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ROH 01.18.13 Results


Show Yet To Be Named
Jan 18, 2013
Dearborn, Michican

Reported Attendance: 609


Truth Martini came out starting to hype up the crowd, this is Martini’s hometown crowd so they all responded to him and we even got a Truth-a-rooni from him. Basically it’s the thumbs up/thumbs down challenge for Chaz Montana (Local boy) vs. Slik Rik Matrix. Matrix went over in what was a longish match and was pretty boring until out of no where Rik hit a michinoku driver and got the pin.

Chaz was given the thumbs down by Martini and sent packing after getting the Book of Truth upside the head.

Countdown and we’re off with Kevin Kelly in the ring welcoming everyone. He made the crowd happy right off the bat with a return date of Saturday, July 13th 2013 and then introduced Nigel McGuiness as his fellow commentator for the DVD and they head to ringside. (Credit to Laura Rutkowski)

Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish def BJ Whitmer & Rhett Titus
Jay Lethal def Steve Corino via Lethal Injection / Top Rope Elbow
Roderick Strong def Silas Young via Sick kick
ROH World Title: Kevin Steen def Tadarius Thomas to retain via package piledriver

Dearborn return date is Saturday, July 13

Charlie Haas interrupted a match between two local wrestlers. One was Trey Miguel. He then was challenged to a handicap match and won via the Haas of Pain submission
Proving Ground Match – ROH World TV Champion Adam Cole def Jimmy Jacobs. Said to be match of the night up to this point.
Michael Elgin def Rhino via Crossface submission after backfist
ROH World Tag Team Titles – Jay & Mark Briscoe(c) def The American Wolves via JayDriller on Edwards after Davey was shoved through table by Mark. O’Reilly/Fish scouted

We will be having more details sent to us via other people who were at the show so come back for more details later today/tomorrow.

Laura Rutkowski sent in the following report as well:
Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reily vs. Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmirer
BJ seemed pretty over in Detroit. Good opening match with a couple little botches that saw O’Reily hitting Titus with a brainbuster after Fish kicked him in the head.

Next was Steve Corino vs. Jay Lethal. Corino takes to the mic trying to talk some sense into Lethal and demand he apologize to S.C.U.M., proceeds to also rip down Dearborn. Jay proceeds to tell Corino to ‘go to hell’ and at that point Corino takes to insulting Lethal’s mom and Jay punches him starting the match. Awesome back to forth action between the two of them. Lethal won with a Superkick, followed by Lethal Injection and finished with ‘Hail to the King’. Following the match Corino and Nigel got into a screaming fight with Nigel stormin to the back…couldn’t hear the details live sure you will be able too on the DVD.

Truth comes out to join Kevin on commentary

Silas Young vs. Roderick Strong
Ok someone tell Silas that Joey Ryan has cornered the market on porn stashes in the world of professional wrestling please? Other than that these two had a hard hitting fast paced match. Strong wins with the sic kick.

TaDerius Thomas vs. Kevin Steen for the ROH World Title
ROH decided to try something new and give a hometown guy a shot at the World Title. Honestly despite how different the style are between TD and Steen this match turned out pretty interesting with the fans starting to really get behind Thomas towards the end. Kevin was on his game, dominated the most of the match, even mockin TD’s own style. Steen does win with the package piledriver

Amateur Showcase
Troy Miguel vs. Brent Daniels both from UAPW in Toledo was interrupted by Charlie Haas going off on everyone and everything. Honestly, I like Charlie Haas…but…I’m sorry Stone Cold called, he wants his gimmick back. Drinking beer, being a jerk to everyone and cursing like a sailor has been done before. Sure it feeds into someone that actually likes it but just do you and not something everyone did.

Anyways Haas challenged the two guys in the ring to a 2-on-1 match with Charlie squashing them and ending it with a double Haas of Pain for the win.

Proving Ground
Jimmy Jacobs w/ Steve Corino vs. Adam Cole
Corino joined commentary for this match. Nigel wasn’t kidding in the Wrap Up for this show that this was probably the best match of the night that saw a lot of awesome spots. Adam wins after a superkick (there was like 6 in this match alone) and the hitting the Florida Keys.

Rhino vs. Michael Elgin
Rhino is still over in his hometown, this match almost felt like it was a passing of the torch in a way. As expected these two just laid into each other. We saw the Gore which Elgin kicked out of. Elgin wins with the Canadian Crossface.

World Tag Team Match The American Wolves vs. The Briscoes
This match was a lot of fun to watch from the get go. This was probably the only match to top Jimmy and Adam. Briscoes win after Davey goes through the commentary table and Dem Boys hit the Doomsday Device and after Eddie kicks out Jay hits him with the JayDrilla for the pin.

Over all this was a wonderful show that basically broke the Dearborn area back in again. Rhino and Elgin ripped the canvas in their match and they fixed it with duct tape since there was only one match to go and needless to say it didn’t hold and it got only bigger in the main event.

It was a great show and I cannot wait til July 13th. This is the first show we’ve been back to for ROH since early 2011. We also knew this was the first time that ROH had been in the Detroit area for a while. Crowd was probably about 600+ because just like before they had to bring out chairs and it still people were standing.

We got in and got to meet the Wolves, Jay Lethal, Michael Elgin and they were all awesome and friendly. Nigel was also hanging around to meet as he was selling his DVD (BUY IT! IT’S WORTH IT!).

Credit to Thomas Bobo for results. Be sure to check out his site for lots of great articles and podcasts.

Our Podcast of Honor is out right now! Listen to it by clicking here.

This report was sent in by Thomas Bobo post tweeting us results

Dearborn’s show last night was a good one.

Kinda felt a weird vibe because we got there with the 2nd match just getting underway due to leaving for the venue late.

Crowd was really, really strong (600+ by my guess) for having not been to the Detroit-area since May 2011. Both that show and this show were headlined by American Wolves bouts.

Kevin Steen vs. Tadarius Thomas was the “first half main event” and was better than I expected. I really have not been on the Thomas bandwagon but he meshed well with Steen and it was a fun match. Crowd was big time into TD because he’s a Detroit guy, but they missed the boat by not letting him cut a promo before the match and really get the crowd to buy a shot that he could win the title in his hometown. I can only imagine how that might have added another dimension to the match.

The second half of the night was totally different, and I will say/guess it is due to me being more in the “mindset” to relax and watch wrestling.

Charlie Haas is virtually ripping Stone Cold’s act from 1999-2001, coming to the ring with a case of beer, throwing up middle fingers, being anti-authority and sprinkling in derogatory and culturally insensitive remarks (he was brutal on the Middle Eastern/Arab population of Detroit/Dearborn specifically – inferring all kinds of terrorist connotations to them). People bought it and it got heat, but I felt that it bordered on a very fine line.

Adam Cole-Jimmy Jacobs might have been the match of the night and it is hard to choose between it and the main event. It was a match that really, really built well. Jacobs has been a guy (even for his detractors) who can hold up his end of a match. Cole, as we hopefully all know, continued his 2012 streak/trend of being more and more impressive in the ring each time out. The finish of the match was especially awesome, as Jacobs attempted a spear off of reeling from a superkick from Cole, only to be smashed right in the forehead with another superkick and nailed the mark, then allowing Cole to hit the Panama Sunrise (right?) Wrist-Clutch German Suplex.

Elgin-Rhino was surprisingly good too. Rhino cut a pre-match promo that rallied people more behind him and he was already over to begin with, but they also weren’t against Elgin. Elgin looks to have tightened himself up physically since I last saw him in person 9 months ago. I could have done without the obiligatory brawling around the arena early in the match, but when back in the ring it was a battle of strength the rest of the way and Elgin surviving the Gore, which he kicked out of late.

The top layer of the ring mat split in the previous match and the ring crew members used red duct tape to attempt to fix it, but it was unsuccessful as soon as the next match hit the ring.

Briscoes-American Wolves is a storied rivalry in ROH. It’s been 2-3 years since these teams met, so it was a really fresh match again. The Wolves have some really sharp matching gear (ring vests, tights) and I am excited to see their run as a team. Very much looked like they never missed a beat as a duo and physically looked much like the British Bulldogs circa-1985/86.

Briscoes were over big time too, with both Jay and Mark (Mark moreso) sporting bushy, overgrown beards.

Story of the match was the teams try to gain advantage respectively early on, but neither really being successful. Tide finally turned was the Wolves would take openings was Todd Sinclair was in the corner of The Briscoes trying to prevent either Jay or Mark from entering the ring. The Wolves used those chances to employ double-teams, but accomplished it without being overtly heelish in the context of their “rule breaking.”

The ring became more of an issue because of the increasing hole in the ring mat made finding the proper footing hard and appeared unsafe.

Late in the match, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly came down the aisle, both in tight-fitting sweaters and each with a “fashion scarf” around their necks. They never got involved in the match, but towards the end did get closer to the ring giving the impression of a possible physical interaction.

Davey was setting up to hit a top rope move on Jay, only to see Mark shove him off the top rope and through the ringside table (where Kevin Kelly and other – Nigel, Truth Martini and Steve Corino) did live commentary for the DVD during the night. Mark then hit the Doomsday Device with Jay hoisting Eddie, but did not get the pin. Jay quickly followed up to hit the Jay Driller and get the W, sending the fans home satisfied.

One other interesting note, ROH was using non-standard ring lights. These were much lower (10 feet) and their angle towards the ring was problematic during the first half of the show and then hard technically glitches (flashing without stop) specifically during Elgin-Rhino. I hope this is the last time ROH tries to save money versus using their standard ring and lights.

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