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TNA Impact Wrestling – LIVE Results and Coverage (November 1, 2012)

This Week on Impact Wrestling:

  • Open Fight Night reigns supreme this week, and one “fight” has already been set in stone: Bully Ray will face his former partner turned Aces and 8’s member Devon. The question is…will it be a fair fight or will The Aces and 8’s not let it go too far?
  • Brooke Hogan announced last week that ODB was planning to call out Tara‘s new Hollywood boyfriend Jessie Godderz on tonight’s show but it’s up in the air if he’s man enough to accept the challenge. Also does ODB’s husband/tag team partner Eric Young have anything to say out his wife’s apparent attraction to “Mr. Pectacular”?
  • Christian York is on a path to redemption and will go through the Gut Check challenge tonight in an attempt to earn a spot on the TNA roster. Can this veteran succeed where so many others have failed?
  • Last week’s episode ended with The Aces and 8’s laying out Kurt Angle backstage. Does Angle have some sort of retribution planned for this week?
  • Hulk Hogan promised James Storm he had something “big” for him to do in exchange for not getting the World Title shot on last week’s “Championship Thursday” show. Will we find out what that is? And has Joseph Park finally convinced the Hulkster to let him get into the ring with The Aces and 8’s?


An “In Memory of Brad Armstrong” title card opens the show. Classy gesture. R.I.P. to an underrated wrestler.

Previously on IMPACT Wrestling: Kurt Angle gets the first shot against Jeff Hardy for the World Title, Austin Aries attacks Hardy after and challenges him for Turning Point, and Angle gets taken out by The Aces and 8’s to end last week’s show.

The pyro goes off to welcome us to another live edition of IMPACT Wrestling. Todd Keneley and Jeremy Borash welcome the home audience. Joseph Park is already in the ring to kick off the show. Park says that since he’s been here he’s maintained that he’s an attorney not a wrestler, but after The Aces and 8’s kidnapped him, he started thinking. He says he’s a man and he’s here to stick up for himself. Park says Hulk Hogan has yet to give him an answer on his request to fight The Aces and 8’s, but he’s discovered a loophole: Open Fight Night. Park then challenges any member of The Aces and 8’s to a fight right here and right now.

The Aces and 8’s theme hits, bringing out four of the masked members of the group. Park gets on the mic and says he challenged just one. All four get into the ring and surround Park. They start pushing him around but out comes Kurt Angle to save Park from certain doom. The four members of the Aces and 8’s turn their attention to Angle until Sting makes his way out with a bat. The Aces and 8’s members instantly flee and Park hands him a mic. Sting says someone from Aces and 8’s is getting the mask ripped off of their face tonight.

  • Thoughts: Always a good day when Park starts off the show. The tease of a new Aces and 8’s member is appealing; let’s hope it actually happens.

We join Borash and Keneley at the announce table. They hype Open Fight Night, and go over the matches already announced: ODB/Jessie Godderz and Bully Ray/Devon. They then hype up Christian York, tonight’s Gut Check contestant. We go to video of him getting ready for his match as Borash brings up that York wrestled on the very first TNA show back in 2002.

Magnus is headed to the ring and says he’s out to expose a phony. The mystery interviewer asks who and Magnus scoffs at him and pushes him away as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Tara is backstage with Jessie Godderz. Godderz says he’s a man and shouldn’t have to face ODB. Tara tells him not to worry and she has his back. Godderz asks Tara to sterilize him and she does with hand sanitizer. He says he’s now ready, and Tara kisses him on the cheek.

Magnus makes his way out to the ring to call someone out for Open Fight Night. Magnus doesn’t waste time and calls out TV Champion Samoa Joe with the belt on the line. A “Joe’s gonna kill you” chant interrupts Magnus mid-promo. Magnus says he’s calling Joe out tonight because he has an issue with him being TV Champ. Magnus says Joe is not the image “we’re” looking for as a TV Champion and calls him the “Howard Stern of wrestling”. Magnus says Joe has a “radio face”. Joe’s music interrupts him mid-rant and out he comes ready to take another head off of someone’s body.

Match #1: Samoa Joe (c) Vs. Magnus for the TNA Television Title [Open Fight Night Challenge]

Joe goes right at Magnus, dropping him in the corner and ripping off Magnus’ shirt. Irish whip into the corner followed the splash/kick combo from Joe. Joe continues with a series of right hands followed by another corner Irish whip. Magnus gets his boot up and tries for a second rope move but Joe catches him and hits an inverted atomic drop. Running kick by Joe followed by a senton for a 2-count. Joe hits the ropes, but Magnus leap frogs him and connects with a flying knee. Magnus goes for the cover but Joe easily kicks out before a count is even made.

Joe starts fighting back but Magnus hits a running clothesline to stop the momentum. Pinfall attempt by Magnus. 2-count. Magnus traps Joe in a front facelock but Joe breaks out. The two trade forearms and Joe goes for the Kokina Clutch but Magnus escapes with a jawbreaker. Magnus goes for a splash in the corner but Joe catches him and hits an STO. Joe follows it up by clotheslining Magnus to the floor. Magnus starts looking under the ring for something but Joe goes to the outside to continue his attack. Joe picks Magnus up and rams him into the steel post. Magnus pulls something out from under the ring and rolls back in as the ref argues with Joe on the floor. Joe gets back in and runs at Magnus, who hits him with the object (a wrench I guess?), causing the DQ.

Winner and STILL Television Champion [via DQ]: Samoa Joe (3:43)

  • Short but a good match nonetheless for what it was. Magnus laying Joe out was nice, but it’s not like he hasn’t gotten himself DQ’ed against the guy before due to weapons (happened during the BFG Series). But I’m glad this feud is continuing. (C)

Magnus showboats and exits the ring, as Joe lays knocked out in the ring.

Hulk Hogan, Joseph Park, and Sting are in Hogan’s office talking about unmasking an Aces and 8’s member tonight. Kurt Angle, Wes Brisco, and Garret Bischoff stroll in and Angle demands to fight Devon tonight. Hogan says Bully Ray has Devon tonight but if there’s anything left he can have him at Turning Point. Angle says he’s ready to fight now and so are Brisco and Bischoff. Sting then yells random nonsense about ripping off masks and all six leave the office looking to hunt some Aces and 8’s.

  • Thoughts: And here I was hoping Bischoff would be shipped off to OVW. Damn. I think it’s all but guaranteed Brisco is a part of the Aces and 8’s so here’s hoping he gets unmasked tonight so his existence in TNA is justified.

*Commercial Break*

Samoa Joe is backstage holding a bag of ice on his head while a trainer tends to him. Joe is angry and tells Magnus that they should wrestle again and throw out all the rules. He then ends with “Joe is gonna kill you!” before stalking off.

Previously on IMPACT Wrestling: Austin Aries attacks TNA World Champ Jeff Hardy and takes the real belt with him.

Jeff Hardy is applying his makeup while his inner monologue plays. He talks about Open Fight Night, then calls Aries a “thief” and his overconfidence will “kill him”. The video then awkwardly pauses.

  • Thoughts: Once again the inner monologue happens and once again I can barely make out what he’s saying due to laughter.

Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian make their way out to the ring. Kazarian says the biggest posers in TNA aren’t The Aces and 8’s, they are Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez. Kazarian said they did what they always do last week: tell the truth and look good doing it. Kazarian says some of the people in the locker room got “muy caliente” about it. Daniels says they get their tag team title rematch at Turning Point but tonight is Open Fight Night so they challenge the TNA Spanish announce team Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina. Guerrero and Urbina are surprised and Daniels/Kazarian continue to call them down as we awkwardly cut to commercial.

  • Thoughts: I love Daniels/Kazarian but it went from “truth” last week to “horrifyingly racist” this week. Not cool when Kid Kash/Gunner did it, not cool when the World Tag Team Champions of the World do it. I don’t care how funny they are.

*Commercial Break*

Guerrero/Urbina are on the apron still reluctant. Kazarian goads him by calling him a “MexiCANT” and a “seniorita”. Daniels asks if what they’ve said doesn’t make Urbina want to fight. Urbina says no and Daniels shoves him down so Guerrero clotheslines him. Daniels/Kazarian quickly overpower and double team him. Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez quickly come out and scare Daniels/Kazarian off to the aisle.

Daniels/Kazarian laugh and pose while Chavo yells at them from the ring. The WTTOTW exit the area while Chavo checks on Hector.

  • Thoughts: Cheap heat. Not even the WTTOTW could make this work. A really lame way to add fire to their Turning Point match.

Gut Check Profile: Christian York talks about how much he loves professional wrestling as we see clips from his one NWA-TNA match. York says this is his last chance as his body can only hold up to so long. His whole life and career comes down to this one Gut Check.

Christian York is headed to the ring. His Gut Check is next!

*Commercial Break*

ODB is leaving a voicemail for Eric Young. She says she needs him here to back her up during her match against Godderz. She tells him to bring the fried chicken before hanging up.

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and welcomes Christian York to the ring. Borash introduces his Gut Check opponent: Zema Ion. Right on. I guess Douglas Williams was busy tonight.

Match #3: Christian York Vs. Zema Ion [TNA Gut Check]

York throws Ion’s hairspray out of the ring then goes right at him with a loud chop. Ion ducks a clothesline attempt and attempts a hurricanrana but York reverses out and takes him down. Armbar by York, but Ion knees his way out. York fights back with a series of forearms but gets whipped into the corner. York gets his feet up and flips out of the corner. Half-nelson suplex by York and delivers a cannonball in the corner to a seated Ion. York revs up the crowd then heads to the top. Ion rolls out of the ring on the opposite side to stop a potential high flying move. York grabs him by the hair but Ion drops him on the top rope.

Ion hits the tornado DDT on his way back into the ring. Ion stomps him, fixes his hair, then hits a running kick to York. Ion chokes York on the second rope. York fights back but Ion rakes the eyes to stop him. Open hand chop in the corner by Ion followed by a snap suplex. Ion gets him into position, but gets knees to the guts when he attempts the springboard moonsault. York rushes at him, and Ion throws him out to the floor.

Ion hits the ropes but York runs back in and takes him out with a clothesline. York then connects with a spinning neckbreaker (called “The Mood Swing”) and goes for the pin. 2-count. The fight spills to the outside and York hits a headscissors takedown. York rolls him back in but Ion kicks the second rope to crotch him. Ion locks on the Submission Impossible and York submits.

Winner [via Submission]: Zema Ion (4:21)

  • Definitely the best Gut Check match they’ve had thus far. York took this encounter super seriously and really showcased his arsenal. It’s easy to believe that this match was life or death to him. Good stuff from both men, and I love Ion’s new submission finisher. Looks brutal as hell. (B)

The mystery interviewer catches up with Austin Aries. Aries says he took the real TNA World Title because Hardy didn’t seem to care about it. Aries says he’s still the face of the company regardless of who’s champion. Aries says it’s Open Fight Night and has business to take care of. He opens a dressing room door where Robbie E and Robbie T are hanging out. Aries asks them if they remember “5 points” and shuts the door.

Next on IMPACT Wrestling: ODB challenges Jessie Godderz!

*Commercial Break*

Garret Bischoff catches Bully Ray backstage. Bischoff says he has Ray’s back. Ray says he appreciates it and shakes his hand. They’re interrupted by a stage hand, who grabs them and brings them out to the parking lot. Sting and Kurt Angle are there already and they are having a showdown with the Aces and 8’s. A brawl ensues, and Devon appears to goad Ray away from the fight. Sting tries to rip one of the masks off, but is attacked from behind and is stunned long enough for them to get away. Sting says the night is still young and someone will still lose their mask tonight.

  • Thoughts: Glad they found a way to sneak in a TNA/Aces and 8’s brawl somewhere. I’ll be interested to see where the Ray/Devon chase leads later on in the show.

ODB makes her way out for Open Fight Night. ODB runs down Jessie Godderz with a whole host of names (and shots at his “manhood”) then finally calls him out. Godderz and Tara make their way to the ring. His “Holly Wood Hearts Us” shirt is kind of awesome. Godderz takes his shirt off and Tara gets distracted with rubbing his chest before getting into “supportive girlfriend” mode.

Match #4: ODB Vs. Jessie Godderz (w/ Tara)

Godderz runs into the ring and goes for a clothesline but ODB ducks and hits him a host of open hand slaps. She goes for another move but Godderz quickly bails. Tara kisses his chest to make him all better. He gets back into the ring and Godderz tries to land a hit but ODB bobs, weaves, and chops. ODB tries to hit an Irish whip but he holds the ropes so she kicks him instead. ODB goes for a corner mount but Godderz throws her off. Tara gets to the apron to give him a congratulatory kiss.

Godderz goes for an elbowdrop, but ODB misses and he rolls back out to his girlfriend. ODB chases them around the ring and they run inside. ODB grabs his leg as he tries to hold onto Tara but lets go and gets face-planted. Godderz reverses an Irish whip into the corner but runs into a boot. ODB sits on the top turnbuckle and rams him into her crotch a lot. She then launches herself off the second rope but misses whatever move she was trying. Another kiss for Godderz from Tara.

Godderz scoop slams ODB and gloats about it. He goes for another kiss and ODB comes from behind and delivers a bodyslam of her own. She follows it up by spanking Godderz and Tara jumps on the apron. Godderz rolls up the distracted ODB for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Jessie Godderz (3:54)

  • That was actually pretty entertaining. It might have just sold me on Tara/Godderz. Also did you see his chest? ODB was not messing around with those chops. (B-)

Mike Tenay is now at the announce table to replace Todd Keneley. Keneley says his goodbyes and exits. Tenay wishes Taz and his family a speedy recovery from the Hurricane Sandy storm (Borash is staying on commentary). They talk about the Ray/Devon match still to come but are interrupted by the music of Robbie E and Robbie T. Robbie E gets on the mic and says the most memorable part of the BFG Series was when he beat Jeff Hardy so he calls him out for Open Fight Night.

The TNA World Heavyweight Champion obliges the request and makes his way out. He does his usual “slapping hands routine” around the ring before getting to the apron.

Match #5: [TNA World Champion] Jeff Hardy Vs. Robbie E (w/ Robbie T) *[Gut Check Challenge]*

Robbie E tries to attack Hardy on the apron but Hardy easily fights him off. Legdrop followed by a dropkick and pinfall attempt from Hardy. Robbie E reverses an Irish whip in the corner but gets boots to the face courtesy of the champion. Hardy follows up with a second rope splash and goes for another pin. 2-count. Robbie E bails to the outside, and pulls Hardy out. Hardy reverses an Irish whip and sends Robbie E into the steps. Hardy moves the steps and launches off of them for a Poetry in Motion against the guardrail.

Hardy rolls Robbie E back in, but Robbie E throws him into the guardrail while the ref’s back is turned. Robbie E pretends nothing happened as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Robbie E is still in control as we come back from break. Robbie E sends Hardy into the ropes, but Hardy responds with a flying forearm. Hardy continues the offense and takes out Robbie T with a baseball slide. Robbie E slips out of the Twist of Fate and connects with a DDT for the 1…2…kick out. Hardy fights back and hits a front-face suplex. Hardy takes off his shirt and connects with the Twist of Fate. Hardy follows it up with the Swanton for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Jeff Hardy (7:38)

  • Good match. I was pleasantly surprised. Glad to see TNA is going to make sure Hardy does what he does best (wrestle) instead of what he does, erm, not so best (talking). Props to Robbie E too for helping to make the match fun. (B)

Hardy continues his post-match celebration until Austin Aries comes out to interrupt. Aries says the difference between him and Hardy is “3 seconds”; outside of those three seconds at Bound For Glory he has been the most dominant man in TNA. Aries says at Turning Point he will reclaim his spot at the top of the heap and the real TNA Title will once again be officially. An “overrated” chant breaks out for some stupid reason. Hardy grabs a mic and goes to the outside. He pulls out a ladder from under the ring. Hardy climbs to the top and sits down. Hardy officially challenges Aries to a ladder match at Turning Point. Aries says he’s a professional wrestler not a ladder climber, and skulks away saying he’s not going to do this.

  • Thoughts: A ladder match? I can dig it.

We see footage of last Saturday’s grand opening of Hulk Hogan’s beach shop in Clearwater, FL. Matt Morgan interrupts an interview he’s having with Borash. Morgan steals one of Hogan’s old capes as Hogan protests. Morgan tells Hogan to wait and see what kind of history he makes with me. Hogan feebily asks for it back but Morgan bullies him to keep it.

  • Thoughts: Wait so The Aces and 8’s, a biker gang who kidnaps people, doesn’t scare Hogan but Matt Morgan does? Uhhh…what? Weird segment that should have ended with Morgan being tazed by the cops for stealing valuable memorabilia.

Hulk Hogan is approached by James Storm backstage. Storm asks for another chance to prove himself again so he can win the title. Hogan says he doesn’t need to prove himself and asks if Storm is a betting man. Storm says yes and Hogan ominously says he has an idea before randomly walking off.

*Commercial Break*

Bobby Roode makes his return to IMPACT Wrestling to make a challenge for Open Fight Night. Roode grabs a mic and says he’s not here to fight; he’s here to state a fact. Roode says that once again he’s getting screwed. He brings up “Championship Thursday” last week and says he should have been the guy challenging Hardy not the other four who were in contention. He’s interrupted by the music of AJ Styles and out he comes to confront “The IT Factor”. Styles says he should be the World Heavyweight Champion. He tells Roode to stop whining since he got to be champion. Styles brings up the fact he has been stuck dealing with personal things and takes a jab at WWE for having a similar issue going on with an AJ in their promotion. Styles then challenges him for Open Fight Night.

Roode says no, then attacks Styles from behind. Styles starts fighting back and clotheslines him to the floor. Their brief brawl is stopped when Hulk Hogan and James Storm make their way out to the entrance stage. Hogan says he hears them loud and clear. Hogan signs a match for Turning Point: Styles/Storm/Roode with the winner getting the next TNA World Heavyweight Title shot and the one taking the pin banned from getting another title shot until Bound For Glory 2013. 

  • Thoughts: Interesting segment and a cool match signed for the PPV, but oh dear god was Styles awful on the mic between slurring his words and delivering his WWE joke in such a hamfisted fashion that it came off ridiculously pathetic.

Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan are making their way towards the Impact Zone as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

Turning Point Hype: Tenay and Borash run down the three big matches of the show (Aries/Hardy, triple threat #1 Contenders match, tag team title match).

Joey Ryan and Matt Morgan make their way out to the ring. Morgan is wearing Hogan’s cape. Ryan holds the mic for Morgan. Morgan says TNA management has continually disrespected and ignored his superhuman talents. He says instead of waiting to be handed the ball, he stole the damn ball by attacking people at house shows. Morgan snatches the mic out of Ryan’s hands and says he’s going to make even bigger history in Hogan’s stolen robe. Morgan says he’s going to destroy everyone in the TNA locker room until he owns the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Ryan gets on the mic and says normally he’s a man who avoids “VD”s but calls out Rob Van Dam anyway. Out comes the X-Division Champion to answer the challenge.

  • Thoughts: Oh my god Matt Morgan is boring on the mic. Luckily Ryan was there to end things on an awesome note.

Match #6: [TNA X-Division Champion] Rob Van Dam Vs. Joey Ryan (w/ Matt Morgan)

RVD and Ryan go right at each ther, but RVD gets the upper hand with a spinning heel kick on the apron. RVD sends Ryan into the turnbuckles head-first. Shoulder blocks in the corner followed by another spinning heel kick from RVD. Another shoulder block/spin kick combo sends Ryan to the mat. RVD follows it up with Rolling Thunder then does his hand gesture thing. RVD goes to the top but Morgan moves Ryan out of the way, causing RVD to miss the Five Star Frog Splash. Ryan then rolls him up for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Joey Ryan (1:34)

  • Yeah that was literally nothing so let’s just move on. (N/A)

RVD goes after Ryan immediately after the bell, but runs into a Carbon Footprint courtesy of Morgan.

Devon is getting ready for his Open Fight Night challenge match with the other members of The Aces and 8’s. That match is next!

*Commercial Break*

Tenay announces a match for next week’s show: AJ Styles will meet Bobby Roode!

Bully Ray’s Open Fight Night Challenge

Bully Ray makes his way to the ring and catches a microphone. Ray gives a shout-out to those in the Northeast affected by Hurricane Sandy. Ray then demands Devon to make his way out here so he can kick his “friggin’ aaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss”. Out comes Devon who looks a little nervous about it. He finally gets into the ring, but Ray charges at him so he quickly heads back out.

Ray goes to the outside himself, and brings a table into the ring. He sets it up and yells at Devon to get into the ring and fight him. Devon gets to the apron but quickly begs off when Ray rushes at him. Devon signals for the Aces and 8’s to back him up and out they come. Now there’s like 800 of them. They join Devon in getting into the ring and Ray starts swinging his chain in defense. Sting leads a group of TNA good guys to come and have brawl #4594583493209420323 with the Aces and 8’s. They all spill to the outside…except Ray and Devon. Devon turns around and Ray clubs him with a right hand.

Ray goes to put Devon through a table, but a member comes in and throws him out to the floor. In comes Joseph Park to fight the man, but Skull Mask destroys him with a series of rights. Parks rips off his mask and it’s Luke Gallows. Gallows grabs Park and chokeslams him through the table. Gallows quickly exits as Sting and Kurt Angle make their way in to defend Park.

  • Thoughts: Once again IMPACT Wrestling ended with a TNA/Aces and 8’s brawl. This is seriously seriously getting old. I know that an actual Ray/Devon match was too much to expect but I was still hoping to see it anyway. Oh well. As for the segment itself as a whole it was pretty until the brawl started and we headed back into deja vu territory. But at least they finally unmasked another member of the Aces and 8’s. Luke Gallows, eh? Right on. Still not the reveal they need to actually create some buzz but interesting nonetheless.

Overall Show Grade: C

  • What I Liked: Hardy/Robbie E, ODB/Godderz, Styles’ adorable attempt to take a dig at the WWE, York/Ion, Aries/Hardy post-match confrontation, the announcement of more matches for Turning Point.
  • What I Didn’t Like: Matt Morgan’s promo, Matt Morgan stealing a robe for no reason, another Aces and 8’s brawlfest ending, Luke Gallows being the newest reveal (there’s no buzz to be had there), RVD/Ryan, Styles’ promo outside of his cute WWE dig, the overall show (a very blah affair)

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  2. Every time Ion uses it, I think he’s actually broken someone’s arm for about a half second. Lame I know, but it showcases how effective it is visually.

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