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The Cibernetico Rises DVD Review

-Taped from New York, New York

Your hosts are of course various members of the Chikara roster and staff

Match in Five Words or Less: Now A Maimer

Match Highlights: Angelosetti talks some garbage and Soldier Ant is none too happy about it. Jon Barber actually finds an object on Angelosetti. He misses another one which becomes important later. Immediate kick to the midsection and blow to the back by Angelosetti. Chop and forearm. Clothesline misses. Soldier Ant hits a saluting springboard elbow. Dropkicks. Open hand slap in the corner. Whip across. Back drop. Soldier Ant tossed into the middle turnbuckle. Choking. Series of shots. Whip across. Soldier Ant rolls off the top rope. Grabs the arm and manages a roll-up for two. Saluting headbutts. Armdrag and another saluting headbutt. Angelosetti hits a stun gun. Series of stomps. Bodyslam and knee drop. Angelosetti rips at the antennas of Soldier Any. Snapmare and a running forearm in the back. Suplex blocked and Soldier Ant gets a two on a small package. Dropkick by Angelosetti. Choking along the middle rope. Chop. Snapmare and another forearm. Sleeper applied. Forearms by Soldier Ant. Angelosetti tears out an antenna and threatens to step on it. Barber makes the save. Snap suplex by Angelosetti. Series of running splashes. He Tebows in front of the New York faithful. Soldier Ant gets his knees up. Back elbow. Rolling elbow. Chop hits. Spinning headscissors  by Soldier Ant. 10 punches in the corner. Angelosetti Flair flops. Saluting headbutt off the top gets two. Angelosetti drives him in the corner. Shoulder blocks. Whip reversed. Angelosetti hits a spinebuster. 1-2-NO! Soldier Ant gets a roll-up for two. Big shoulder tackle by Angelosetti gets two. Shove and a spinebuster. 1-2-NO! Angelosetti brings the baton in the ring. Barber takes it away. Another object tossed in the ring. Angelosetti hits Soldier Ant with a wrench  and gets three.

Match Analysis: Match was along pretty well until the ending. Big trend in Chikara I’m noticing. Referee gets distracted. Wrestler uses foreign object to get the win. It’d be one thing if it was one wrestler, but it’s two upper card level wrestlers. Action was decent enough as they put on a solid ten minute match. I can’t help but wonder if separating the Colony and putting them in singles action for all of 2012 would have been more productive than this contrived Chikarabrmetrics crud.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Mark Angelosetti/10:07/***/***

Match in Five Words or Less: Battle Of The Underrateds

Match Highlights: Shard charges and misses right away. Leapfrog. Fire Ant hits a rana. Lucha roll and a chop. Shard whips Fire Ant. He comes out of the corner with a headscissors. More forearms. Knee to the midsection by Shard. Fire Ant springboards out. Elbow to the head. Firemen’s carry over. Kick to the side of the head. Beachbreak doesn’t connect. Running dropkick sends Fire Ant out of the ring. Clubbering blow to the back. Open hand slap. Fire Ant with one of his own. To the apron. Shard goes for a vertical suplex on the apron. Chop by Fire Ant. Suplex back in the ring. Shard bounces Fire Ant’s neck off the ropes and he crashes into the guard rails. Choking on the outside. More chops and kicks. Clubbering blow in the corner. Whip across. Fire Ant ducks a charge. Chops. Fire Ant up and over. He lands and hurts his knee. Double stomp to the chest. Stomp and posing. Kicks from Fire Ant. Shard with a stomp.  Running kick to the back. Chinlock. Double sledges by Fire Ant. Enziguri by Shard. Whip across. Fire Ant works his way back. Stomp by Shard. Whip across. Fire Ant still gets himself up. Stomps by Shard. Whip. Alabama slam into the other corner. Fire Ant counters into a stunner. Burning Down the House. Tope suicida. He tosses Shard over the rail and tells the crowd to move. Tope con helo. Double stomp misses and his knee gives out. Superkick by Shard. Gory Special. 1-2-NO! Superkick. Fire Ant kips up and forearms a prone Shard. Shard with blows. Fire Ant is hanging on by his knee. Double stomp by Shard on the knee. Double stomp. 1-2-NO!  Ankle lock applied on Fire Ant. He reaches the bottom rope. Shard brings him out. Roll-up by Fire Ant gets two. Running kick. Takedown. Double stomp to the knee. Ankle lock. Fire Ant taps out.

Match Analysis: Watching both members of the Colony classic lose makes me sad considering their talent and what they should be doing in Chikara. This was even better than the opener as Shard continues to inject the midcard with quality performance after quality performance. Maybe not a fan of the results, but the first two matches have been well worth checking out.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: The Shard/10:35/***1/4/***

Shard grabs the hold again. Bryce Remsburg gets shoved out. Mike Quackenbush enters the ring. Jigsaw comes from behind. Quack tells Jigsaw what Shard was trying to do. Green Ant checks on his partner. Quack and Jigsaw continue arguing. Quack gets on the microphone and says Gekido are tearing the locker room apart. He doesn’t know what’s right and wrong. Quack asks how to fix this. Crowd wants them to hug it out. Jigsaw superkicks Quack. Shard’s reaction is priceless. The two riddles/enigmas leave together. Crowd asks why. Quack is down. A bit of a swerve as it appeared all along Quack would be the one to turn heel. We’ll have to see where this goes, but a guy who ended two men’s careers remaining a babyface is an interesting decision to say the least.

-Dasher Hatfield announces where is and says he has the displeasure of wrestling Icarus. They’ve wrestled in many different matches. He calls Icarus disgusting and compares the way they conduct themselves. He says Icarus should consider turning over a new leaf. I assume that’s a continuation of what happened at the last show with Icarus putting the jacket back on and doing a frog splash.

Match in Five Words or Less: Dashing His Way To Victory

Match Highlights: Might be my worst pun ever. Test of strength starts. Hatfield immediately takes control. Icarus rolls outside. Lock-up. Hammerlock by Icarus. Hatfield reverses the hold. Chinlock. Armdrag by Hatfield. Immediate roll-up by Hatfield. Icarus has some insulting words, but I can’t quite make them out. Hatfield holds onto Icarus’s left leg. Prawn hold. Hatfield in the ropes. Kick in the face. Back elbow to the midsection. Quick roll-up for two. Trio of armdrags. Swinging back elbow. Hatfield with a roll and slap in the bum. Icarus out of the back suplex and he gets a spear off the ropes. Choking across the top rope. Snap suplex and a float over for the cover. Kick to the back and then the chest. Double axehandle to the back. More choking. Hatfield tossed head first into the turnbuckle. Biting. Hatfield sent into the top turnbuckle. Into another one. Hatfield walks out with Icarus. Sunset flip. Hatfield brings him up. Slingshot back suplex countered. Hatfield sends Icarus out of the ring. Baseball dropkick misses. Chops from Icarus. Slap to the back. Forearms. Hatfield up and over out of the corner. Slingshot back suplex. Back elbows. Drop toe hold. Oklahoma roll gets two. Poke to the eyes by Icarus. Shiranui countered into a tilt a whirl backbreaker. He holds on and hits the jackhammer. 1-2-NO! Back elbow and uppercut chop. Icarus blocks and hits the Shiranui. Frog splash gets two. Pedigree blocked. Suicide Squeeze gets Hatfield the win.

Match Analysis: Not an actual issue so I don’t see why they absolutely had to meet thrice in three weeks. Solid match with an easy heel/babyface dynamic. Simple but effective.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Dasher Hatfield/10:32/**3/4/***

-Icarus beats up Hatfield after the match for fun. Pedigree.

-Romeo Roselli and Antonio Thomas are back in Chikara. They introduce themselves. Roselli mispronounces the name of the promotion. This leads to a bit of an argument, but at least Thomas gets the name of the company right. They talk about guys in masks and how they hate pretty boys. Roselli runs down some clichés before using a non-PG ending line.

Match in Five Words or Less: Two Decades Later

Match Highlights: Kid and Jannetty have two points from the tag team gauntlet, so this is a fairly important match for them. The Heart Throbs could last be seen at the last set of New England shows in a very fun atomicos match. Thomas and Roselli argue over who’s going to start. Thomas wins a rock/paper/scissors battle in two straight falls. Jannetty starts things for the tecnicos. Crowd is into this one. Feeling out process. Kick out of the test of strength by Jannetty. Arm wringer. To the rudo corner and in comes Thomas. Knee to the midsection. Left hands and a boot. Uppercut. Some fun off the ropes action as the Heart Throbs collide. Jannetty brings Roselli out of the corner. Right hand by Jannetty. Headlock. Rosella counters that. More fun using the ropes. Heart Throbs don’t collide, but Jannetty is there to help them. Kid comes in. Double clothesline. Snapmare and a leg drop. Headlock. Shoulder block. Thomas tags Roselli. Rosella can’t get a chant started for himself. Kid grabs a headlock. Shoulder block. Hip toss. Series of kicks and spin kick. Broncobuster doesn’t work. Thomas with a one footed dropkick and cover for two. Thomas stretches Kid out. Right hands by Jannetty. Whip misses. Roselli comes in and covers. Series of forearms. They make a wish after counting to three. Backslide by Jannetty. Roselli with an elbow drop. Chinlock. Right hands by Jannetty. Sunset flip. Roselli tags his partner. Boot to the back and elbow drop  by Thomas. Jannetty taken into the corner. Series of boots. Running knee by Roselli. Knee into the midsection and a whip. Choking along the bottom rope. Blind charge misses. Thomas grabs Janetty but he kicks away and tags Kid. Spin kick on Thomas. Leaping spin kick on Roselli. Broncobuster. Thomas with a running kick. Kid tossed out of the ring and his leg bangs the post. Jannetty with a right hand on Roselli. Superkick leads Roselli to DDT his own partner. Thomas and Roselli set up in the middle of the ring. Double fists but they get met with respective boots. Roselli out of the ring. Double superkick on Thomas. Kid covers and gets three. They now have three points and can challenge for the campeonatos de parejas.

Match Analysis: This was an okay match although a bit different than a lot of other Chikara style contests. Watching these two was a little bit sad considering their sometimes awkward movements and being tired at the end. I have the utmost respect for both men and their talents. They’ve done an incredible amount in the world of wrestling, but Jannetty in particular really can’t keep up. And if you’ve seen his Twitter, well it’s almost even sadder. I only wish they could have proven me wrong at Under the Hood.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: 1-2-3 Kid and Marty Jannetty/11:35/**1/2/**

-Tim Donst refuses to get up in front of the  Chikara symbol because people look down on him. He talks about not having anything in his life except wrestling. It’s not about Eddie Kingston or Chikara. Donst says he is wrestling and is the man to watch tonight. Donst is going to bring Kingston come down to his level.

-Cibernetico: Team Kingston (Eddie Kingston, Tim Donst, Gran Akuma, Hallowicked, Ultramantis Black, Frightmare, Shane Matthews, and Scott Parker) vs. Team Steen (Kevin Steen, Mark Briscoe, Jay Briscoe, Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, Harlem Bravado, Lancelot Bravado, and Jimmy Jacobs)

Match in Five Words or Less: In Your Face Matt Waters

Match Highlights: This is one of the wackiest matches ever when you just look at the list of names all in the same ring together. Although it’s not officially Ring of Honor versus Chikara, this does theoretically pay off some interaction done between the two feds. Some pushing and shoving. Jacobs is the voice of reason. Kingston mocking people for chanting “Man up” was pretty awesome. Harlem wants the code of honor. Team Not Ring of Honor huddles. They offer a handshake. Crowd boos them in a great moment. Brawl starts. Oh God. CHAOS! Team Kingston except for Donst clears the ring. Frightmare and Jacobs officially start. Jacobs does a curtsy. Immediate double axehandle. Frightmare sent into the corner. Stomps to the leg. Hip toss but Frightmare gets an armdrag. Another armdrag. Running rana hits. Leaping clothesline. Mantis tags in to stare Jacobs down. In comes Harlem Bravado. Lock-up. Harlem ends up outside. Kingston’s team gets grabby and Mantis takes advantage. Headlock. Clothesline misses for Harlem. Lucha roll by Mantis. Shoulder block by Harlem. Sunset flip. Mantis with a running clothesline.  Boot to the midsection and a chop. Another chop. Right hand and an elbow to the crown of the head. Mantis with a boot and DDT. 1-2-NO! Here comes Wicked. Double hip toss. Jawbreaker by Harlem. Into their corner. Lancelot enters. Double back elbows. Double elbow drops. Lancelot covers for two. Side headlock countered into a headscissors by Wicked. Headlock by Lancelot again. Wicked counters into one of his own. Shoulder block. Up and over. Roll-up gets two. Wicked up and over. Kick to the head. Into the ring for a springboard roll-up. Wicked up and over. Roll-up blocked. Boots. Surfboard. Forearm. Wicked ducks. Step-up rana. Charge misses. Lancelot exits the ring. Big boot from Jay Briscoe. Wicked out of the ring. Donst in for a first time meeting. Lock-up. Jay takes Donst into the corner. Chop. Running boot to the head. Another chop. Chop and Donst tries crawling to Wicked. Whip by Jay. Donst brings him up and over. Belly-to-belly suplex back in the ring. Full nelson slam by Jay. Mark walks along the middle rope and hits a froggy elbow. Akuma comes in. Mark with some redneck kung fu. Akuma with double boots. Kicks. Mark with a shot to the throat. Spin kick and leaping kick by Akuma. Mark lands on his feet. Spin kick by Akuma. Mark out of the ring. Parker and Nick take their turn. Boot by Nick. Headlock. Cartwheel. Kick and standing rana by Nick. Here comes Nick. Double hip toss. Flips and double dropkicks. Matthews comes in. Parker with a leaping kick. Matthews goes for a Boston crab. Matt kicks him away. Back elbow by Matthews. Forearms by Matt. Dropkick by Matthews. Matt low bridges him out of the ring. Sliding dropkick and Matt comes back inside. Clothesline over the top by Kingston. Steen leaps in the ring. Big old back and forth brawl. They head outside and still continue beating each other up. Everyone becomes involved as a battle royal almost starts again. Frightmare hits an enziguri on Jacobs. Harlem clips Frightmare’s knee. Kick to the knee. Elbow to the back of the neck. Half crab. Roll-up by Frightmare gets two. Harlem wrings the arm. Kneebreaker. Elbow drop across the injured knee. Splash down. Frightmare with a sunset flip for two. Boot by Harlem. Here comes Lancelot. Continued work on the knee. Figure four leglock by Lancelot. Frightmare grabs the bottom rope. Jay drives him down. Vicious powerbomb. Jesus. Stomps to the head. Uppercut and boots. Mark with a shot to the side. Dropkick to the knee.  Brainbuster by Mark. Frightmare’s knee gets smashed some more into the mat. Finlay roll and springboard moonsault. Ring my bell from Nick Jackson. He rakes Frightmare’s mask with his boots. Snap suplex. He rolls through and hits a second one. Third one. Nick kips up and poses by himself. Matt posing from the outside was awesome. Double drop toe hold and now they pose together. They both sit back on Frightmare’s legs. Into the top turnbuckle. Handspring backrake by Matt. He throws his shirt at Mantis. Steen bites Frightmare’s back. Stomps. Boots from Frightmare. Tornado DDT hits. Frightmare misses kneecolepsy. Sharpshooter by Steen. Tapout. Frightmare is done at 22:20.

Mantis goes after Steen right away. Full nelson slam. Jacobs in with right hands. Mantis up and over. Jacobs hits a springboard acecrusher. 1-2-NO! Headbutt. Elbow by Mantis. Iconoclasm into the neck snap and swanton. Wicked covers but gets two as Harlem breaks the count. Whip on Wicked. Up and over. Harlem hits a springboard acecrusher. Swinging DDT gets two. Assisted enziguri by the Bravados. Lancelot hits a German suplex. Donst breaks the count and is very angry and the team trying to beat Wicked down. Bicycle kick by Harlem. Jay tosses Donst out and uses a naughty word. Akuma hits an mp4. Mark hits a half nelson suplex. Parker misses a boot. More kung fu by Mark. Kick. Wham. Stunner. Nick stunners the arm and hits a back drop. Big dive to the floor. Matthews tries bringing Matt over. Boot and top rope acecrusher by Matt. Matt with elbows. Some fan says something to Matt. Small package by Parker gets two. Kick to the midsection and a shove to the face. Double hip toss by Steen and Matt. No flip but they dropkick. Steen with a deadly lateral press for two. Forearms. Steen sends him down. Matthews with a kick. Clotheslines don’t work. Duck and dodge. Matthews finally connects. Here comes Kingston. Steen runs away. KINGSTON WITH A HUGE DIVE! Mantis hits a boot back inside the ring on Jacobs. Mongolian chops in the corner. Whip across and a clothesline to the back. Ocean cyclone suplex. 1-2-NO! COSMIC DOOM! Harlem breaks the count. Mantis with a knee. Mantis counters. Harlem Bravado is eliminated with the Cosmic Doom at 28:50.

Lancelot with boots. Into the corner with forearms. Mantis reverse whips. Boot by Lancelot. Neckbreaker out of the torture rack position. German suplex blocked. Mantis counters. Pipe Wrench back suplex as Mantis takes out the second Bravado at 29:42.

Jay Briscoe is in to pick up the pieces. Series of jabs. Discus forearm strike and Mantis is gone at 30:10.

Crowd didn’t like that elimination. Wicked and Jay go back and forth. More jabs from Jay. Rydeen bomb as Wicked gets two. Jay with elbows as counters. Back elbow by Wicked. Clubbering blow. Donst tags. Shot to the midsection. He and Wicked have a discussion. Jay hits a forearm on Wicked. Acecrusher by Donst gets two. Into the corner with crossfaces. Whip in the corner. Boot by Jay. Flatliner into the middle turnbuckle. Akuma enters with kicks as Donst exits the ring. Jay taken in the corner. Jay sends him in the corner. Enziguri by Akuma. Missile dropkick. Running forearm. Rolling snapmare and spin kick. 1-2-NO! Knees into the upper body of Jay. Mark makes the save for his brother. Belly-to-belly suplex. Mark climbs. Akuma meets him. Jay gets him in position. Mark hits the clothesline. Doomsday device takes out Akuma in 33:22.

Parker hits a dropkick on both Briscoes. Leg lariat. Headbutt off the top rope. Mark catches him. Scott Parker with an upset as he sunset flips Mark Briscoe and gets him out of the match at 33:54.

Nick rakes at the face of Parker. Six men have been eliminated thus far as Team Steen works Parker over. Steen mocking Parker…hilarious. Jacobs misses a shoulder tackle, but he recovers. Seated senton gets two. Body scissors. Parker rams Jacobs in the corner but gets torn down. Springboard back splash. Jay is tagged in. Double stomp and bodyslam. Elbow drop. Clubbering blows to the back. Chop by Parker. Double axehandle by Nick. Series of knees to the back. Backbreaker. Parker with right hands. Nick with a boot. Parker sends him up and over. Shoulder tackle by Nick. Springboard facebuster. To the outside quickly and a springboard splash. Parker gets his knees up. Hot tag to Matthews. Here we go. Brawl on the outside. Parker fights back on Nick with forearms. Parker gets tripped up and taken out of the ring. Nick dives but hits his brother accidentally. Steen with forearms on Matthews. Slam across the rail. Parker with a plancha. Matthews tosses him back in the ring. Into the corner. Parker with a running enziguri. Matthews whips Steen. Drop toe hold into the elbow drop. Steen reverses a whip. Boots  by Matthews. Steen catches him with a clothesline. Flatliner. Matthews rolls out. Kingston comes in. Steen powders. Belly-to-belly suplex on Jacobs. Kingston throws away the elbow pad. He gets tripped up as Jacobs exits. Jay with a series of boots. Kingston with a leaping knee. Clothesline. 1-2-NO! Jay blocks a suplex. Big boot after he ducks a Backfist to the Future. In comes Wicked. Series of strikes. Whip by Jay. Boot by Wicked. Step-up boot. Go 2 Sleepy Hollow blocked. Jay Driller gets Hallowicked out of the match (and pays off their storyline) in 44:01.

Donst charges and is extremely unhappy. Swinging neckbreaker. From Dusk ‘til Donst. Tim Donst makes Jay Briscoe TAP at 44:45. I cannot remember Jay ever tapping. That’s unreal.

Nick with a double axehandle. Low bridge on Donst. Forearm. Necktie leads to the dropkick. Matt catches Parker with a superkick. 1-2-NO! Elbow placed as Matt applies a sitting abdominal stretch. Double axehandle and double stomp by Matt. Another pair of double stomps. Matt with more double axehandles. Steen with a boot. Gutbuster. He sits on Parker for two. Kick to the stomach. Steen stands on Parker’s back and then hits a senton. Matthews turns down Steen’s kisses. Awesome. Jacobs in with a double axehandle. Double stomp. Springboard elbow drop. Parker tries getting out of the ring, but Jacobs is smart enough to bring him back. Boot to the ribs. Senton is met with knees. Nick tags and hits a rolling senton. Nick with a snapmare while holding a knee in his back. Parker whipped in the corner. Matt, Nick, and Jacobs with stomps. Bryce Remsburg has to get control. Demolition Decapitation hits. Matt dropkicks Matthews off the apron. Steen with a boot. Elbow drop. Double knees. Jacobs mocks him. Parker rammed into the corner. Double axehandles from Jacobs, Steen, and Nick. Clothesline misses. Nick hits a running knee on his brother. Forearms by Matthews. Headscissors on Matt. Boot by Nick. Headscissors. Headscissors on Steen as well. Boston crab on Steen. Jacobs makes the save with right hands and chops. Matthews won’t break. He breaks the hold to take Jacobs out. Backfist to the Future. Jimmy Jacobs is done at 54:34.

Nick goes to the eyes. Kingston sent head first into the top turnbuckle. Kingston goes after Steen. Steen goes to the eyes. Choking  by Nick along the bottom turnbuckle. Matt keeps his feet on Kingston’s head. Front rake by Matt. Chop from Kingston. Matt goes to the eyes. Boot by Nick. Matt with forearms. Chops from Kingston. Slap takes Nick out. Head butt. Spin kick by Matt. More eye rakes. Shoulder blocks. Slaps by Kingston out of the corner. Hard slap. Guillotine by Nick. Matt takes him down. Steen comes in. Boots. Forearm battle. Steen bites Kingston’s nose. Nick with a stomp to the head. Straight right hand. Knee to the chest. Bucks with a double whip. Kingston brings Nick over. Double teams by the Bucks. Cannonball by Steen. Matt brings him in the middle of the ring. Double tandem splashes. Senton by Steen. Nick covers. 1-2-NO! Nick with a superkick. Matt with one of his own. Another one by Nick. Matt with a fourth. Kingston shrugs it off. Double superkick sends Kingston out of the ring. Donst eases his way into the ring. Dive on Kingston. Matthews and Parker are mad but recover and go after the Bucks. Incredible sequence ends with double forearms in each corner. Nick with a spinning back elbow assisted spear but Matt makes the save. Matt with right hands and boots on Matthews. Matthews whipped. Back elbow. Boot.  Matt hits a bucklebomb into Nick’s boots. More Bang for your Buck countered. Matthews shoves Matt into his brother. Sweet Taste of Professionalism takes out Matt as 3.0 pins him with that move for the second time in a week at 1:02:16.

Parker with a right hand and chop on Nick. Donst continues beating Kingston up. Guillotine on Parker.Nick Jackson hits a 450 splash and eliminates Scott Parker at 1:02:43.

Boot by Matthews. Whip by Nick. Right hand out of the corner. Boot. Sunset flip. Matthews rolls through into the Boston crab. Shane Matthews taps Nick out at 1:03:15.

F-Cinq by Steen immediately. Kevin Steen hits the package piledriver on a game Matthews and finally gets him out at 1:03:34.

Donst tosses Kingston into the rail before sending him in the ring. Steen apparently likes Donst. Steen with  some garbage talk. Kingston spits at him. Eddie Kingston finally gets a measure of revenge with a jacknife roll as Steen is out at 1:04:56.

Donst with forearms and a quick cover. Jakob Hammermeier comes out and distracts Remsburg. Donst of course uses the bag and nails Kingston in the head. Donst wins.

Match Analysis: A lot to process here. This was a borderline masterpiece of booking as everything made sense. You had storylines paying off in multiple pinfalls. 3.0 taking out both Bucks makes sense since they’ll likely be a future tag team title match. Kingston got his revenge. Donst became the number one contender by pinning Kingston and winning the whole Cibernetico. The finish… I could take it or leave it. Steen’s team did a great job of carrying the action through multiple heat segments. Parker and Frightmare took a great series of beatings throughout the match. This hour flew by and never dragged. For this to go 66 minutes and keep my attention the whole way is mighty impressive. Major props to everyone involved. Easily a must see Chikara match.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: 2012 Cibernetico-Tim Donst/1:05:53/****/****

-Donst and Hammermeier tie Kingston in the ropes with tape and taunt him some more. Donst gives Kingston his two weeks notice. Donst does some taunting with the belt. Kingston recovers and says Ring of Honor sucks. Well, there goes him getting booked there. More trash talk to the fans. He says he made Donst and will end now end him.

The Verdict: This was essentially a one match show. If the Cibernetico wasn’t good, this would be a thumbs down show. Thankfully, it was great and one of the better matches of 2012. Nothing was actively bad on this show, so you can safely buy and feel satisfied with everything you see on the DVD. Despite some of the struggles for Chikara, all of their big shows have hit in the ways they’ve needed to. Great work here and an easy thumbs up.

For more information in CHIKARA Pro, including tickets and event information, please check their website. While you can purchase DVDs there as well, you can also purchase their DVDs on Smart Mark Video. Something relatively new to Smart Mark Video is video downloads. This is a great way to save on shipping and not have a DVD clogging your shelf (if that’s what you’re concerned about). It’s super easy to purchase and then download on your computer. I could not recommend this service strongly enough whether you’re buying CHIKARA or many other promotions.

To get a great sense of history and participate in discussion of the company, check out their official messageboard. One thing the promotion does really well? Videos. They have frequent (almost daily) updates on their YouTube channel.

As someone who is not nearly the CHIKARA fan as certain others, even I need to look up information and have a good CHIKARA resource. I can can think of no better place to do this and also read exclusive reviews of every CHIKARA show in history than at The CHIKARA Special. Kevin Ford maintains this little blog and also updates a CHIKARA Special Tumblr with news and videos nearly every day.

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