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AIW End of the World 12.21.12 Results


AIW End Of The World
Cleveland, OH

Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly were originally scheduled for the event but pulled out. AIW tweeted they were contacted about it at least.

Josh ‘Ronin’ Alexander def Louis Lyndon
Alysin Kay def Kobald
Davey Vega def Chuck Taylor
Colt Cabana, Jock Samson, and Marion Fontaine def the Sub Squad
Chris Dickinson def Colin Delaney
Batiri def the Irish Airborne
Johnny Gargano and Eddie Kingston def #NIXON Rickey Shane Page and a replacing Jimmy Jacobs as Bobby Beverly was not at the show
(Cheat Flexor threw a fireball at RSP)
Ethan Page def AR Fox
AIW Tag Title match: Veda Scott/Greg Iron retain def Matt Cross/Josh Prohibition after a low blow
AIW Title: Eric Ryan def Tim Donst to retain

Credit to @OhioReport

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