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Combat Zone Wrestling-CZW Featured Indie Results PPV Review 

CZW Proving Grounds 05.11.2013 iPPV Results and Analysis


CZW Proving Grounds
May 11, 2013
Voorhees, NJ

Best of the Best Tournament Rewind Match: Andrew Everett (Chiva Kid) vs. Shane Hollister vs. Caleb Konley – A suicide dive to the outside on Hollister by Konley less than 30 seconds in. Everett see’s room to take advantage and explodes off the top rope for a springboard shooting star press to the floor onto both Hollister and Konley. Everett goes to the top again but Hollister crotches him down. Everett is now in a tree of woe position and Konley and Hollister set up for a superplex but Everett grabs on and a huge german suplex/superplex combo connects. A really cool stunt. Everett comes out of this on top and hits a middle rope shooting star springboard this time. Some great combo work and some great exchanges push this match down the stretch. Konley hits a death valley driver from off the turnbuckle on Everett. Some more great exchanges. Everett climbs to the top rope again and misses a modified phoenix splash. Woah that made the eyes go for a lap or two. Hollister almost out of nowhere with small package driver on Everett and that wraps up the opener. Winner: Shane Hollister. *** range.

Jessicka Havok vs. Nevaeh – They work around the ring momentarily but it does not take long to get back into the ring and for Havok to be in complete control. Out of nowhere, Nevaeh hits a kick on Havok and apparently that does Havok in. Winner: Nevaeh. * range. 

CZW World Tag-Team Championship Match: BlkOut, Ruckus and BlkJeez vs. John Silver and Alex Reynolds – Jeez and Reynolds start things off. They have a good battle and fight for control. Jeez finally comes out of a series of exchanges in full control. Ruckus tagged in. Silver tagged in. Silver picks up the pace and a nice sequence follows, including some nice double team work by Silver and Reynolds. This gives Silver all of the momentum but the tide turns with a quick pele kick by Ruckus. BlkOut with double-team stuff now and this match heats up nicely. Reynolds powers up and out of the double team stuff and gets a hot tag. Silver working really hard here. Double standing sliced bread by Silver. Silver and Reynolds with some more great double team work but BlkOut would prove to be a little too much handle. A lot of good stuff down the stretch leads to a top-rope double stomp combo by BlkOut. Ruckus pins Silver and its over. Winners: BlkOut. *** range.

Grudge Match: Matt Tremont vs. Joe Gacy - Gacy ties up Tremont in the ring to one of the ring posts with a chain and collar.  The collar is attached to Tremont’s neck. Gacy hits Tremont with a chair to the head and gut. Gacy then retrieves a barbed-wire wrapped chair and bashes Tremont over the head with it. Tremont is busted open and the ref decides due to his helplessness, the match must be thrown out. BULLSHIT! Frustrating booking choice here. Winner: No Contest.

Tracy Smothers vs. Greg Excellent – Cheap heat promo by Smothers. Cheap babyface promo by Excellent. Do we care?! They talk longer than the Tremont/Gacy match, and I have a major gripe with that. Smothers says he wants a timeout and “this is bullshit chants” break out. Smothers asks for a dance-off and he starts dancing in the middle of the ring. This is really stupid stuff. CZW should be embarrassed by this right now. Terrible placement also. Now Excellent begins to dance. Excellent pulls down his shirt and to the commentary stations delight, “we have titties.” WTF. Smothers attacks Excellent. Yes this match is still going apparently. I am one, pissed off CZW fan right now. Parks and Cherry Bomb come out as a distraction and Smothers hits a low blow on Excellent, but he does not budge and wins with a roll up. Winner: Greg Excellent. In the TOTAL DUD range.

Lucky 13 vs. Drake Younger – SCOTTY VORTEKZ IS BACK after a very long hiatus. So now we have Scotty Vortekz and Drake Younger vs. Danny Havoc and Lucky 13 – Drake retrieves a ladder right away. What a fresh breath of air this is after what we were just forced to sit through. Chairs, Ladders and even a concrete cinder-block come into play. A lot of great moves intertwine with the weaponry and that was a a load of fun. I popped out of my seat when I saw Vortekz standing there. Winners: The Naptown Dragons, Drake Younger and Scotty Vortekz. *** range. Younger says Vortekz will return to CZW and will participate in the Tournament of Death this year on June 8, 2013. Devon Moore chases Younger and Vortekz off. Moore challenges Younger to a non-tournament TOD match.


Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb are in the ring as we come back from intermission, but Jake Crist and Nevaeh come down to the ring before they can say anything. Jake says MASADA was injured during the WSU event earlier today and therefore, there will be NO CZW World Championship Match. Parks strikes Jake and it’s on…

Jake Crist vs. Pepper Parks – An impromptu match is underway and it really feels that way, as Parks is still in dress pants. Jake dominating over Parks, so Parks retreats to the back and gets himself counted out. Winner: Jake Crist. 

The Gulak Campaign make their way to the ring. Alexander James, Kimber Lee, Mr Tofiga, Drew Gulak, the whole crew. James thanks the campaign for giving him a spot. Lee says she wants to see equality between the men and women of CZW. Gulak thanks the fans for the “support.” He explains the reason he still works for CZW is because he cares about the fans as much as they care about the wrestlers.Gulak says he still working on a “better combat zone.” The fans aren’t impressed. They leave the ring to a chorus boo’s.

Alex Colon has been invited down to the ring to address his Best of the Best 12 Tournament victory. Bandido Jr., and Azriel are with him. All three of them are dressed to wrestle. He doesn’t get to say a whole lot as AR Fox interrupts things. Out comes Shane Strickland and Tommy Dreamer and this leads to another impromptu match.

4Loco, Alex Colon, Azriel and Bandido Jr. vs. AR Fox, Shane Strickland and Tommy Dreamer – Your typical, and for the most part, well-structured, six man tag breaks out. Everybody involved getting a chance to work one another but nothing significant or pop worthy several minutes in. Not bad by any means though. The discombobulation finally begins to happen and this leads to Fox, Strickland and even Dreamer hitting over the top rope dives. After Colon saves Rivera from Dreamer, AR Fox hits a stunner on Colon, perfectly stone cold style with the middle finger and all. Just a few seconds later, Strickland ends it with the swerve stomp, straight into the pin fall on Azriel. Winners: AR Fox, Shane Strickland and Tommy Dreamer. *** range.

DJ Hyde vs. Sami Callihan – Sami stars swinging at DJ with repeated heavy punches but DJ covers up and counters with one hard chop. Sami sends DJ out of the ring to the floor and then hits a bottom rope suicide dive. Sami gets a chair and gives DJ a good shot to the back. Sami presses DJ up against the guardrail and hits a running chop, and then a few hard chops more for good measure. Sami goes for another running attack but DJ backdrops him into the seats. An extended brawl through the crowd with some good spots, including a backdrop into the skatezone boards, a whip into a hockey net and some vicious crate shots to the head, all with Sami in control. DJ brings a guardrail down the entrance way and finally they are back at ringside. DJ suplexs Sami on the guardrail. Back into the ring they go. DJ has all of the control and keeps the pace down but Sami busts  out with a running bicycle kick and then straight into his “nick gage” running kick against the turnbuckle. Sami has turned things around now and has all of the control but DJ connects with a spear. Near fall. Bossman slam by DJ. Near fall. A cobra clutch or dragon sleeper suplex and a lariat on Sami. Near fall. Sami powers out and hits a well-delayed back suplex. Really impressive move. Sami then connects with a cobra-clutch suplex of his own. Sami with relentless inverted curb stomps on DJ and then into the stretch muffler. DJ taps. Winner: Sami Callihan. ***1/2 range.

Post-match, Sami grabs the mic and says, “I’m Sorry. I love you.” No sarcasm. A sincere tone.


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