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ROH Glory By Honor XI: Unbreakable Hope 10.13.12 iPPV Results

Hey readers, this is Chris GST here. I will be providing live coverage of this show. As always I will try to do my best between in ring commentary and analysis. We definitely appreciate your support and let your friends know they can follow us here. Feel free to follow me on my personal twitter via the link at the bottom of the page.

ROH Glory By Honor XI: The Unbreakable Hope
October 13, 2012
Mississauga, Ontario

Estimated Attendance 850 – 1000

There is a pre show that starts at 7pm EDT to allow customers to see if they like the stream which will allow them if they don’t to receive a refund. So far the pre show looks good and I’m not having any issues. Let us know if you do.

Dark Match: Rip Impact and Chaz Montana def “Psycho” Mike Rollins and Mathieu St. Jacques

The feed opens with Nigel McGuinness and Kevin Kelly. So far the audio and video look good to me at 720 and 360.

Caged Hostility Rematch
Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs The Bravado Brothers

Decent opening match. Bravados wearing the stars and stripes gear in Canada so probably getting under the skin of most of the fans. Match was built well with basic moves to begin and the high flying at the end. All four men showing they are still growing but they got the crowd to a hot start as a ROH chant is started in the opening match. Lancelot Bravado performing a pretty good surfboard submission brought back memories of Bryan Danielson.
Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman def The Bravados in a great opening match.

We are told that Kevin Steen’s demand of the Package Piledriver being reinstated is given. This brings something interesting to the main event.

Grudge Match
“No Fear” Mike Mondo vs “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis

Match starts hot and heavy between the two men. After being out smarted in the beginning by Mondo going under the ring and sneak attacking Bennett, Bennett is now on the offense. Powerslam off Mondo running on the apron to the floor plus a flip into the guardrail from Bennett to Mondo. Bennett knocks Mondo off the top turnbuckle and Mondo is grabbing his lower leg/ankle. These two guys are pushing the pace and I can appreciate the match no matter my personal feelings on Mondo. Big splash off the entrance rig from Mondo to Bennett who barely caught him. These two guys are definitely bringing it for the fans in the battle of the Mike’s. Mondo gets distracted by Maria to get hit by a TKO by Bennett for Bennett to pick up the win.

Grudge Tag Team Match
Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer vs Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

WGTT start this off by attacking Whitmer and Titus from behind during their entrances. Whitmer gets attacked in the start but with help from Titus comes back to fly out of the ring against Haas. Really nice to see the Whitmer of old. Haas and Benjamin really dominating this match so far and that is the way it should be. Enjoying the match albeit it’s still in first gear. Shelton and Rhett also have very good chemistry and I could see a singles match between them being well worth it later on in this feud. Bj Whitmer hits an exploder suplex on Haas as both men get tagged in which really gets a great response from the crowd. I would not mind a Whitmer/Haas match.

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin def Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer via double powerbomb.

We get to see footage from the Rahway show and I will say it was well done but I still believe it should not have ended the show. They do show the backstage angle with Lethal injuring Cornette.

Jay Lethal vs “The American Wolf” Davey Richards

Jay opens the match by cutting a promo. Basically calls out Steen. Cornette in hospital gets cheers which Lethal answers to. Says ROH can kiss his ass. The crowd reacts with that rebellious reaction of cheering so this is actually a good thing for Lethal in my view. It’s giving him an edge that he sorely needed. Davey comes out to cheers and streamers. Someone tried to start a get the wolf chant which was not answered.

Match starts off very intense with strikes and rough grappling. I’ve always said that Lethal is great in the ring and with a guy like Davey, they could have a good series of matches. Very crisp and good timing between these two pros. The sequences in this match are very good and I doubt any of you would argue that these two would have a bad match. So far it seems, at least for this show, all the talent have brought it and it feels like an old ROH environment where the talent are being allowed to just go. Someone tries a boring chant and gets rejected. Davey throws Lethal into the corner and delivers a head butt. Richards tries to throw Lethal’s head into the turnbuckle across the ring but gets countered and thrown to the floor. Lethal dives and both men go back on the ring apron. Lethal tries a move, counter, Richards tries but it gets countered into an ace crusher onto the apron to the floor. Just great ring work from these two guys. Lethal kicks Richards off the top turnbuckle and Davey crashes through a table that barely breaks.
Jay Lethal def Davey Richards via submission/ref stoppage with the Koji Clutch where Davey would not tap out

Eddie comes out to check on Richards. Richards raises Lethal’s hand. This is the passing of the torch. Standing ovation for both men.

Roderick Strong quits House of Truth in a shocking turn of events. He came out in his street clothes. Said he’ll sit ringside and watch Elgin fail for the title.

Rhino w/ Truth Martini vs Tadarius Thomas

Rhino was basically forced into this match. The House of Truth is having some issues. Tadarius showing his speed against Rhino getting in trips and being able to evade Rhino for the most part. Rhino though hits a TKO early on and it’s obvious that Rhino still has the power game on his side. Rhino goes to punch Thomas but Thomas is blocking again with his head. Kinda odd gimmick but it’s what they are going with. Tadarius hits a ton of capoeira based kicks but gets hit with a belly to belly. Tadarius Thomas def Rhino with a magistral.

Rhino throws Truth over the top rope. I guess Rhino is done with Truth as well. Huge cut on Truth’s upper thigh from guardrail. Has to be carried out. Ripped the pants and everything.

ROH World TV Championship
Adam Cole defends against “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

Cole has some facial hair. Damn, did not know about this. This should be a fantastic match. Both men start out collar and elbow tie up. Both men very shy to not be the first one to make a mistake. Edwards takes it to the ground first but Cole reverses easily but Eddie reverses that. Eddie going for an early chin lock but Cole keeps ending up on top until they hit the ropes. Edwards really working that left arm of Cole. Cole roles for the first pin of the match. Dueling chants for both men. Edwards encourages the chants while Cole seems to be more reserved, dare I say the “heel” in the match. Test of strength with Edwards getting the early advantage on it. Cole attempts the pin but a very good bridge by Edwards keeping their hands locked. Both men go for the Geurrero/Malenko sequence.

Duel drop kicks, bridges, and pinfalls by both men. Keeping it very even steven. Both men end up in the ropes with Cole not allowing a clean break and the chest chops begin. Cole on the outside, Edwards goes for a dive but Cole enziguri’s Edwards head as he’s almost through the ropes. Cole on the apron but gets knocked off and Edwards goes for a successful tope. Back in the ring Cole is kneeling and Edwards hits a shining wizard then goes for a chin lock. Both men get up and Cole basement kicks Edwards left leg, but Edwards takes Cole down and dragon whips Cole’s left leg. Edwards is taking this to second gear as the forearms to the face start with the full on chops to the chest. Cole off the ropes but runs into a chest chop and a suplex attempt but blocks it. Cole suplexes Edwards to the apron and then a spinning enziguri takes Edwards to his knees on the apron and then Cole hits a dangerous looking DDT to the apron on Edwards. Cole throws Edwards back into the ring and goes for a great looking splash. 2 count. Edwards gets a counter but Cole hits the firemans carry neckbreaker. Cole goes to the top but Edwards traps him and hits the backpack chinbreaker for a 2. Edwards has Cole in a very deep single leg crab after a double stomp from the top turnbuckle to Cole’s back but Cole makes it to the ropes but Edwards is not hitting the head of Cole with kicks as he has him in the single leg. Cole hits a great roll through figure four. Very innovative. Edwards really selling the leg damage now. Cole and Edwards are on the top turnbuckle now with Cole on the shoulders of Edwards but they fall to the apron, kinda softly. Not a sheer drop. Edwards goes for the lariat, gets hit by a Cole kick but Edwards hits two superkicks but Cole reverses it into the firemans neckbreaker and hits a weak kick to the back of the head. Cole hits the Florida Keys to retain his title.
Adam Cole def Eddie Edwards to retain the TV title. Great match.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino defend against The Briscoes

Briscoes get streamers. Corino has a new singlet. Briscoes start this off like a street fight. Stomping mudholes immediately. Mark already goes for a dive onto Corino. Brawl on the outside between all four men where they are the most dangerous. Mark diving senton from the ring apron onto Jacobs while Jay beats up Corino in the entrance way. Action finally back in the ring. Pretty basic match from The Briscoes and SCUM. Everything you would have expected from them. Corino uses a roll of coins on Mark. Jacobs and Corino working over Jay. This has turned into a 2 on 1 match, but expect Mark to come back at some point. Mark gets the hot tag and hits the redneck kung fu. Corino and Jacobs gain control of the match again. They focus on Mark for most of the time. Jay Briscoe hits a DVD onto a fallen guardrail though on Corino and Jacobs goes for a senton but misses and Mark tags in Jay. DVD on Jacobs followed by a splash but only a 2 count! Corino hits low blows on Jay as Jacobs rolls into a pinfall to retain.
SCUM (Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs) def The Briscoes to retain the ROH Tag Titles

ROH World Championship Match
Kevin Steen defends against “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Steen gets a great ovation from the crowd as he comes out. No new title belt yet. Roderick Strong is sitting in the front row. Kevin cuts a promo welcoming us to the Kevin Steen Show and points out a poster made by a fan with Steen choking out Cornette. He says his demands have been met. Says that Lethal and Steen will never be in the same ring. He also states ROH is making him a new belt. The package piledriver is legal. Elgin comes out without Truth, kinda wondering if that is by design or because of the injury.

Steen starts the match by jaw jacking with Elgin. Code of honor not met as Elgin pushes Steen. Both men go for the running shoulder tackles from the ropes. Neither man budging. Elgin hits a sidewalk slam and both men battle on the outside. Elgin battle back into the ring and Elgin lifts Steen up in a huge feat of strength for a delayed vertical suplex. Fans cheer. Steen hits a Randy Orton DDT from the apron into the ring on Elgin and then follows it up with an apron powerbomb on the outside. Steen frog splases Elgin on the floor from the apron as the fans are chanting OLE. Nigel hinted that they were not supposed to mention Generico’s name on commentary but Kelly does. Steen uses the Bryan Danielson, ” I have til 5″ YES chants ensue. Mr. Wrestling chants also break out.

Steen hits a running senton for a count of 2. Roderick Strong taunts both men from the front row. Elgin hits an enziguri out of nowhere. Both men slugging it out in the middle of the ring. Elgin gets them in the corner and hits a diamond dust for a 2. First attempt at a package piledriver from Steen but Elgin reverses it into an air raid crash for a two. Elgin hits his rolling senton from the top rope but Steen got his knees up. Steen goes outside and Elgin hits a dive to the outside. Elgin brings Roderick over the guardrail and beats him up to the back. Elgin then powerbombs Steen into the ring post and throws him in the ring to hit his senton from the top rope for a very close 2! Steen now has Elgin in a sharpshooter but Elgin reverses it and puts Steen in the crossface. Both men end up on the apron and Elgin attempts a piledriver or powerbomb but Steen reverses into a sleeperhold and both men fall through a table. Steen gets in at 18, Elgin gets in at 19.

Both men go for clothelines but Steen hits a huge rydeen style power bomb on Elgin for a two count. Crazy visual. Steen goes for a package piledriver, can’t lift then goes for the F-Cinq but Elgin reverses into a crossface which Steen reverses into a near pinfall. Elgin hits a dead lift german suplex for a 2. Elgin starts hitting knees to Steen’s head, Steen hits his single leg code breaker but Elgin hits a clothesline and goes for another pin for 2. Steen hits his F-Cinq out of nowhere for a close 2 count. Elgin goes for another crossface but Steen gets to the ropes. Steen hits a package piledriver but Elgin kicks out! Steen goes for his corner senton but Elgin catches him, lifts him into a powerbomb. Elgin hits a buckle bomb and then goes for his Elgin Bomb for a near count! Elgin takes Steen to the top rope but Steen bites him and then hits his package piledriver from the top turnbuckle to retain!
Kevin Steen def Michael Elgin to retain the ROH Title after top rope package piledriver

Roderick Strong comes out and sick kicks Elgin. Nigel McGuinness is getting a box that he has to deliver to Steen. El Generico has delievered his mask via a box to Steen to end the show.

Quick Results:
Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman def The Bravados
Mike Bennett w/Maria def Mike Mondo
Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin def Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer
Jay Lethal def Davey Richards via submission/ref stoppage with the Koji Clutch where Davey would not tap out

Tadarius Thomas def Rhino
Adam Cole def Eddie Edwards to retain the TV title.
SCUM (Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs) def The Briscoes to retain the ROH Tag Titles
ROH Title: Kevin Steen def Michael Elgin to retain the ROH Title after top rope package piledriver

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