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WrestleCon 04.06.13 DGUSA “Open the Ultimate Gate” Results

We also have members of the PWP crew live at the Meadowlands Expo Center updating our official Twitter page with live results, @PWPonderings.

The show is set to start a bit late, around 8:15 or so.

Rich Swann vs. Brian Kendrick. Our feed is down right now. Missing the early goings of the match. Probably the middle and late goings too. Brian Kendrick won with an enziguri.

We joined the four-way freestyle match, with Anthony Nese winning with a 450 splash. A pretty sloppy match with no real story to it.

Scott Reed beat Derek Ryze with his DDT. Larry Dallas talked before the match, but we couldn’t hear him because, again, the PA was broken. The story is Caleb Konley had the night off, so Reed did all the work for himself. Short match, and afterward Caleb Konley confronts Reed and Dallas and tells them both he’s sick of the booze and sick of the hoes. They start fighting and the girls get involved. Konley hits his sit-out powerbomb and leaves triumphantly. Unless I missed something, that felt quite sudden. Afterward Reed couldn’t carry Dallas to the back and it was hilarious.

Trent? beats Jon Davis by disqualification. This was the classic Jon davis match, where he uses his size to neutralize Trent. Fans wer very vocal against Davis. Trent? tried to come back with some strikes but Davis cut him off with a perfectly placed knee to the face and followed up with a kick to the back. Davis slammed Trent? ribs-first into the ring frame. Trent fought back into it with a corkscrew senton for a nearfall. It takes three enziguris to take Davis off his feet, and a missile dropkick and a running knee to the face gets Trent another nearfall. The comeback was only momentar, however, and Davis came back with a chokeslam. A slap to the face drives Davis crazy, and Davis continues . referee and hits his finihser on Trslines thng headbutts until the referee calls for the disqualification. Davis smash! He clotheslines the referee and hits his finisher on Trent. Davis promised to wreak havoc all weekend, and he makes good on his promise here. Davis gets on the mic and challenges anyone to come out and fight him. Nobody does.

Eita and Tomahawk TT beat the Super Smash Brothers with a crucifix sit-out powerbomb. Pretty fun match with a little comedy to start. Both teams worked well together. Everything you would expect from an SSB match and more. player Dos was nearly put away with a Doomsday Device tpe move, except Eita came off with a double knee jawbreaker, but Uno made the save. The SSB nearly won it with a 450 from Uno while Dos hit a cannonball senton. Eita came back with a headscissors takedown from the top. Tomahawk deigned a misile dropkick but instead hit a moonsault to the outside while Eita performed a Crucifix sit-out powerbomb for the big win. Very good match.

Ricochet beat Akira Tozawa with the 630 splash. They have a good opening exchange, but things got really awesome when Ricochet sent Tozawa to the floor and followed up with a springboard shooting star press. Ricochet hit a standing moonsault and went into a bow and arrow submission, slamming Tozawa’s head into the buckle all the while. But Ricochet eventually gets his, and Tozawa responds with three straight tope suicidas. Von Eerie attacks Ricochet on the floor, allowing Tozawa to pick up the scraps. Ricochet just told some fans to shut up. So who is supposed to be the heel here? I’m confused. Tozawa kicks out of a standing shooting star press and hits a brainbuster. We got a lightning quick exchange with Ricochet missing the Phoenix splash but rolling through and both guys countering each other’s suplexes. They fought it out on the apron until Tozawa hit a german on the edge of the apron. Great exchange back in the ring with Tozawa hititng another German followed by a wheelbarrow German. They set up for another sequence but Ricochet nails an enziguri from out of nowhere. Ricochet hits a backslide driver for a nearfall. This match! Ricochet manages to nail the 630 splash for the win. Awesome match between these two.


Uhaa Nation beat Sami Callihan with a standing moonsault followed by a standing shooting star press. Nation spent the early part of the match weakening the back of Callihan by slamming him into the apron. If I were Nation I’d focus on the leg instead, but what do I know? Callihan instead tried to capitalize on an injured knee for Nation. The match picked up when Nation hit a series of German suplexes while selling the knee. Callihan hit a dragon screw legwhip into a Figure Four to work over that injured knee, but nation kicked his way free. Callihan hits some running boots to Nation, but he doesn’t go down, so Callihan kicks him right in the hurt knee. Callihan takes a powerbomb off the top and feigns being hurt, but comes back and nearly beats Nation by catching him off guard. Nation comes back with a moonsault followed by a shooting star press for the win.

The Young Bucks beat Cima and AR Fox to win the Open the united Gate Championships with More Bang for Your Buck. Wild and crazy match with dives and superkicks a plenty. At one point Nick Jackson took out his own brother after Fox avoided a dive. Later Matt caught Fox going for a big move and sent him right into the apron. With Fox isolated, Cima came in for the assist. Fox made the tag. The crowd didn’t sound too into the match at this point. Fox hit a senton to the outside. The bucks hit a series of powerbombs and send Fox into an enziguri and a piledriver for a nearfall, but Cima made the save. The champs rally back and Cima ultimately connects with flying double knees to the face for another nearfall, but Fox makes the save. Fox ate double superkicks and took More Bang for Your Buck for the finish. We have new tag team champions! Afterward ricochet came out to mock the former champs.

Johnny Gargano defeated Shingo with a Gargano Escape to retain the Open the freedom Gate Championship. Awesome match as one might expect from these two. They exchanged strikes early on and countered each other’s submission attempts later. Shingo came bounding off the ropes and took a slingshot spear from Gargano. Later Gargano countered a side slam into a Gargano Escape, but Shingo fought out. Shingo at one point boots Gargano over the guardrail into the crowd. This is my first time watching Shingo and he’s about as awesome as everyone says he is. Shingo came bounding out for a clothesline and ate a superkick from Gargano instead, and Gargano hit a suicide dive. He sat Shingo on the chair and started jabbing and chopping away. He went up and hit anotherher dive to a seated Shingo. Gargano hit running boots to Shingo twice, but Shingo caught the third one and dropped Gargano on the cement. He caught Gargano’s spear and nailed a DDT. Gargano fights out with a slingshot into a DDT for another nearfall. Shingo hit a Death Valley Driver but both men were so exhausted neither could capitalize. Gargano caught Shingo in the gargano Escape once again, but Shingo fought out. They exchange forearms before Shingo unloads with rights and lefts, but Gargano responds. The had an excellent sequence exchanging strikes and going for a Saito suplex. Shingo countered a submission into a press slam, but he couldn’t make the cover in time. Gargano comes back with Hurts Don’t it for a nearfall, and transitions into Gargano Escape for another close call. But Shingo escapes. Shingo hit a sit-out brainbuster type move followeoved by a lariat for two huge nearfalls. This match is just awesome. Gargano kicks out of the move for a second time. Then, that fiend! Gargano hit a low blow to Shingo and used a long string to choke out Shingo with the Gargano Escape. Lenny Leonard was irate.

After the match Gargano gets on the mic and sarcastically delivers the same promo he delivers after every DGUSA or Evolve show, where he thanks the fans and tells them to drive safely.

This was fantastic. My first time seeing Shingo was an epic win, and I’m absolutely sold on buying tomorrow’s show to watch Shingo and tozawa.

Thank you for joining me for this DGUSA review, and we’ll join you again tomorrow afternoon at 1 P.M. Barry Murphy has you covered.

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    Just to let you know, Rich Swann won the first match with an enziguri.

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