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Chikara Best of 2012 DVD Review



-Green Ant vs. Mike Quackenbush (The 13th Hat, 1.28.12)

Match in Five Words or Less:  The Student Becomes The Masters

Match Highlights: Referees are in new aqua blue shirts. I mention this only because I’m a giant nerd who notices those kinds of things. Quack yells at some people who showed up late before the match. Hilarious. Code of Honor followed. Their two previous bouts have been heavily submission based but were prompt. This time, we know about the match weeks in advance, but it is also submission based. You get to see some great chain wrestling in this contest, Lots of holds exchanged, many of which I don’t know the name of. They exchange versions of the single leg crab within the contest.  While Quack has Green down, he double chops him. Green comes back with some of his own. Green Ant rolls and kicks Quack in the back of the leg. They take turns bouncing off the ropes. Armbar by Green Ant. Cross armbreaker. Quack escapes. Green Ant rolls into an anklelock. Quack goes for Quackendriver 3. Green Ant rolls into CHIKARA Special: Green. QUACK TAPS!

Match Analysis: Hell of a way to start the year with Green Ant picking up the biggest victory of his singles career. I enjoyed every minute of this. This is how someone can do a realistic submission based contest without going overboard. The fans, Bryce Remsburg on commentary, and Green Ant’s celebration made this feel so much more important than it had any right to be.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Green Ant/10:09/***/***1/2

-Campeonatos de Parejas: F.I.S.T. vs. 3.0 (Green Ice, 3.24.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Boo Ya!

Match Highlights: Icarus replaces Gargano again. The dyed hair and douche goatee are still there as well. Just when you think a guy can’t be any more of a heel, Icarus always finds a way. Matthews is ready. I can only imagine how many Red Bulls he had before the match. Matthews starts with Taylor. Matthews goes for Boston crabs on both men early. They flee. F.I.S.T stalls for a bit. Parker and Icarus take their turn. Off comes the jacket. The crowd, referee, and me are all appalled by his continued insistence on showing off the worst tattoo in the history of mankind. Parker elbow drops the jacket before tossing it. Why would you want to touch that thing? Icarus wants a test of strength. Parker armdrags him over. Icarus throws a tantrum. Parker encourages the crowd to clap away. They keep things basic for a bit. Parker works a side headlock. Icarus bites out of it. Parker kicks him out of the ring. Back drop on Taylor. Double team by 3.0. Double team elbow drops on both members of F.I.S.T. Taylor knees Parker in the back. Parker knocks him off. Icarus hits a spear. Snap suplex into a guillotine choke. Taylor uses a shoe on Parker. Chikarason makes an Austin Powers reference. Thankfully, I’m above that sort of thing. Matthews starts a “Defense” chant. Running clothesline by Icarus. Russian legsweep. Taylor hits a double axehandle off the top rope. Choke on the bottom rope. Series of stomps. Parker hits a clothesline.  Flapjack. Hot tag to Matthews. Clotheslines for Icarus. Icarus throws powder in his face, hooks the tights, and gets three at 10:48. F.I.S.T tries to take advantage, but Parker causes some miscommunication and gets a roll-up for three in six seconds to pick up the second fall. Parker with right hands for Taylor. Leg lariat. Springboard forearm. Clothesline on Taylor. Matthews hits a headscissors on both Icarus and Taylor. F.I.S.T resumes double teaming. Elbow by Matthews out of the corner. Headscissors/side headlock takeover combo. Double team running kick. Hart Attack clothesline. Icarus tosses Matthews outside. Choking. Matthews lifts Icarus up. Doomsday Device. Taylor breaks the count. Taylor out of a powerbomb. Superkick hits. Soul Food. Parker hits a roaring forearm. Blu-Ray. 1-2-NO! Pedigree hits. 1-2-NO! Matthews with forearms. Taylor hits a knee strike. Running knee into a backcracker. 1-2-NO! Icarus goes into his boot for his boot lace. Matthews goes for a Boston crab. Icarus hits Matthews with a chain and covers. 1-2-NO!  Icarus grabs one of the belts. Matthews takes him down and applies a Boston crab. Parker prevents Taylor from interfering.Icarus taps out at 4:10. Crowd goes crackers. Locker room empties. NEW CHAMPIONS!

Match Analysis: To be frank, the Vaughn crowd was a mixed bag during this entire show. They really should have been more into this match than they were. A little bit more from them would have made this moment even more special. Thankfully, Chikara knows how to handle moments like these so impeccably well it doesn’t matter. The babyfaces coming out to celebrate helps. Congratulations to 3.0 on finally becoming the champions. They’re not the best pure wrestlers, but they are a representation of everything that Chikara wants to be. For all the negatives on this show, it ended perfectly.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: NEW Campeones de Parejas-3.0/15:04/***1/2/****

-Archibald Peck vs. Chuck Taylor (It’s How You Play the Game, 3.25.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Best. Match. Ever.

Match Highlights: Archie’s entrance contextualizes this entire angle so beautifully. Some morons in the crowd chant “Spirit Squad.” Taylor puts Archie’s hat on and then stomps on it. Taylor high fives and hugs Icarus, who’s sitting at the bell ringer’s table. Shoulder tackles by Archie but he isn’t into things. Crowd roots for him. Off the ropes… and Archie hugs Taylor. Remsburg breaks them up. Taylor oversells a test of strength. Taylor obviously kicks him. Stomps in the corner. Archie sends Taylor in the corner and does some stomping of his own. He begins pounding the mat and yelling at Mr. Touchdown. Taylor comes from behind. Archie feels around. Kick. STUNNER! Archie soaks in the cheers. Boot from Taylor. Thesz press and right hands by Archie. Taylor tossed outside. Archie kicks him in the head. Strikes from Taylor. They go on the stage. Archie gets thrown into a beautiful picture. Taylor thought it was real. Archie wants photos taken as he’s standing in front of the pictures. Taylor wants some taken as well. They call each other ridiculous and pull out some increasingly ridiculous poses. Then they go pose in front of another picture. Taylor shoves Archie and he falls into a series of chairs… right in front of Icarus. Icarus chokes Archie. Perfect. Taylor rings the bell. Back in the ring. Peck falls down on a springboard attempt thanks to Icarus. Taylor says the place is haunted. Karate chops by Taylor. Back elbow. Camel clutch. Taylor sends Archie down by the hair. Choke in the corner. Bodyslam. Taylor brings out a grenade. Elbow drop misses. Archie has the grenade. They play hot potato. Even Remsburg becomes involved. Archie knocks Taylor into Remsburg. Archie begins counting Taylor and Remsburg down. Remsburg and Taylor stand off. Archie with a series of right hands. Double clothesline as Remsburg accidentally helps. Bodyslam on Taylor. Remsburg covers and gets two.  Archie does a Flair flop. He holds onto the apron. Taylor slaps his arm… and Archie’s fall isn’t that bad. Springboard clothesline finally hits. He calls for his finisher. His head hits a ceiling… and he’s now stuck. He asks for Remsburg’s help. Taylor lays back down. Remsburg is shoved into the ropes by Taylor. Super Soul Food gets Taylor the victory.

I swear to God everything described above happened.

Match Analysis: I don’t even know what to say. This match was… everything.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Chuck Taylor/15:24/**/*****

-Chikara Grand Championship: Brodie Lee vs. Eddie Kingston (It’s How You Play the Game, 3.25.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Spring of Lee?

Match Highlights: It’s about time this match happened. Originally scheduled for the 12 Large Summit, specifically Cleveland, Ohio, we’re finally getting this contest before Lee’s departure WWE departure. Lee boots Gavin Loudspeaker… FINALLY! Brawl ensues right away. Overhead throw by the champion. Tope suicida sends Lee to the stage. Headbutt. Double axehandle to the back. Series of right hands. Headbutt. Another suplex into the bridge for two. Lee puts Remsburg between he and Kingston. Straight right hand. Dropkick Kingston tossed outside. Tope suicida of his own. Hard clubbering blow to the back. Chop with Kingston prone against the post. Throat shot. Back in the ring. Lee slaps at Kingston. He rakes the eyes. Uppercut. Headbutt to the midsection by Kingston. Forearm exchange. Choking on the middle rope. Lee steps on Kingston’s throat in the corner.  Headbutt. Kingston fires back. Shot to the throat. Counter of a suplex into a German of his own. Uppercut.  Chops in the corner. Kingston slaps back. Lee again goes to the eyes. Series of stomps on Lee. Running boot. Kingston no sells. One slap takes the champion down. Lee slows things down and continues stomping Kingston. He drives Kingston’s sternum into the side of the ring. Lee impersonates one John Cena and chokes Kingston. Shots in the corner. Whip to the corner. Kingston gets an elbow up. Back elbow. Enziguri. Bulldog off the middle rope gets two.  Awful looking headscissors also gets two. Headbutts on the top rope. Butterfly suplex. 1-2-NO! Series of kicks but Kingston won’t stop taunting. Charge misses for Lee. Truck Stop. 1-2-NO!  Powerbomb but Kingston ranas him over. Running forearm. Backfist blocked. Half nelson hits for Lee. Uranagi. Lee puts his foot on the rope right away. Slap exchange. Wow. Series of forearms and elbows. Superkick by Lee. Running boot in the corner. Kingston placed on the top rope. Clubbering blows by Kingston. Sunset bomb hits. 1-2-NO! Kingston boots Lee into Remsburg. Lee goes low. Sitdown powerbomb. 1-2-NO! Kingston counters into a back drop driver. Backfist to the Future. LARIAT! Running forearm to the back. Kingston retains.

Match Analysis: Really good main event to end the show. These two guys beat the bajesus out of each other for 15 minutes. So glad we got to see this before Lee’s departure. Even though I think there was a sense Lee had no shot of winning, they did an awesome job building drama. I almost wish this was Kingston’s first title defense because it came off way more epic and important. I could not think of a more appropriate way for Brodie to exit Chikara than this.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: STILL Chikara Grand Champion-Eddie Kingston/15:04/***1/2/***1/2

-El Generico vs. Sara Del Rey (Hot Off the Griddle, 4.28.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: The Rightful Number One Contender?

Match Highlights: Think about this before reading what happened. El Generico is not exactly a welcome figure within Ring of Honor unless it’s to wrestle Steen. Sara Del Rey isn’t being used for… who knows the reason. And here they are main eventing the Chikara show in the Frontier Fieldhouse. Code of honor fittingly followed. Pretty basic to start. Del Rey gets a little chippy and wants Generico to fight her. Generico finally hits a series of chops and a leg lariat. He’s still hesitant. Snapmare into a cover. Series of stiff kicks by Del Rey eventually leads to some choking. Another chop along the ropes. Generico fires back. Boot to the midsection by Del Rey. Cravat and they go to the ropes. More kicks as Generico is tied up. Out of nowhere… YAKUZA KICK! SWEET JESUS! Del Rey is down and out on the floor. Back in the ring for a two count. Bodyslam. Forearm in the corner. Del Rey fires back. Exchange. Kick from Generico. Into the corner for more strikes. Whip across. Del Rey comes out of the corner with a boot. A second off the ropes. Running kick. Del Rey low bridges him. Tumbling senton to the floor. Open hand slap but the DDT is blocked. Northern lights suplex and she bridges over for another nearfall. Del Rey goes to work on the right arm. Kick blocked. Blue thunder powerbomb for two again. Cross body but Del Rey rolls through. German suplex. Kicks to the upper body. Generico Michinoku driver. 1-2-NO! Kick from Del Rey. Legs tied up. Generico applies a Royal Butterfly before bringing her over. 1-2-NO! A second yakuza. Brainbuster attempt. Del Rey applies the YES! Lock. Crowd goes crazy for this. Generico takes forever to reach the bottom rope. Generico catches her and it’s an exploder in the corner. Yakuza but Del Rey ducks. Axe kick. Another stiff kick. Piledriver. Good night. Del Rey wins.

Match Analysis: Easily the best match of the night and best match of the year for Chikara. This was just two people going out and having a solid back and forth wrestling match. I loved Generico’s hesitancy to strike a woman since he is the ultimate babyface. Del Rey was great in egging him on. Great way to cap off a very good professional wrestling show.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Sara Del Rey/14:18/***3/4/****

The Verdict: Chikara provided me with a lot of hope on this night with a lot of very good matches and good forwarding of storylines. This had the feel of an important, and I’m hoping this is a catalyst for the rest of 2012 after what has been a sluggish start. With much confidence, I give this show an easy thumbs up.

-Meiko Satomura vs. Sara Del Rey (The Ogg and I, 5.20.12)

Match in Five Words or Less:  Battle of the Best

Match Highlights:  Satomura with an immediate leg kick. Del Rey calls for a test of strength. Another leg kick by Satomura. Kick misses. Test of strength. They transition into a feeling out process as Satomura works a headlock and Del Rey works the arm. Satomura grapevines the legs. Into the turnbuckles go Satomura. Springboard forearm. Kick misses. She holds Del Rey and connects on the kick. Back suplex. Forearm by Del Rey. Battle on the top rope. Superplex. Knee strikes from Del Rey. Axe kick. Royal butterfly attempt countered as the women head into the corner. Running boot from Del Rey. Kick exchange. Big uppercut by Satomura. To the top rope but she loses her balance. Frog splash met with knees. Northern lights suplex by Del Rey into a cross armbreaker. Satomura grabs a sleeper. Del Rey grabs the rope. Four consecutive boots to the face. Kick to the back of the head. Powerbomb from Del Rey gets two. Kick to the side of the head by Satomura. Forearm uppercut. Cartwheel knees across the back of Del Rey’s head. Frog splash. 1-2-NO! Combo kick by Del Rey. Satomura with a kick to the head. Kick to the back. Kick from Satomnura. Rolling combo kick of her own. Del Rey responds with a kick combination. Cover for two. Royal Butterfly. Into the suplex. 1-2-NO! She does it again. Done.

Match Analysis: This is premiere women’s action at its finest with two of the best in the world going at it. Great exchanges as these girls beat the holy hell out of each other. Good to see Del Rey get this sort of singles match in Chikara since she’s been relegated to a lot of midcard matches in 2012 with the exception of this and the El Generico contest. Hopefully, she gets a grand championship match sometime this year.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Sara Del Rey/16:25/***1/2/***1/2

-Chikara Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston vs. Jigsaw (The Ogg and I, 5.20.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: For Alex

Match Highlights: This is a rematch from the second night of Chikarasaurus Rex weekend 2011. It was one of the best matches last year, so these two have some high expectations to meet. Some mat work to start. Kingston fires almost a taunting forearm. Jigsaw says it’s time to go. Forearm exchange. Low dropkick to the knee by Jigsaw. Jigsaw begins working over the injured limb. Jigsaw drives the leg into the side of the ring. Kick to the back by Jigsaw. Running kick to the knee. Kingston sent head first into the turnbuckle. Chop. Pair of forearms. Kingston tosses him. Blind charge misses. Chops from Jigsaw. Kingston sends Jigsaw to the apron. Lariat  off the middle rope. Tope suicida. Reverse jawbreaker. Modified camel clutch. Chop with Jigsaw along the ropes. Ouch. Neckbreaker. Stunner by Jigsaw. Chops from Kingston. Double underhook suplex. Slap battle. Headbutts by Kingston. Whip across. Jigsaw takes Kingston up and over. Pele. Sliding dropkick sends Kingston into the front row. Jigsaw with a tope con helo on Kingston. Kingston comes back with chops. Clubbering blow from Jigsaw. He rolls in the ring to break the count. Brawl goes all around the building. Missile dropkick connects with Kingston. Back fist misses. Jigsaw hits a German suplex with a bridge. 1-2-NO! Jigsaw goes for the super brainbuster. Kingston manages a swinging DDT of his own. Dragon suplex. Lariat! 1-2-NO! Whip to the corner. Jigsaw gets a superkick. He powers the champion onto the top rope. End to end dropkick. 1-2-NO! Strike exchange. Chop by Jigsaw. Slap from Kingston. Back drop driver. Running D. 1-2-NO! Jigsaw with elbows to the back of the neck. Kick from Jigsaw.  Series of kicks. Superkick lands in the ear. DOUBLE STOMP! 1-2-NO! Spinning back fist by Kingston. Back suplex into the top turnbuckle. Running D to the back of the neck! 1-2-NO! Both men are on their knees. Series of slaps. This is amazing. Pele kick from Kingston. Jigsaw leaps up and over. Kingston placed on the top rope. SUPER BRAINBUSTER! 1-2-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Roll-up by Jigsaw gets two. Kingston with three straight B Backfists to the Future. Kingston finally gets three.

Both men look like they’ve been in some sort of auto accident.  They hug it out after the match in a very appropriate scene. Two men who have meant so much to Chikara the last 10 years being the last two wrestlers in the ring for Chikara’s ten year anniversary. Kingston talks about what a bad week he’s had before thanking everyone.

Match Analysis: I wasn’t sure these two could top what they did 10 months prior, but I’ll be damned if they did just that. The back and forth exchanges were so well done and executed. I really dug the false finish with Jigsaw hitting the super brainbuster and not getting the victory. It really connected the weekend well. Give these two all the credit in the world for being able to deliver another great match despite all the hardship these men have endured personally and professionally. Props to both guys.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: STILL Grand Champion-Eddie Kingston/21:47/****1/4/****1/4

-Icarus vs. Gran Akuma (Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur, 6.2.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Welcome Back Gran Akuma

Match Highlights: There is a contract hanging from the rafters. If Akuma grabs it, he’s back on the roster. If Icarus wins, he gets to rip it up. Icarus teases taking the jacket off. Akuma rams him in the corner and fires away. Snapmare and a kick to the back. Best start over. He chokes Icarus with the jacket and brings him over again. Running forearm. Rolling snapmare and a kick to the face. Akuma brings the ladder in the ring. Chop to the back as Icarus is on the middle turnbuckle. Akuma sets the ladder up. Icarus lifts it and torpedoes Akuma in the face. Snap suplex and he rolls over. Dropkick. Kick to the back. Choking on the middle rope. He charges at Akuma and continues arguing with the fans. Ladder shot to the ribs and he drops the ladder on Akuma. Springboard senton onto the ladder. Icarus gently places Akuma on the ladder. Leg drop. He drops the ladder once again. Akuma placed in the corner. He places the ladder in front. Dropkick. Ladder falls on Icarus. Crowd chants “Thank you ladder.”Akuma comes back with chops. Blu-ray into a ladder blocked. Counter into the double knees. Powerbomb into the ladder. Wow. Akuma slowly tries climbing. Icarus German suplexes him. Now Icarus climbs. Akuma grabs him. Rana by Icarus. Spear off the ropes. Icarus places the ladder in the corner. Inverted atomic drop. Akuma slingshots him into the ladder. Release German suplex. Akuma goes to the back for a second ladder. This one is much bigger than the other one. Icarus leg drops the ladder off of Akuma’s face. Blu-ray into the corner with a ladder in it. Again, the ladder falls on top of Icarus. Man, this guy really just does fail at life. Icarus climbs up. Akuma pulls it right out from under him. That could have ended badly. Akuma puts the ladder around his neck. He swings around but misses. Akuma DVDs him over. Icarus’s back hits the edge of the ladder. Yeesh. Ladder set up again. Akuma climbs up the ladder and hits a frog splash. Here comes the campeones de parejas. Chuck Taylor and Johnny Gargano take Iron out and bring a ladder into the ring. Icarus sets the ladder up. Icarus climbs up the ladder as the champions set Akuma up on the table. Iron clears the ring with a chain. Akuma encourages the crowd to shush as he comes from behind on Icarus. Powerbomb THROUGH THE TABLE! Akuma climbs up the ladder and grabs the contract. He is now back on the roster officially.

Match Analysis: The ladder match has been done to death in recent years, so it’s hard for any new risks to be done. Despite this fact, these two brought a lot to the table with spots rarely seen in Chikara. Great heat as always with Icarus. Here in the blow-off, it finally felt like this feud reached its full potential. Very enjoyable match from two long-time members of the roster. It’s going to be tough to top this the rest of the night.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Gran Akuma/16:07/****/****

-Campeonatos de Parejas: Young Bucks vs. F.I.S.T. (Chikarasaurus Rex: How to Hatch a Dinosaur, 6.2.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Another Hostage Situation

Match Highlights: Even though this is a championship match, I’m legitimately stunned this is the main event. Matt shoves Gargano. Slap in response. Shoulder tackle by Matt. Roll over. Gargano slides out of the ring. Dropkick by Matt. Nick sends Taylor in the corner. Moonsault misses. Overhead toss. Stomps by Taylor. Right hand. Nick up and over. Roll over and dropkick. A second dropkick as Matt locks in a headscissors. Gargano knocked off the apron. Stomps from Nick. Bucks work over Taylor’s arm. More double teams. Taylor takes Matt into the corner. Punches from Gargano. Assisted sunset flip. Nick hits a backbreaker out of the butterfly position. Matt comes in for a neckbreaker onto his brother’s knee. Ring my bell by Nick. Double axehandles from Matt. He blows a kiss directed at Taylor. Suplex by Matt. Springboard senton by Nick. Gordbuster blocked. Roll over and a kick to the head by Gargano. Taylor with a boot and a clubbering blow. Dropkick. Gargano hits another double axehandle. Back elbows and some dancing from F.I.S.T. Taylor chokes Matt with the Bucks own shirt. Into the boots of Gargano. Stomps by Gargano. Snapamare and dropkick to the back of the head. Axehandle by Taylor. Forearms  by Matt. Boot by Taylor and he knocks Nick down. Big kick into a backcracker by Gargano. Double clotheslines miss. Matt rolls Taylor up, holds onto the tights, and gets three at 7:17.

F.I.S.T continues double teaming until Matt leaves the ring. Nick gets double cross bodies. Bulldog on Gargano as he dropkicks Taylor. Series of stomps. Snapmare and he rakes the eyes. Knee to the back. Choking by Nick. Nick chokes Gargano on the middle rope. Matt chokes away behind Remsburg’s back. Chinbreaker by Nick. Choking along the bottom turnbuckle. Hip toss by Gargano. Trip by Nick. Huge kick. Matt covers for two. Gargano sent into the corner. Nick sent up and over. Accidental kick to his own brother. Enziguri misses. DDT/flatliner combination. Taylor comes in. Shoulder tackle on Matt. Dropkick on Nick. Tope con helo. Taylor kisses a child. Matt sent in the ring. Nick waistlocks him. O’Connor roll. Handful of tights as he looks right at Nick. This is good enough to get fall number two at 12:41.

Fall three begins with Matt choking Taylor in the corner. Series of stomps. Nick helps his brother out. Double back elbows on each members of F.I.S.T. Spear back in the ring by Gargano. Dive as Taylor hits a springboard moonsault. Boots in the corner. Running knee in the corner by Nick. Acecrusher countered. Gargano enziguris. Nick. Taylor tosses Matt into a waiting Gargano for a neckbreaker. Wow. Matt whipped into the corner. Elbow by Gargano. Matt powerbombs Taylor into his partner as Nick enziguris Gargano. Worst Case Scenario. Nick moonsault Taylor as Matt hits a release German suplex. 1-2-NO! Gargano and Matt stare each other down. Forearm exchange. Kick by Matt. Superkick on Gargano. Discus forearm misses. Nick superkick. Taylor superkick. Gargano discus forearm. All four men are down. Nick stomps Taylor on the apron. Battle with Gargano on the apron. Superkick blocked. Soul  food. MATT DDTS GARGANO ON THE APRON! SWEET JEBUS! Forearm exchange between Taylor and Matt. Eye rake by Matt. Clothesline misses. Taylor rolls him around and applies a half crab. Nick hits a spin kick. More B ang… no. Pair of superkicks by each F.I.S.T member. Gargano lawn darts Nick into Matt. Implant DDT into Hurts Doughnut. Gargano covers. 1-2-NO! Gargano goes for the Hurts Doughnut onto the ramp. Knee to the midsection by Nick. Spear by Gargano misses. The thud on the ramp was ugly. Matt nails Taylor with the belt. 1-2-NO! Tandem piledriver on Taylor. 1-2-NO! Gargano makes the save out of nowhere. Left hands from Gargano. Double superkick. More Bang for your Buck. NEW CHAMPIONS!

Match Analysis: Anyone who specifically bought this iPPV to see this match cannot have ended up disappointed. This was a spectacular, borderline match of the year candidate. Amazing back and forth action between these two teams. Despite the fact that it was heel versus heel, the crowd was into this the whole way. Credit to all four men for capping one of the best Chikara shows in history in such a way. It’ll be fascinating to see where the Bucks go from here as them being invaders is infinitely more interesting than whatever Gekido is doing. Oh, and unlike Taduske, I’m pretty sure the Bucks will defend their titles in the United States. I wonder how many fans even remember Taduske is the Young Lion’s Cup champion.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: NEW campeones de parejas-The Young Bucks/22:51/****1/4/****1/4

-Chikara Grand Championship: Eddie Kingston vs. Sara Del Rey (The Great Escape, 7.28.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Battle Of Royalty

Match Highlights: It’s great that this match is happening, but it’s unfortunate that much like the Brodie Lee match, the result isn’t in doubt. Some mat work to start. Del Rey kicks the champion in the leg, and Kingston takes a walk. Series of leg kicks and a stomp to the back by Del Rey. To the corners for more stomps. Kicks to the back by Del Rey. Headbutts. She resumes kicking Kingston in leg and back. Kingston tied up between the top and middle rope. More kicks. He spits in Del Rey’s face. She doesn’t skip a beat. Knee drop in the face and back. Slap to the back of the head. Shoving ensues. Del Rey applies a chinlock. Series of kicks on Kingston in the corner. Choking. Left leg submission. Kicks to the leg by Del Rey. Half figure four. Kingston headbutts his way out of the hold. Del Rey fires back with a kick. Leg drop gets a whopping one count. Stomp on the right hand. Shot to the midsection by Kingston. He sells the earlier stomp. Forearms by Del Rey. Kick to the back. Kingston with a boot out of the corner. Knee drop out of the corner. Chop by Kingston. Snapmare into a kick to the back. Cover for two. Choking along the bottom rope. Del Rey with elbows. Kingston with a poke to the eyes. Cravat. Del Rey with a knee. Kingston sends her down by the hair. Neckbreaker leads to a two count. Series of kicks out of the seated position. Knee to the midsection and a whip to the corner by the champion. Del Rey gets her feet up. Kingston chokes her outside. Clubbering blow to the back and a forearm. Del Rey prevents being posted and sends the champion’s right arm into the steel. Cannonball senton connects. Knee strikes by Del Rey back in the ring. Cross armbreaker! Crowd wants Kingston to tap. Del Rey shifts Kingston to the center of the ring. Boot out of the corner. Kick to the head by Del Rey. Superplex by Del Rey! 1-2-NO! Del Rey kicks the right arm again. Boot misses. Kingston hits an acecrusher. 2K1 bomb. 1-2-NO! Del Rey sends Kingston arm first into the mat. Axe kick. Backfist blocked. Combo kick. 1-2-NO! Kingston put his hand on the bottom rope just in time. Great nearfall. Del Rey goes for a piledriver but settles for a sunset flip. Crossface! Kingston rolls her up for two. Kingston won’t die and reaches the rope. Backfist to the the Future. A second one. 1-2-NO! Del Rey blocks a back drop driver and goes for a series of kicks. Small package. 1-2-NO! Piledriver attempt hits! 1-2-NO! Crowd tells her to it again. Kingston counters into a back drop driver. 1-2-NO! Del Rey ducks but Kingston recovers and hits the Backfist. Sliding D and Kingston retains.

Match Analysis: What an incredible title defense for Kingston, easily the best of the six as he and Del Rey really delivered an outstanding contest. This was as good as match Chikara has had this year and it would have been even better on iPPV with Del Rey winning the title in dramatic fashion. Obviously, with her departure to WWE, that isn’t possible. But I’m glad we got one more classic match from her before she departs. Great psychology with the arm work gave away to some fantastic nearfalls in the end.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: STILL Grand Champion-Eddie Kingston/23:22/****/****1/2

-Kingston pays his respect to Del Rey before exiting.

-Young Lion’s Cup Final: ACH vs. Mr. Touchdown (Ring of Wax, 8.18.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: His Super Bowl

Match Highlights: Great night for Beyond Wrestling considering where these two have had their chances to break out. ACH not touching the cup is a nice touch. ACH wants to follow the code of honor. Remsburg and some of the fans take him up on the offer. Angelosetti passes. Armdrag and another handshake offer. Exchange of armdrags. ACH gets his handshake. Slap by Angelosetti. Test of strength. ACH controls the arm. Applied headscissors. Bridge into a two count. ACH goes for a backslide. Back and forth they go. ACH goes to the side headlock. Shoulder block sends ACH back. O’Connor roll blocked by ACH. Shoulder block. Cartwheel. Touchdown shoulder blocks him. Rana by ACH. Angelosetti throws the football at him. We get a three way game of catch. Leapfrog by Angelosetti. Palm thrust. He spins the ball. ACH stops the ball from spitting. Remsburg snaps the ball to ACH. Angelosetti goes long. ACH tells him to go longer. Angelosetti bangs his head against the wall. ACH spins the ball and dances. Hatfield lectures him. Plancha connects. Angelosetti comes back. He puts his foot across his ribs and them rams his back against the side of the ring. ACH then shoved to the back of the ring post. Series of clubbering blows to the back. Running shoulder blocks in the corner. Knees to the back. Running forearm. Shove into the corner. Chop. ACH comes back with chops of his own. Running clothesline and ACH ends up outside the ring. Cross body. Angelosetti rolls through and hits a backbreaker. Another uranagi style backbreaker. Series of splashes. Knees from Angelosetti. Small package by ACH gets two. Dropkick hit by Angelosetti. He kips right up. Leaping headbutt by ACH. Series of short punches. He catches himself on the ropes. Drop toehold to the middle rope. Charge but Angelosetti gets out of the way. Spear attempt but ACH hits a leg drop while Angelosetti lays across the middle rope. Angelosetti prevents a dive and pulls him down hard across the apron. ACH tossed back in the ring. Bodyslam. Knee drop off the ropes. Roll-up attempt blocked by ACH. Exchange of nearfalls. Clothesline by Angelosetti gets two. Headbutt. Angelosetti rammed into the corner. Whip of ACH. Boot and a rana. Hard kick. Springboard acecrusher gets two by ACH. Angelosetti tries avoiding a dive but can’t. Battle goes to the outside as they take a tour of the building. Angelosetti bounces ACH’s head off a wall. Remsburg counts. ACH gets back in at 19 in a scene reminiscent of the 2008 final between Fire Ant and Vin Gerard. Running dive misses. ACH with a rana into a cover. 1-2-NO! Back drop by Angelosetti. 1-2-NO! ACH drives his opponent down with a double stomp. Right into the cover. 1-2-NO! Implant DDT blocked. Over the head acecrusher by Touchdown. 1-2-NO! Angelosetti taunts ACH. Knee strike. Stunner. Running knee strike. 1-2-NO! Springboard 450. Veronica goes on the apron to distract Remsburg. Hatfield carries her off. Another acecrusher by Angelosetti. 1-2-NO! Boot by ACH. Implant DDT. 1-2-NO! Angelosetti asks if that’s all he’s got and wants ACH to chop him. ACH responds in kind. Clothesline goes nowhere. ACH with a clothesline to the back. Headbutt to the midsection. Kick. Sitdown spinebuster. ACH KICKS OUT AT ONE! Slap to the back by Angelosetti. ACH slaps him in the face. Turns into an exchange. ACH with a series of forearms and kicks. Unreal. Big boot. Kick to the side of the head. DDT. 1-2-NO! Both men slowly get up. Blind charge misses. Angelosetti heads to the top rope. ACH with a flip kick. Angelosetti spinebusters him from the top rope. 1-2-3!

Match Analysis: Undoubtedly one of the best matches in each of these men’s careers. ACH has been the one to have most of the breakout matches this year, but this was his Chikara breakout party. Angelosetti also delivered strongly in a spot where he needed to. These guys going 26 minutes and keeping everyone’s attention is an incredible aspect to their performances. I don’t think this was the best Chikara match of the year, but this was excellent by any standard. Congrats to both guys.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: NEW YLC Champion-Mark Angelosetti/26:14/***3/4/****

-King of Trios Semifinal:  Team ROH vs. Team Sendai Girls (King of Trios, Night 3, 9.16.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Rock And Roll

Match Highlights: Maria looks a bit like a bumble bee. There’s a stinger joke to be made in there, but I’d like to think I’m above that sort of thing. There are three incredible female wrestlers in the ring, but a few choice individuals are chanting for the aforementioned Maria. Wrrrrrestling… yay! Nick crotches himself on the top rope even before the bell rings. LOL. Matt tosses his towel at Chisako. Pair of face washes. Headlock. Right hands out of it. Shoulder tackle by Matt. Boot by Chisako. Series of forearms. Sunset flip into a two count. More forearms and side headlock takeover. Running dropkick. Sachiko and Nick come in next. Pace picks up. Kick to the midsection. Headscissors sends Nick flying out of the ring. Satomura and Bennett… in the same ring together… this is earth. Bennett goes to his knee and poses. Satomura with a series of kicks. Bennett with a forearm right in the face. Low dropkick by Satomura. Spin kick and uppercut on Nick. Boot by Sachiko. Knee by Chisako. Bulldog by Sachiko. Dropkick by Chisako. Matt sent in the corner and the double teams continue. Bennett misses as well. Series of kicks. Nick knees Sachiko in the back. Forearm takes him off the apron. One for Bennett as well. Spear by Matt. Powerbomb. He lifts her for another one. Matt applies a chinlock. Stomp by Matt. Double hip toss, flip, and double dropkick. Bennett misses a clothesline. He catches her in a cross body and hits a backbreaker. Suplex position. The other Sendai Girls come in, as do the Bucks. Triple suplex reversal by the ladies. Boot by Bennett to Sachiko. Double drop toe hold by the Bucks. Bennett plays drums. Maria sings. HEAT! Satomura dropkicks Bennett from behind and gets Maria out of the ring. Rana by Chisako  on Bennett. Double dives. Satomura eats a back elbow from Nick. Go behind. Pele kick by Satomura. Death valley driver. Nick kicks out at two. Boot by Nick. Satomura boots him down. Matt superkicks Chisako. Double submissions by the sisters on Matt and Bennett. Bennett is visually tapping, but Maria has Jon Barber distracted. Nick superkicks Chisako and Sachiko. Satomura goes to work on all three members of Ring of Honor. Triple superkick. More Bang for your Buck! Team Ring of Honor goes to the finals.

Match Analysis: You could feel the hatred for the Ring of Honor team here. Brilliant finish here to get them even more heat. The Sendai Girls were spectacular performers and certainly deserve to be brought back in the near future, perhaps for Joshimania 2012. Great way to start the show. Considering one of these two teams have to wrestle again, it makes sense for this match to be just over 10 minutes as opposed to being closer to 20. Very good way to start the show.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Mike Bennett, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson/10:16/***1/2/***1/2

-Manami Toyota & Kaori Yoneyama vs. Commando Bolshoi & Tsubasa Kuragaki (King of Trios, Night 3, 9.16.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Joshi Showcase

Match Highlights: The Joshis shake hands before the match. Yoneyama and Bolshoi start. They start on the mat. Double team Kuragaki lifts Bolshoi’s legs into Yoneyama. Yoneyama bounces off the ropes and armdrags them both. She and Toyota back bridge over in Indian deathlocks. Dropkick in the lower back by Toyota. Figure four leglock. Yoneyama hits a splash. Toyota maintains the hold. Yoneyama comes off with a second splash. Up for a third time with a splash. Toyota lets go of the hold. Royal octopus by Toyota. Roll-up on Kuragaki. Yoneyama hits a stomp. Kuragaki refuses to be whipped. Series of slaps. Up and over but Yoneyama stays on top for a body press. Suplex blocked. Double chops by Yoneyama. Kuragaki turns a suplex into a press slam. Bolshoi hits a springboard. Tarantula across the middle and bottom rope. That’s different. Bolshoi lets go. Yoneyama with right hands. Bolshoi keeps her down. Forearm exchange. Yoneyama gets fired up. Clothesline misses. Yoneyama hits a northern lights suplex into a bridge. Kuragaki knees Toyota and sends her into Yoneyama. Series of splashes. Bolshoi on her back. Double clothesline. Headscissors into the fujiwara armbar by Bolshoi. Toyota breaks up the submission. Bolshoi taken to the top rope. She walks across the top rope. Armdrag. Yoneyama nails her from behind. Toyota kicks her own partner. Rolling cradle. Toyota with an incredible amount of rotations. Ocean cyclone suplex but Bolshoi counters into a victory roll. 1-2-NO! German suplex blocked. Elbows by Toyota. Kick from Bolshoi. Forearm. Kuragaki with a suplex on Toyota. She knocks Yoneyama off the apron. Toyota boots Kuragaki off the rope into the floor. Cross body to the floor. Dropkick off the top rope. Dropkick to the back of the head of Kuragaki. 1-2-NO! Toyota lifts Kuragaki up. Series of counters. Kuragaki lifts her up and over. Clothesline. Toyota follows in with a boot. Kuragaki with a vicious clothesline. 6-1-9 by Bolshoi. Suplex into the bridge but Toyota kicks out. Kuragaki to the top rope. Dropkick of her own. NO SOLD! Clothesline misses. Toyota with a German suplex. 1-2-NO! Yoneyama and Bolshoi battle on the outside. Toyota with a moonsault. Bolshoi breaks the count. Yoneyama with a senton. 1-2-NO! Sliced bread but Kuragaki interrupts. Torture rack COUNTERED! O’Connor roll by Yoneyama. Into the German suplex! 1-2-NO! Yoneyama with a flying knee on Kuragaki. 1-2-NO! Clothesline by Kuragaki. Another one for Yoneyama. Toyota with boots on Kuragaki. Shot to the back of the head. Toyota and Yoneyama get stacked up. Kuragaki with a double stack torture rack! Sweet Jesus. Kuragaki tosses them. Double clotheslines. Splash mountain into the facebuster. 1-2-3!

Match Analysis: This was a top shelf showcase of the best of Joshi wrestling. If Chikara is considering running Joshimania, I hope they plan on bringing these women back. So much fantastic action from bell-to-bell. These teams really did bring it and showed why Japanese women’s wrestling is so much better than American women’s wrestling. The precision and execution of moves was outstanding, and I would genuinely be excited to see all of them come back.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Commando Bolshoi and Tsubasa Kuragaki/14:33/***3/4/****

-King of Trios Final: Spectral Envoy vs. Team ROH (King of Trios, Night 3, 9.16.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Finally!

Match Highlights: Wink Vavasseur gets booed upon entering the ring. Bennett and Maria color-coded. Personally, I think it would have been funny if they coordinated outfits for each match like Randy Savage and Elizabeth at Wrestlemania 4. Frightmare comes out limping pretty badly. Bucks taken out immediately. Triple team on Bennett. Bennett comes back with clotheslines on all of them. Mantis taken head first into the turnbuckle. Team ROH works over Mantis. Mantis ducks the charges. Cross body by Frightmare on Nick and Bennett. He sends them into each other. Whip by Matt. Boots on Nick and Bennett. He steps across and DDTs Matt. Frightmare climbs to the top rope. Bennett distracts the referee. Maria tears Frightmare down. Elbows to the knee as Frightmare is in the tree of woe. Team ROH works over Frightmare’s knee. Frightmare works out of the corner and even causes Nick to enziguri his own brother. Double axehandle by Matt on Bennett. Nick low bridged. Matt boots him in the midsection. Whip. Frightmare with a back elbow. He jumps. Mantis and Wicked get pulled off the apron. Spear by Matt. Back to focusing on the knees. Matt and Nick each miss moves off the top. Bennett holds onto Frightmare’s leg. Finally a double tag. Chops on Bennett. Bennett whipped. Sidewinder. Nick blocked. Double flatliner. Wicked hits a rydeen bomb on Matt. Mantis with a pumphandle slam. 1-2-NO! Bennett brings Wicked out. Mantis hits Cosmic Doom. 1-2-NO! Bennett prevents the Preying Mantis bomb. Punches by Bennett as Nick battles with Wicked. Forearms by the Envoy. Double superkicks. Nick hits a big dive on Wicked. Bennett hits the uranagi on Mantis for two. Mantis sent into the waiting boots of the Bucks. Spinebuster. 1-2-NO! Mantis battles all the members of Team ROH. He clears the Bucks. Bennett low bridges him onto the entrance ramp. Matt and Nick hit a tandem spike tombstone on the ramp! They roll Mantis into the ring. Bennett hits a TKO. 450 by Nick. 1-2-NO! Fans chant “You can’t beat him.” Wicked forearms Bennett. Step-up boot on Nick. Go 2 Sleepy Hollow on Matt. Wicked wakes Mantis up. Frightmare comes back in. Mantis sets him up. Double stomp by Frightmare and Wicked. Into the cover. 1-2-NOOOO! Here come Ophidian and the Batiri. Delirious is also walking out. From behind, CROSSBONES! Delirious sent into the post. Spectral Envoy go to work on the Batiri. Crossbones joins in on the fun. Mantis climbs to the top. Bennett catches him. Chop. Matt forearms him. MANTIS SUPLEXES MATT ONTO THE PILE ON THE FLOOR. SWEET JEBUS! Bennett is left in the ring alone. Of course. Wicked misses a step-up boot. Bennett with a whip. Boot by Wicked. CHIKARA SPECIAL! Bennett is tapping but the referee misses it. Nick superkicks Wicked. Maria takes one too on accident. Frightmare attacks Nick. THIS IS CRAZY! Bennett TKO countered. Sick kick by Wicked. Chikara Special! Bennett taps! SPECTRAL ENVOY WIN!

Match Analysis: This was one of the craziest matches of the year with a lot of drama. Most of this crowd wanted desperately to see the Spectral Envoy win. For Mantis, this is his crowning achievement as he has literally never won a single title within the promotion. For Wicked, this puts him in an elite class of Chikara wrestlers as he has won the YLC, Campeones de parejas, and now this King of Trios tournament. A perfect way to cap off the tournament if you ask me as this delivered in every conceivable way. Drama. Match quality. A feeling finality. You could not have predicted a better match to end King of Trios 2012. Congrats to the Spectral Envoy on a tournament. Props to the Bucks and Bennett for showing up and being perfect foils. It would not bother me at all to see Bennett back in Chikara. Never thought I’d hear myself say that.

On a completely random sidenote, based on the atmosphere of this match, someone really blew it when it came to a Ring of Honor versus Chikara feud.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: King of Trios 2012-The Spectral Envoy/20:28/****1/4/****1/2

Gran Akuma vs. The Shard (Deep Freeze, 10.6.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Underrated Battle

Match Highlights: I find the idea of Shard being an enforcer of anything comical. At least he’s a good wrestler. Some basic mat work to begin. Akuma sets up a surfboard and manages to get him all the way up. Back down before Akuma kicks him down face first into the mat. Snap suplex. Shard sends Akuma into the turnbuckle. Akuma with an open hand series of chops. Shard reverses. Alabama slam and a double stomp. Elbow to the back of the neck. Shard misses a charge. Akuma with a leg kick. Another chop. Back kick by Shard to the midsection. Running elbow to the back of the neck. Shard taunts Akuma with his boot. Neckbreaker. Into the mount and right hands. Elbows by Akuma. Shard turns Akuma over and flapjacks him. Running bicycle kick gets two. Shard says Akuma has a broken jaw. Series of kicks. Akuma gets fired up. Kick exchange. Back kick and a lifting kick sends Shard outside. Shard catches Akuma with a kick to the side. Shard misses a dive badly as Akuma simply moves. Kick to the head by Akuma. Both men get back in the ring. Akuma comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Running boot misses. Duck of the charge and an enziguri. Sloppy rana. Tilt a whirl backbreaker hits well. 1-2-NO! Akuma with a back elbow. Enziguri by Shard. Akuma hits a sweet German suplex. Stiff kick to the side of the head. Shard sends Akuma down. 1-2-NO! Akuma goes back to the kicks. Backslide by Shard. Gory special countered.  Shard manages to hit on second attempt. 1-2-NO! Kicks from Shard. Elbows to the back of the neck. Superkick blocked. Akuma’s discus clothesline blocked. La maestral. Shard hits a superkick. Argentinian backbreaker position but he instead drops Akuma. Dragon sleeper. Series of reversals out of the tombstone piledriver. Akuma hits a tombstone, then lifts him up for a Tenchi Crash. 1-2-NO! More counters. O’Connor roll. Series of nearfalls exchanged. Shard rolls out of the corner. Yoshi tonic blocked. Jig ‘n’ Tonic hit by Shard and he gets the win.

Match Analysis: This was undoubtedly the best singles match of Shard’s career and the best non-gimmick singles match Akuma has had in a number of years. Great back and forth action as these two wrestled like they had something to prove. This match finally gave me something to sink my teeth to and I felt like I was rewarded.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: The Shard/14:08/***1/2/***1/2

-Colt Cabana vs. Mike Quackenbush (Zelda the Great, 11.10.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Too Short

Match Highlights: Their first match in Milwaukee was a technical wrestling classic. Code of honor is followed. Cabana takes Quack over in a side headlock. Series of two counts. Quack works himself out of the hold. Quack headlock now. Up and down they go. Cabana walks out. Cabana takes Quack down. Headscissors by Quack. Cabana continually picks his head up and down. He claps his hands and puts Quack’s head between his legs. Quack crawls around, kips up, and escapes. Quack leans in for a kiss and then armdrags Cabana. Arm wringer. Cabana puckers up. Snapmare. Reverse of the hold. Snapmare and they both roll over. Cabana kicks him away. He locks Quack’s head with his legs. Cabana maintains the hold but almost gets himself pinned. Quack goes to the mat and rolls away like a snake. Lock-up. Quack takes Cabana over. Series of nearfalls. Cabana crawls under Quack. Quack takes him over by the arms. Cabana takes him over. Quack locks Cabana up near the thighs. Cabana sits down hard on Cabana’s ankle. Quack maintains hold of the limb. Cabana bridges over and crosses his arms. Cabana brings his arms down. O’Connor roll for two. Quack hits a snap suplex. He bridges over for two. Small package gets two. Cabana locks the hands. Quack stands up on Cabana’s shoulders. He steps down and hits an armdrag. Pinning combo for two. Whip but Cabana rolls through. He ends up on top, locks the arms, and gets three.

Match Analysis: I could watch these two wrestle 100 times and never get tired of it. They’re the premiere technical wrestlers in the world, and I hope they have a third match down the road. I wish this had gone 5-8 more minutes, but this was a solid way to show that a match can truly end at any time.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Colt Cabana/9:16/***/***

-3.0, Gran Akuma & El Generico vs. Young Bucks & Bravados Brothers (A Piece of the Action, 11.11.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: Another Fun Atomico

Match Highlights: Matthews wants to fight. Immediate waistlock takedown on Matt. Shoulder tackle. Matt tears him down. Matthews is excitable. Parker tags with Lancelot. Parker literally wrestles circles around Lancelot before grabbing the arm. Lancelot grabs the arm. Parker tries getting out but Lancelot brings him down by the hair. Generico comes in. He matches up with Harlem. Nick crotches himself on the top rope. Bravados and Matt console him. Feeling out process. Armdrag by Generico. Boot. Up and over but Harlem brings him down by the mask. Parker calls for a timeout. Babyfaces meet in the corner. Remsburg allows it. Akuma and Nick are the final two members of their respective teams to come in. Each man works the arm. Akuma sends Nick down by the hair. Akuma does the same for all the rudos. Ironic given he doesn’t have hair. 3.0 double team Matt. Parker covers and gets two. Leaping knee drop. Jawbreaker by Matt. Harlem in with boots. Chop in the corner. Parker with a chop. Harlem with a jawbreaker of his own. Parker taken back into the rudo corner. Dropkick by Harlem. 1-2-NO! Nick tagged in. Stomp on Parker and a ring of his bell. Parker gets a boot up. Generico enters with a boot and two chops. Nick up and over to the apron. Chop and an armdrag to the middle of the ring. Dropkick. Generico battles out of a headlock. Nick sends Generico off the ropes. Pace picks up. Leg lariat by Generico. Two count. Akuma with a kick in the bum. Tilt a whirl backbreaker. Sitting abdominal stretch. Bravados take out the tecnico corner. Matt with a bodyslam and holds Akuma for seven seconds. Harlem tries to break the record but Akuma collapses on him. Rudos maintain the advantage.  Akuma with a roll-up. Harlem kicks him away and here comes 3.0. They work over the Bravados. Drop toe hold and elbow drop for all four rudos. Akuma and Generico get in on the act as well when Matt is prone. Double team neckbreaker gets two. They go for the finish. Nick superkicks Parker. Assisted sliced bread on Parker. Double superkick on Parker. 1-2-NO! Double back elbows and elbow drops for Parker. Body scissors by Harlem on Parker. Back elbows. Matt enters with stomps. Heat segment on Parker continues. Parker begins punching his way to a comeback. Matt charges and runs into his brother’s enziguri. Generico yakuza kicks Matt immediately. Clotheslines on Harlem and Nick. Open hand slap and swinging DDT on Lancelot. Forearm to the back by Lancelot. Headscissors by Matthews. Akuma moonsaults the rudos on the floor. Blue thunder powerbomb by Generico on Matt gets two. Matt boots Generico in the face. Wheelbarrow quesa dora. Akuma breaks the count. Matt rolls out. Shoulder block and springboard facebuster by Nick. Knee by Akuma. He sends Nick down in a version of a 2K1 bomb. Nick with a back elbow. Parker tosses Nick into a waiting spear by Matthews. Chop by Harlem. Bicycle kick hits. Parker with a rolling forearm. Lancelot hits a lariat. Generico hits an exploder into the corner. Matt superkicks him. Matthews blocks. Takedown. Boston crab. Akuma puts Lancelot in one. Parker does the same to Harlem. Generico makes it four. All four rudos make it to the rope. Chop by Matthews on Matt in the corner. Matthews brings Harlem  up and over. Running clothesline by Lancelot. Springboard acecrusher by Harlem. Nick with a running knee. Matt hits a cutter off the top rope. 1-2-NO! Lancelot and Harlem keep Generico and Akuma away. Double team enziguri. Superkick into the assisted German suplex. Count gets broken up. Bucks call for the end. Parker shoved down. Generico with a yakuza on Nick. Huge dive. Akuma drops Matt into his knees. Sweet Taste of Professionalism. Matthews pins Matt and gets the victory for the tecnicos. That means one half of 3.0 just pinned one of the campeones de parejas.

Match Analysis: Fun way to cap off the show and provide another preview of the Cibernetico. These types of matches are always good and a solid way to end B type Chikara shows. Quality action and effort by both teams.

Winner (s)/Time/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: 3.0, Gran Akuma, and El Generico/24:13/***1/2/***1/2

-Fire Ant, Green Ant, Mike Quackenbush & assailANT vs. Jigsaw, The Shard, Soldier Ant & deviANT (Under the Hood, 12.2.12)

Match in Five Words or Less: MADNESS!

Match Highlights:  assailANT is trying his hardest to be embraced by his teammates still. Jigsaw stands on the top rope as Quack stares him down. Shard, deviANT, and Soldier Ant stand in front. Symbolism? assailANT and Soldier Ant start. Some fast pace mat work. Soldier Ant hits a dropkick. Rolling elbow hits. Fire Ant tags in. Soldier Ant is still missing his antenna from the match with Mr. Touchdown. Soldier Ant maintains a headlock. Fire Ant with a snapmare. Quick roll-up for one. Soldier Ant goes for a headlock. Takedown. Back and forth off the ropes. Armdrag by Fire Ant. Into the corner. Soldier Ant whipped. Fire Ant placed on the top rope. He gets himself stuck. Soldier Ant helps him out. Fire Ant takes him down. Exchange of sweeps. Stalemate and Soldier Ant salutes. Handshake. deviANT sends Soldier Ant out of the ring and attacks Fire Ant. Fire Ant exits. Green Ant comes in. Enziguri. Double team by the Colony. Big splash by Green Ant. Forearms as Shard walks in. Takedown by Green Ant. STF. Boot from deviANT. Green Ant sent out. Quack comes in. He works Shard and deviANT over. Shard attacks from behind. And things now break down as all eight man brawl. All the rudos are sent out. The Colony and Quack dive together. That was interesting. Jigsaw and Fire Ant go in the ring. Jigsaw backs up and points at Quack for losing it. Low superkick to the leg. Soldier Ant is not happy. deviANT sends him out. Jigsaw with fists in the corner on Fire Ant.  Rudos work Fire Ant over. Announcers emphasize Jigsaw is delusional for what he did and the verbal exchange with Quack. So this heel turn is clearly sticking. Fire Ant kicks Jigsaw in the corner. Soldier Ant won’t attack his partner. Jigsaw will and goes after Fire Ant’s injured knee. Fire Ant chops his way back. Jigsaw with a series of chops himself. Brainbuster by Jigsaw on Fire Ant. He stares right at Quack. Jigsaw passes on a three count and lifts Fire Ant up. Fire Ant counters into Burning Down the House. Green Ant with a slam. Michinoku driver on Shard. deviANT makes the save. Acecrusher by Green Ant. Six feet of fury as they INVITE assailANT to join them. WOW! Soldier Ant is shocked. Jigsaw sends Soldier Ant to break up the Ant Hill. Soldier Ant shoves Jigsaw. assailANT hits the assailANT’s cross. Kicks to the back by deviANT. Cross body and running kick by Fire Ant. Powerslam by Shard. Green Ant hits a gordbuster. Kick and release German suplex by Jigsaw. Quack comes in but can’t hit Jigsaw. Kick and brainbuster by Jigsaw. Soldier Ant sends Jigsaw off. They set up the Ant Hill. Splash by Fire Ant. Shard makes the save and breaks the count. All eight men are down. Jigsaw measures Quack. assailANT sacrifices himself. Quack blocks the superkick and hits a palm strike. Shard hits the gory bomb. To the top rope. Double stomp hits. Quack makes the save. deviANT dropkicks Quack. deviANT covers and gets three to get the rudos a win.

Match Analysis: It would take an entire book to explain the amazing storytelling done in the match. If you’ve watched Chikara all year, this is one of those matches that rewards you. I haven’t been a huge fan of the Gekido storyline, but this was quite great. Jigsaw and Quack have a lot of work to do next season. Another match with some good wrestling but this was obviously very storyline oriented. The wrestling was practically background noise to the amazing moments that took place here.

Winner (s)/Match Rating/Entertainment Rating: Jigsaw, Soldier Ant, The Shard, and deviANT/***1/2/****

-Great moment after the match as Quack symbolically accepts assailANT. Fire Ant and Green Ant walk out on Soldier Ant. Crowd chants that they blame Wink.

The Verdict: If you want to avoid some of the sillier developments from this year, check this three disk set out. A number of these matches are from lesser DVDs, so that might persuade you. Star ratings alone dictate this as a thumbs up DVD.

For more information in CHIKARA Pro, including tickets and event information, please check their website. While you can purchase DVDs there as well, you can also purchase their DVDs on Smart Mark Video. Something relatively new to Smart Mark Video is video downloads. This is a great way to save on shipping and not have a DVD clogging your shelf (if that’s what you’re concerned about). It’s super easy to purchase and then download on your computer. I could not recommend this service strongly enough whether you’re buying CHIKARA or many other promotions.

To get a great sense of history and participate in discussion of the company, check out their official messageboard. One thing the promotion does really well? Videos. They have frequent (almost daily) updates on their YouTube channel.

As someone who is not nearly the CHIKARA fan as certain others, even I need to look up information and have a good CHIKARA resource. I can can think of no better place to do this and also read exclusive reviews of every CHIKARA show in history than at The CHIKARA Special. Kevin Ford maintains this little blog and also updates a CHIKARA Special Tumblr with news and videos nearly every day.

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    I’ve brought this up before, but Chikara really missed a great opportunity to turn Quackenbush heel, not Jigsaw. I kind of wish the collection had the Young Bucks vs Spectral Envoy title defense from Zelda The Great instead of Quack/Cabana, but a minor quibble.

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