of ROH’s best. The immediate answer will surprise a lot of people, Team EVO worked very well together throughout the match. The Cirkus & Salvation utilized good tag team wrestling, tagging in & out and isolating Delirious for a large part of the match. Team PWX took several “breaks” on the outside of the ring to compose themselves and deal with the crowd who were largely fans of PWEvo. Finally, Eddie Edwards and Roderick Strong neutralized Salvation in the ring and went to work on his injured ribs, tagging in and out not allowing Alexander or King to relieve their temporary ally. Finally Salvation did get the tag to Alexander and there is no more cliched yet proper way to describe it but Cedric was like a rabid dog off the leash when he finally got into the ring again forcing Team PWX to retreat. This time however Marcellus joined in the fight and the action broke down as tags were now out the window. Team EVO gained the advantage as Salvation hit a “Zacklash” on Delirious but again Tyshionn Williams came out, this time getting physically involved. Ty pulled Referee Mitch Blalock out of the ring, took his referee shirt and counted a fast 3 count as Edwards rolled Alexander up to score the pinfall & give Team PWX the controversial win.

Post Match: Pro Wrestling EVO Owner Patrick Wright came out and he & Tyshionn Williams got into a brief brawl before Team PWX pulled Ty out of the ring. Salvation & Roddy then grabbed microphones and battled over who would speak. Roddy got in a few words before The Queen City Killer had enough. Salvation said what just happend was BullShit! He referenced the “Code of Honor” and said if that’s what they call honor they can go back North. Salvation left the ring and Marcellus King stopped him asking him to come back. The surprise of the night came next as King AGREED WITH SALVATION!! King said what just happened wasn’t right and it’s time to “Man Up” and defend what they built. Cedric Alexander was watching from the apron and in no certain words told both his Cirkus Faction mate and rival Salvation to “F*** Themselves” Cedric said HE ALONE built EVO and left the ring as King followed trying to reason with him.

#1MansOpinion: Match Of the Night.  Very good main event! Team EVO held their own throughout the match with 3 top talents from Ring Of Honor  Wrestling. Cedric as we know has what it takes to hang with the top talents in the world, Salvation & King both proved they belong in that class as well. King was very impressive and Salvation working through injury showed why he is currently the measuring stick of Independent wrestling in the Southeast  In the end Team PWX & Tyshionn Williams did what they had to do to get the victory. *** 3/4

                                          Photos Courtesy: Adrian Rohr
#1MansFINALOpinion: This show was loaded with great in ring action and heated drama between the two best Independent companies in the SouthEast. Chiva Kid & Kirby Mack put an exclamation point on the Inaugural SuperHEX division season and continued to pave the way for what could be the most exciting aspect of Pro Wrestling EVO for a long time to come. Many challengers now await the newly crowned champion Kirby Mack. John Skyler & Arik Royal went to war! And I don’t think anyone expected anything less, I certainly have to believe Royal isn’t done with The Southern Savior, PWX or it’s owner Tyshionn Williams. Sometimes pure mat wrestling, and technical skill is lost in today’s Professional wrestling and Corey Hollis & Caleb Konley displayed that very well at ‘This Ones for the Haters’ Finally the main event was as explosive as advertised and rather than being a final battle for supremacy between Pro Wrestling EVO and Premiere Wrestling Xperience it could serve as the first shot in a long war between these two great promotions.
Overall: 7.5/10


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  1. I’ll be honest, i only watched a few matches but EVO just doesnt draw. Ive been to a few shows and the crowd that was there the other nite is about normal for them. PWX is the bigger draw in the area. But thats not a knock on EVO’s talent, they just dont promote it like they should. I mean you can tweet about it all you want, get everyone else and their wives involved in doing the same, but if no one shows up, youre not doing your job right. PWX hands out flyers everywhere, promote the hell out of it on facebook and twitter and the proof is in the crowd.

  2.  Thanks for checking out the article and your feedback on both companies. You make some good points. I too, was surprised with the gate at this past Friday’s show and part of that was due to the loyal fan base of PWX followers I see at their shows each month. As you said the two have no question the best talent in the area and I believe they should draw more than they do.

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