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AAPW Collision Episode 25 (Season 2 Ep. 12)

AAPW Collision can be seen every other Saturday at 12:00pm on WSIL-TV 3.

WSIL is an ABC affiliate serving Southern Illinois, Western Kentucky, and Southeast Missouri.

AAPW is a locally owned and operated professional wrestling company that will begin its fifth year of operation this October. Local talent includes “The Main Attraction” K.C. Jackson, Heath Hatton, Jay Spade, Mike Masters, Playboy Paul Rose, and Edmund “Livewire” McGuire.


This is the final stop for AAPW before “Zero Hour”. Ace Hawkins calls out ½ of the Tag Team Champions Matt Cage to try and get one up before their ladder match. The Mississippi madman and Dalton Diamond go at it with an unexpected ending; Gaylord Stevens “warms up” for his tag match with Ax Allwardt at “Zero Hour” against Heath Hatton and Colt Cabana. K.C. Jackson and Joey O’Riley team up to take on Sean Vincent and Blake Steel.


The show starts off with Kevin Hunsperger being joined by Martketing Director Adam Testa on commentary. They discuss Chris hagstrom’s injury after the accidental SUperkick from Edmund “Livewire” Mcquire, and wish him well.

The camera then cuts to the ring entrance where we see Ace Hawkins and Christian Rose headed to the ring. Ace Hawkins quickly calls out Matt Cage….


Ace Hawkins


Matt Cage

                        Recap: Matt Cage comes out to the ring followed by Zach Sawyer, who takes Cage’s place in the ring. Hawkins quickly lays waste to Sawyer and gets the 1-2-3 in a matter of seconds. Cage jumps into the ring and a fight ensues in and out of the ring. Cage and Hawkins proceed to drive one another into everything from the ring posts to the guard rail. Cage throws Hawkins back into the ring after several minutes and begins to work on Hawkins with strike after strike. Cage is in control at this point and you have to wonder if Hawkins is regretting his decision. Hawkins is able to get in some offense on Cage finally, but it doesn’t last very long. Cage regains control for several minutes before Hawkins gets in some more offense. Cage seems to be targeting Hawkins neck, which he has had some problems with in recent months, through out the match. At this point that match break down and turns into a brawl forcing the referee to call a double DQ. After the match is over Christian Rose and Zach Sawyer come back to the ring and tape Espy to the ring rope using duct tape. Then using a ladder they take out Espy and Hawkins..

Review: There is some serious bad blood between the team of Matt Cage and Christian Rose and the team of Brandon Espinoza and Ace Hawkins. It is coming down to who wants it more and is willing to do what it takes. This feud has some serious heat left to it in my opinion..

Cutting to the back Ax Allwardt is attempting to psych Gaylord Stevens up for their match against Heath Hatton and Colt Cabana at Zero Hour…

We  then get another part of the sit down interview with Shane Rich talking about how doctors have told him basically retire, but his drive and heart is pushing him….

The Mississippi Madman


Dalton Diamond

            Recap: Before the match can even begin Bull Bronson makes his way to the ring and begins jawing back and forth with Madman. Diamond attempts to get between the 2 before being shoved to the ground several times. Diamond is used by the 2 men to basically try and one up one another with power move after power move from first Bull then madman. It appears the Bronson is attempting to push Madman to a higher level. As Madman throws Diamond out the ring, Bronson makes a go at attacking him from behind before madman turns around stopping Bull in his tracks. Security comes out and gets between the 2 before Bull heads to the back…

Review: This was just Madman and Bull using Dalton Diamond as a punching bag. I would love to see these 2 men in a tag team reminiscent of The Natural Disasters… Their match at Zero Hour is going to be something to behold…

Blake Steel and Sean Vincent are up next talking about their match against Joey O’Riley and K.C. Jackson..

Gaylord Stevens


Super Castaldi

            Recap: This is the in ring debut for both men, although AAPW fans are unfortunately well aware of who Gaylord is. Stevens and Wellington have the refs attention as Ax works over Castaldi on the outside just beating the man down. Ax throws Castaldi back in the ring and props him in the corner in an attempt to let Stevens take over. Stevens begins working on Castaldi on his own picking up where Ax left off. After a shoulder tackle out of the corner, Stevens gets the 3 count for the win.

Winner by pinfall: Gaylord Stevens

            Review: This match was just a set up from the beginning. Ax, Stevens, and J. Wellington Beauregard are a trio of seriously disturbed individuals.

K.C. Jackson and Joey O’Riley are up next talking about their match later with Sean Vincent and Blake Steel, as well as their No Limits final match at Zero Hour..

“The Main Attraction” K.C. Jackson and Joey O’Riley


Blake Steel and Sean Vincent

            Recap: The match gets started before the bell when Vincent and Steel jump Jackson and O’Riley. O’Riley and Jackson quickly turn it around sending Steel and Vincent out of the ring. Moving back into the ring Vincent takes control of the match against Joey O’Riley before tagging in Blake Steel, a newcomer to AAPW. Steel remains in control working on O’Riley and keeping him in the middle of the ring. Steel and Vincent tag in and out keeping O’Riley isolated in their corner, while taunting Jackson on the ring apron. O’Riley gets a 2 count on Vincent and attempts a comeback before Vincent is able to regain control. O’Riley is able to stop Vincent’s assault and get a tag to K.C. Jackson, who comes into the irng like a man on fire as Vincent tags in Steel on the other side. Jackson begins working on Steel before laying him out as O’Riley tags himself back in. Jackson gets Vincent into an Ankle lock as O’Riley hits Steel with a 450 Splash. Jackson and O’Riley argue back and forth for a few minutes  before O’Riley leaves the ring…

Winner by submission and pinfall: “The Main Attraction” K.C. Jackson and Joey O’Riley

            Review: For the most part this was a pretty one sided match, with Blake Steel and Sean Vincent marinating control over Joey O’Riley. It was a good match though in spite of that. Steel had a good showing and the other 3 men are always fun to watch in the ring…


AAPW continues to improve week after week. There are some solid matches going into Zero Hour. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future for AAPW.




Check out the episode above and be sure to follow them at the following websites:!/aapwrestling

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  1. I want to apologize to Adam Testa and ALL the guys at AAPW. Somehow I missed this episode at the end of last season and after speaking with Adam it totally slipped my mind with the holidays starting… Enjoy guys!

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