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ROH 05.11.13 Belle Vernon, PA results Ciampa returns to ring, Proving Grounds match and More


May 11, 2013
Belle Vernon, PA

Estimated Attendance: Other estimates 300+ Source estimated 500+
Credit: Ken Burch be sure to check his youtube page out at

Before the show starts Jay Briscoe comes out and apologizes for his remarks on twitter.

American Wolves def R.D. Evans & Q.T. Marshall (Marshall was double stomped by both wolves, then both applied ankle lock & half boston crab for the submission)

Tomasso Ciampa def Vinny Marseglia (after 3 knees in the corner, Ciampa hit his finisher off the middle rope in the corner)

Proving Ground Match: ROH TV champion Matt Taven def Tadarias Thomas (ton of distraction from Truth Martini and 2 hoopla hotties, they were ejected by the ref after 7 minutes, Taven victorious in less than the 15min limit)

Michael Elgin def ACH (first match to get This is Awesome chant, actually got several, including this is wrestling, and a thank you both at the end,,I’d say match of the night, Elgin caught ACH several times out of the air, but could not put the athletic ACH away, always countering, backfist, powerbomb to corner, then sitout powerbomb to finish)

2 local wrestlers Dalton Castle (Albany) vs Jimmy Nutts (Pittsburgh) ruled no contest when Rhett Titus attacks both, chokeslamming Nutts and DDTing Castle. Kevin Steen comes out going right at Titus, there match starts among ton of streamers, crowd really into Steen, wins with package piledriver, leaves ring, comes back, kicks Titus in the balls and hits 2 more package piledrivers!

Friend to the site Larry Legend did announcing duties tonight in ROH and posted this on Vine for Steen/Titus:

Triple Threat B.J. Whitmer def Roderick Strong and Adam Cole (nonstop action, Whitmer pins Cole after all three were hitting suplexes, kicks, etc)

NO DQ Jimmy Jacobs def Jay Lethal (both utilized a steel chair, Lethal put Jacobs into can during tree of woe and dropkicked it, Steve Corino leaves announce table to stop a spear into a table in the corner, Kevin Steen runs in, hits package piledriver on Corino, Lethal goes to hit Jacobs with superkick, nails Steen, Jacobs spears Lethal into table for the win)

Friend to the site Larry Legend did announcing duties tonight in ROH and posted this on Vine for Lethal/Jacobs:

ROH Tag title match: Champs Red Dragon def the Briscoes Excellent tag team match! Show over. Excellent show from top to bottom.

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