Weekly Newscast: Breaking News El Generico Signs with WWE

El Generico

We’re breaking news here. We have been told by several sources that El Generico has been signed to the WWE. We talk about it here. But we do also cover a lot including some exclusive insight into the EVOLVE Title Tournament and we talk about a ton of other news including DGUSA, D1W, SHINE, PWG, PWX, CZW and more. Check it out and tell your friends.

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-The EVOLVE Title Tourney will closely follow the NFL conference playoff format.
-This means the 1st and 2nd seeds will get byes.
-There will be two wildcard matches with the winners facing the 1st & 2nd seeds in the semi-finals.
-The winners of those two matches will fight in the finals to determine the first champion.
-It is possible that the lower seeded wildcard match will be a Freestyle, which would make getting a higher seed even more important.

Eligibility & Seeding:
-The seeding will be determined by a combination of Record and winning % with the EVOLVE Leaderboard used in tiebreaker situations. We understand there will not be a perfect system, and any issues will be resolved on the Dragon Gate USA events in California.
-A wrestler must have competed on no fewer than six (33% of total) EVOLVE cards to be eligible. This is to insure that the competitor has at least been a semi-regular over a span of time in EVOLVE.
-An exception to the 33% rule is the possibility of sending out an international invitation to the tournament.

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  1. Jan 13, 2013

    […] in the week, my friends over at PWPonderings.com broke a story that sent a massive tingle down the collective spinal column of the indy wrestling […]

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