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ROH 01.05.2013 TV Tapings Results *SPOILERS*


ROH TV Tapings
Baltimore, MD

Credit Vinny Marseglia
Credit Vinny Marseglia

Attendance: Possibly 650+
There is a new ROH announcer/commentator as well. We’ll try to catch the name.
Really great photos from the event can be found here:

Dark match: Papadon def Ashley Six

TV Tapings 1
Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly def Alabama Attitude Corey Hollis & Mike Posey
O’reilly and Fish worked heel but still got cheers

Nigel cuts a promo telling Lethal that the only way he can get a title shot is if Steen changes his mind.

Top Prospect Tournament round one QT Marshall w/RD Evans def Mike Sydal
Marshall and Evans got TPed and heavily booed.

ROH World Tag Team Championship
The Briscoes def Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander with the Doomsday device on Alexander
Post match SCUM & Rhino attacked both teams. Rhino had a SCUM shirt on.

They have announced the next tapings are Feb 2nd in Baltimore, MD. It is the same day as National Pro Wrestling Day and they are still supposed to have a showcase match of The Briscoes vs SCUM.

TV Tapings 2

Starts with a Lethal/Steen in ring confrontation. Lethal says that to destroy ROH, he has to destroy Lethal who is honorable clearly trying to get Steen to change his mind. Steen accepts so it’s look like we will get Steen versus Lethal in the future.

Top Prospect Tournament 1 Round 1 Silas Young def Adam Page with a full nelson stretch

Charlie Haas is out with new music. He is pissed that BJ Whitmer has a TV title shot and he doesn’t Says ROH tried to censor him. Haas then attacks a ringside crew member while the fans have fun trying to hit him with tp and streamers.

Matt Hardy is out and he gets cheered here compared to getting booed in NY for Final Battle. Said to look a bit chunky.
Matt Hardy def Rhett Titus with the Twist of Fate
Fans booed the finish.


ROH World TV Championship
Adam Cole def BJ Whitmer with the Florida Key
Said to be an awesome match.

TV Tapings 3

Top Prospect Tournament Round 1 Tadarius Thomas def Antonio Thomas. Truth Martini watched from ringside

Roderick Strong def Grizzly Redwood
Post match Elgin confronted Roderick. Mike Mondo was on commentary

Michael Elgin def Mike Bennett with Maria and Brutal Bob with the spinning sitout powerbomb

Tag Gauntlet
Round 1: American Wolves def Bravados Bros.
America Wolves are in matching gear.
Round 2: Wolves def SCUM when Edwards pins Corino. SCUM attacks post bell.
Round 3: Kyle O’reilly and Bobby Fish def American Wolves after the SCUM beatdown to win the gauntlet
Charlie Haas was on commentary the whole time.

TV Tapings 4

Top Prospect Tournament Round 1 Matt Taven def ACH with a frog splash. Truth Martini was on commentary.

Nigel cuts a promo saying that Matt Hardy vs Adam Cole will not be for the TV title, because Matt won with a low blow. Cole wants it to be for the title as he is a fighting champion.

Credit @SnapmareDrops
Credit @SnapmareDrops

Ms.Chif def Athena with the Obliteration (super reverse tombstone piledriver).

8-man Tag Scum (ROH World Champ Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs & Steve Corino, Rhino def ROH Tag Champs Briscoes and Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman when Steen pinned Alexander, even with Rhino set up for a Gore. Jay Lethal was on commentary.

Jay Briscoe cuts the go home promo to end the tapings. Thanks for following us.

Credit to Sleepy B


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9 thoughts on “ROH 01.05.2013 TV Tapings Results *SPOILERS*

  1. Chris Miccio

    the ROH portion of the National Pro Wrestling Day is during the afternoon show, so there is really no conflict.

  2. Right, but what if fans wanted to go to NPWD, they gotta get back to ROH? Seems kinda weird to try to do that. Oh well.

  3. Chris Miccio

    they obviously dont care about the fans or about other promotions. why does that surprise you, Chris?

  4. Well it is a poor choice and given your experience I can’t argue that. Don’t understand the choice though I guess it could be the building.

  5. Chris Miccio

    checked the Du Burns Arena web site (well, since the venue doesn’t have a REAL website, btw) and there is nothing listed for any other day in February, aside from the 9th. seems like a lot of rec league sports hold games there, so…i guess those take precedent over ROH. LOL

  6. 1andonlyJer

    Page already out?? C’mon!! Young is a good worker so no disrespect but I really want page to do well in ROH

  7. Perhaps Chris. Who knows but that’s the way they are going to be.

    Yeah Jer. I’m disappointed too but at least the match was said to be good.

  8. Wirehead

    So ACH is out of the tourney in the first round.

    Thank you ROH for justifying my decision to ignore you for the time being. Back to Chikara and PWG.

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