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Dragon Gate USA - DGUSA Featured Indie Results PPV Review 

DGUSA REVOLT! 01.26.2013 Results


DGUSA presents Revolt 2013
January 26, 2013
Huntington Park, CA

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– Chuck Taylor out to open the show.  He’s made an open challenge for beer pong.  Arik Cannon comes out with PBR.  We playing beer pong everybody.  That’s my cue to drink.  “LIVE ON iPPV, BEERPONG!”

3 CUP BEER PONG: Chuck Taylor vs. Arik Cannon

The bell rings and we’re off.  Taylor up 1-0 on his first shot.  Cannon misses and then Taylor goes 2 straight.  They trade misses and Taylor wins 3-0.

WINNER: Chuck Taylor

Cannon stomps the beer pong ball and the match begins.

Chuck Taylor vs. Arik Cannon

Fun, short match.  The table was left in the ring the whole time with both guys wrestling around it.  It led to the finish where Taylor pushed Cannon off the top rope through the table for the pin.  Midway through, Cannon took a drink at the bar, but got distracted by Taylor and forgot to tip.  Taylor was also suplexed on a pile of chairs on the outside.  **3/4

WINNER: Chuck Taylor


Ray Rosas is out first starting against B-Boy!  Johnny Yuma out next!  Yuma is rocking a one piece singlet ala “123 Kid”.  It’s awesome.  Next is Johnny Goodtime!  Ray Rosas gets eliminated by B-Boy via Kryptonite Crunch.  B-Boy eliminated by Yuma via double team Weapons Grade Bolognium.  Drake Younger out next!  The newest member of The Scene, Brian Cage, is out next.  Drake eliminates Yuma.  Cage looking dominate and awesome eliminates Goodtime.  Oh my god, Cage caught Drake flying off the top rope into a suplex.  Famous B is out next.  Younger eliminates Famous B via Drake’s Landing.  The last entrant is one of Brian Kendrick’s student’s but he hasn’t decided which one yet.  Meanwhile, Cage and Drake tearing it up in the ring.  Younger eliminates Cage with a roll up.  Kendrick enters himself and Slice Bread #2’s Drake from behind and win’s the FRAY!.  ***

WINNER: Brian Kendrick (Really)


-Tomorrow night, Brian Kendrick vs. Johnny Gargano.  Holy shit, what an indy dream match.


EITA vs. Rich Swann

Match started a little clunky.  Crowd really not into it.  I think I heard someone in the audience cough.  Crowd getting into it with EITA’s amazing chops.  They go the stage.  EITA DDT’s Swann on the stage then moonsaults off it onto Swann.  Match started picking up around the end.  Some stiff shots exchanged.  Back and forth near falls.  Swann gets the pin via standing corkscrew press.  ***

WINNER: Rich Swann

-Rich Swann has the mic.  Yes, California loves to party, I know.  Swann calls DGUSA home of the high flyer’s and proclaim’s himself the face of the high flyer’s and challenges anybody to prove him wrong that he is standard high flyer in DGUSA.


Samuray Del Sol vs. AR Fox

Both men start with a quick pace and are evenly matched.  It’s almost as if they’re trying to one up each other in the high spot’s department, but it’s pretty even.  Both guys are slowly but surely waking this crowd up.  Amazing dives from both.  Del Sol block’s Low Mein Pain twice and reverse hurricanrana’s Fox twice.  More crazy back and forth spots and Fox finally hits the Low Mein Pain for the win.  Great singles match.  ***3/4


-Afterwards The Young Bucks come out and hit a double team tombstone on Fox sending a message that they want the Open United Gate Titles.


Sami Callihan vs. Akira Tozawa

Sneak attack by Callihan at the start.  Hot and furious from the start.  Then both men slow it down.  Some back and forth shots then Callihan starts working on the leg.  Callihan just spit in Tozawa’s face.  Stiff shots from both and a double bicycle kicks knocks both men down.  Crowd coming alive a little bit.  They chant for Tozawa.  Crowd is about 70/30 in favor of Tozawa.  More stiff shots from both.  Callihan works the leg again.  Tozawa nearly passes out from the stretch muffler.  Tozawa mounts a comeback and nails the Package German Suplex for the pin.  Another great match.  ***3/4

WINNER: Akira Tozawa


The Young Bucks of Nick and Matt Jackson vs. “The Jimmy’s” of Ryo “Jimmy” Saito and “Jimmy” Susumu

Slow start as expected.  Jimmy’s start by getting the best of the Bucks.  Susumu is on Saito’s shoulder’s while Saito stands on Nick’s stomach.  Very unique.  “Super Kick” chant for the Bucks.  Bucks take over the match by working on Saito.  Jimmy’s make their comeback.  Crowd getting behind the Jimmy’s.  Matt Jackson tried blocking Saito’s Double Cross by couldn’t block it.  Bucks hit some super kicks and nail More Bang For Your Buck on Saito for the win.  Match was good but didn’t feel special.  This felt like a Dragon Gate house show tag match.  A good match but nothing great.  ***1/4

WINNERS: The Young Bucks

-Matt Jackson has the mic.  They said that last night they beat Callihan and Cannon, they took out Fox and now they just beat two “Chinese” guys.  They insult the tag champs Fox and CIMA and hype up tomorrow’s main event of AR Fox and Akira Tozawa vs. The Young Bucks.

-Brief intermission as they take the ropes down for the main event.  They took those ropes down pretty quick.


Open the Freedom Gate Title, No Ropes, No DQ Match: Johnny Gargano(c) vs. Jon Davis

The crowd just woke up for Johnny Gargano.  No reaction for Jon Davis.  The no ropes factor already coming into play from the start.  I like this kind of storytelling that play into the stipulations.  Gargano smartly working on Davis’ leg’s, trying to bring the big man down a peg.  Davis uses his power to counter Gargano’s quickness.  Davis tossed Gargano into the post to counter the Garga-NO Escape.  Davis ironically takes out one of the ropes from under the ring and uses the turnbuckle hook to Fish Hook Gargano’s mouth.  Very unique.  Gargano throws a bunch of chairs onto Davis on the floor.  Gargano reverses whatever Davis was going to do on the steps and sunset bombs Davis from the steps to the ring frame.  Gargano brings in a 5 foot, 11 inch ladder into the ring.  Davis spinebuster’s Gargano into a pile of chairs on the outside.  British Bulldog powerslam on a chair by Davis onto Gargano only for two!  That looked pretty sick.  Gargano gets powerbombed onto a ladder on the outside and followed by 3 Seconds around the world and Gargano kicks out!  Holy shit.  Garga-NO Escape with Davis’ head trapped in the ladder and he passes out.  Brutal match but it was a great ending to the show.  Gargano’s performance made this feel like a main event.  This was like watching Diesel vs. HBK.  Davis would slow it down and deliver high impact methodical moves while Gargano used his speed and technique to take the big man down.  I liked the storytelling here and some of the spots where very unique.  ***3/4

WINNER: Johnny Gargano

-Brian Kendrick comes out post match with the mic.  Kendrick say’s Gargano has yet to beat anyone the caliber of Kendrick.  Kendrick puts himself over and is asking Gargano to put the Open the Freedom Gate Title on the line tomorrow afternoon.  The feed freezes before Gargano answers.  I’m assuming yes.  That’s a wrap folks!

Quick Results

Chuck Taylor defeated Arik Cannon

Brian Kendrick won FRAY! over Drake Younger, Brian Cage, Famous B, Johnny Goodtime, Johnny Yuma, Ray Rosas and B-Boy

Rich Swann defeated EITA

AR Fox defeated Samuray Del Sol

Akira Tozawa defeated Sami Callihan

The Young Bucks defeat The “Jimmy’s” of Ryo “Jimmy” Saito and “Jimmy” Susumu

Open the Freedom Gate, No Rope, No DQ Match: Johnny Gargano defeats Jon Davis

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  1. Beer pong is exactly how I would open up an iPPV/first show in a venue. Well perhaps the crowd is enjoying it more than I suspect.

  2. Chris, I’ve been to that venue. I’ll bet half of them (or more) got a kick out of it. I probably would’ve got a chuckle (maybe even a laugh) if I’d been there. Part of me is glad I didn’t fork out the money this time around. Please don’t hate me, Gabe. lol

    That’s about the only “bad” thing I can say about it, though. Generally speaking, this sounds like another great show from DGUSA. Aside from small shenanigans, I really DO wish I’d been there. Can’t wait to read how the tripleshot wraps up tomorrow!

  3. For sure. Just out of curiosity, if you can, how many people could fit in that venue?

  4. Cleavy

    whose dream match is Kendrick/Gargano, aside from Kendrick’s?

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