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VWAA Adapt or Die 2013 DVD Review


VWAA Adapt or Die
March 16, 2013
Plainfield, IL

This event jumps straight into the action. I want to thank everyone who emailed me after the last review, lots of good feedback and I’m glad that you’re all giving VWAA a shot ( As I noted in the last review, the production in 2012 was seemingly better and I did let their management know your concerns with it. They have assured me they are getting it managed out and that some of it is due to constraints at certain venues. That is not to say it still isn’t very much above the average indy production, but they know they can do better and I would encourage you guys to check out their 2012 events to see what I mean. Their on screen presentation though is still some of the best with striking graphics and smooth transitions and I did notice that you guys noticed it too. They are very easy to contact either on facebook or twitter (@VWAA) so let them know what you think and help support a great indy company that is booking some of the best talent on the scene. Let’s get to it.

 Joe Firoz def. Alex Bernadino

 This is my first time seeing Alex Bernadino to my knowledge and against a flyer like Firoz I think they gelled well together. Bernadino has a fun charisma even though he was the heel to Firoz’ popularity. Fun opener with a few mis-timings by both men but it was still a decent match. Firoz isn’t growing enough for me. Last year he had some big matches and was able to showcase his style a bit more and while I get what they are doing with him being an exciting opening match talent, I know he has more in him. Bernadino wasn’t a bad opponent either, and I’d like to see more of him in VWAA to see what they could do because with this being the first time I’ve seen them wrestle, I feel as if they could do more. Firoz got the win with his version of a code breaker(elephant graveyard) after a sloppy Bernadino press slam variation.

Tyler Baggins def. Jervis Cottonbelly

 Jervis coming out with Veronica was classic. If you’re into what they both do within the CHIKARA universe in their roles, seeming them together almost made sense… almost,  in a fun way. Tyler Baggins, another talent I was seeing for the first time had that Bob Orton Jr look with a look that literally was stealing the Ace gimmick from back in the day, no arm injury though, yet. Lots of basic work here, nothing too flashy though the little dance off that Baggins used to get out of a hold from Jervis was fun as Jervis almost started getting into the 2 step with him. Both men though had a good transition while Jervis had Tyler in a good ankle lock, Baggins got to the ropes but then while he was on his hands and knees Jervis rode him like a horse only to get rolled into an ankle lock by Baggins. Of course Veronica got involved and dropped her scarf in the ring while Baggins had to do the gentlemanly thing and picked it up for her (he is a cowboy afterall), ONLY to put Jervis in the ankle lock again. Jervis would then scold her for getting involved as that was not how he wanted to get the win.  A suplex attempt by Jervis got reversed into a back drop but Veronica was distracting the ref but ultimately Baggins would get the win with a Samoan drop after Jervis was scolding Veronica. Veronica may have cost Jervis the win here and we’ll have to see where this goes.

The League (Tripp Cassidy & Reed Bentley) def. Painkillers (Donnie & Jacob Hollows)

The League were impressive at Out of the Ashes and there was no difference here. Bentley & Cassidy are great wherever they go and I’m really enjoying what they do in VWAA. I hope if you’re in the area of a VWAA show that you go and experience it yourself. The Painkillers are a fun tandem and played well against the League (I’ve seen them in CLASH wrestling & they are graduates of the ROH academy by Delirious). This match had tons of good technical wrestling and was high octane from the get go. A fun spot where after about 9 elbow drops from Donnie to Cassidy, Donnie asked the ref to kneel down and check the ring to use him as a springboard for another elbow drop. These two teams went all out with lots of powerful stuff from Jacob and Donnie but The League always can rely on their tag team wrestling in the end. A fun match that I hope you guys go out of your way to see. Both teams and VWAA deserve it. The League did the fisherman suplex into a back cracker and went for the pin but after a kick took the win with their tandem wheel barrel suplex. They cut a promo telling VWAA they are here to take over and consume pro wrestling.

Thomas Sinclair def. Ethan Page

 Sinclair came out with a video intro that was impressive, at least the part I could see and you could see it playing in the background on their big screen. Ethan Page obviously tearing it up on the indy scene and the Canadian would not disappoint in this match. Sinclair is a great technical wrestler and can show it off when he wants as he does the small things right that make it awesome to see him wrestle for fans like me who pay attention to those types of details. Of course Ethan Page had to make fun of Sinclair being smaller and asks for a test of strength in his own egotistical way among other tactics. Sinclair wins with his running knee strike after a flurry of other strikes. He would have little time to celebrate as The League came out to beat him down and make a statement in VWAA.

Kelevra def. Dale Patricks

 Squash match. Not much more to it than that. Kelevra is the resident monster of VWAA and he’s just tearing it up. Patricks had some offense in this but nothing worth noting. Kelevra destroys Patricks and gets the win.

assailANT def. Dysfunction

 I’ve never seen any of Dysfunctions stuff but assailANT has been kicking ass in CHIKARA and other promotions so I was wondering what we would get in this match. Dysfunctions mouth alone made this an entertaining bout before they even locked up. Lots of cheating from Dysfunction who took advantage of every single 5 count and made sure the crowd knew it. Good sequences though from both guys including a series of headbutts from assailANT and Dysfunction trying a few moves from the top rope that were all unsuccessful. The blue version of the CHIKARA Special would get assailANT the win via submission.
Three way: Prince Ali def. MR. Touchdown) & Josh Alexander

 We’re up to the main event and this was a great main event for the crowd and it definitely was worth going out of your way to see. All three men worked in this one, including working on their football skills as Mr. Touchdown had Ali go all the way for a toss… right into a wall. And it was GOOD!  When it comes to the in ring, all three men did some awesome stuff. Lots of good three way sequences including Ali using all his guile to work over Josh or Touchdown where he could. At one point Alexander put had Ali and Touchdown in a DDT position and then hit Ali with the big boot to also DDT Touchdown.  A lot of good wrestling in this main event and all three guys are going to have big 2013’s. Prince Ali would steal the win after Touchdown had weakened Alexander with the flea flicker and he hit a reverse hurricanrana for the pin. Ali got a big win here.

Overall:  A good event. The main event and tag match were great and the rest of the card less the squash between Kelevra and Patricks delivered. VWAA has some interesting things going on with the League showing their dominance in the tag ranks as well as Sinclair now working as a fan favorite. They are also bringing in some of the best talent on the indy scene such as Touchdown, Page, and Alexander and their core roster in Sinclair and Ali are picking up a lot of momentum. I encourage you all to check them out when you can if they are within driving distance and help support a great indy promotion. You can check this out on SMV for only $9.99 to download here:


My photo, doesn't reflect the actual download or DVD content in color or theme.
My photo, doesn’t reflect the actual download or DVD content in color or theme.

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