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WSU 2013 Queen and King Tournament Results and Analysis



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WSU Queen and King Quarterfinal #1: Jake Crist and Navaeh vs. Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb

Early mind games by Parks and Cherry Bomb as they switch in and out of the ring. Funny enough, we have  a shoot married couple against a shoot engaged couple. Cherry Bomb crawls underneath three times and gets nabbed on the third time, leading to an accidental low blow. Exchange of nearfalls. Women exchange holds next as Navaeh maintains control. Parks decks Nevaeh with a forearm. Parks and Cherry Bomb work her over.  Navaeh hits a running clothesline and makes the tag to her husband. Chaos ensues. Cherry Bomb hits a beautiful superkick on Crist. Nevaeh hits a backpack stunner to get the win for her team. This was a solid if unspectacular bout. The roles were clear as far as the face/heel dynamics. Parks and Cherry Bomb have a great dynamic though.

Winner/Rating: Jake Crist and Navaeh/**1/2

WSU Queen and King Quarterfinal #2: Drew Gulak and Kimber Lee vs. Devon Moore and Mickie Knuckles

Heels do the fake-out thing in this match too. Knuckles doesn’t care and wants a test of strength. Moore comes in and gets out wrestled of course by Gulak. Headscissors and rana hit by Kimber Lee. Moore finger pokes despite being a male and the alleged babyface. Knuckles goes to work, and the heels flee. Knuckles works over Lee on the outside and even tosses her hard into the guard rail. Splits jawbreaker which is definitely new. Knuckles with a cravat and almost breaks his neck. No protection whatsoever. Knuckles hits a pumphandle bomb but Kimber Lee crotches Moore on the top rope. Lee accidentally dropkicks her partner. Lee hits a German suplex out of nowhere for the victory. Another decent match that felt rushed with an out of nowhere finish. Given the tournament format and time constraints, the first round will likely suffer.

Winner/Rating: Kimber Lee and Drew Gulak/**

Notice how I’m able to get through this review without pointing out what the girls are wearing.

For some reason, the CZW commentators are announcing the show. They’re atrocious and will turn a large portion of the audience off.

WSU Queen and King Quarterfinal #3: AR Fox and Athena vs. Latin Dragon and Ezavel Suena

More straight-up beginning since both teams are babyfaces. Girls have a feeling out process. Suena goes slightly heel. Men enter next. Pace picks up as they perform some lucha. Dragon lifts Fox to the outside with his feet. Corkscrew dive to the outside. Our first of the night. Suena grabs the middle rope and brings her down. Athena tosses outside. Suena dives on both Fox and Athena. Athena hits a DDT on Suena and Fox drops Dragon with a dropkick. Athena caught on a dive attempt. Dropkick on both by Fox. Snap moonsault misses. Double superkicks. Flip dive by Athena missed by the cameras. Fox tumbleweed connects. Fox misses a 450 on Suena. Suena moonsault block for two. If Suena would have pinned Fox, I would have questioned Drew Cordeiro’s sobriety. Fox catches Dragon with a superkick. Dragon rebounds and hits one of his own. Fox twisting suplex. Athena front flipping forearm and knees dropped. Dragon suplex by Dragon. Planted her. Rana blocked by Athena. METEORA on Suena and Athena gets the win. Best match so far as there was quality action and a lot of fun exchanges. I would love to see Athena and AR Fox win this whole tournament honestly. So smooth and the best of their respective genders when it comes to being exciting performers.

Winner/Rating: AR Fox and Athena/***1/4

WSU Queen and King Quarterfinal #4: Masada and Christina Von Eerie vs. Matt Tremont and Addy Starr

Von Eerie slaps Starr and wants Tremont. Von Eerie wants Tremont, which I understand in the CZW universe. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the girls to want to prove something to each other. Tremont and Masada get to interact and they show off some wrestling skill. Heat segment on Starr. Acid drop hit on Masada but only two. Tremont with stiff shots. Big running splash. Frog splash misses. Backbreaker by Masada on Starr. Back to work. Tilt a whirl lawn dart. Double knees into the abdomen. Running boot to the head by Von Eerie. All four on the outside of the ring. Von Eerie posts Starr. Von Eerie doesn’t get back in the ring in time. Starr took an amazing beating in this, but I can’t say the finish did anything for either side. I understand not jobbing Masada, but given the way Starr was humiliated at the last show, she really could have used the win. Good match for the most part. In a different atmosphere, it probably could have been quite the spectactle.

Winner/Rating: Matt Tremont and Addy Starr/**3/4

Non-title: Midwest Militia (Allysin Kay and Sassy Stephie) (WSU Tag Team Champions)  vs. Marti Belle (WSU Spirit Champion) and Lexxus

Lexxus controls Kay early. Marti Belle with a solid series of moves. Kay with stomps. Belle misses a charge very awkwardly. Ridiculous kicks on Belle. Heat segment by the champions. Lexxus comes in and hits an immediate series of knees on Stephie. Kay comes in and gets removed by the referee. Lexxus with some very impressive moves. Blind tag and the champions regain the advantage. Belle hot tag and also looks impressive. Kay boots Lexxus off the top rope to the outside. Double team lungblower. Belle gets pinned. Good solid match between these two teams. Militia looked dominant as they should. Belle and Lexxus showed me a lot as I’ve not really seen much of them.

Winner/Rating: Midwest Militia/***

Queen and King Semifinal #1: Kimber Lee and Drew Gulak vs. Jake Crist and Navaeh

Good match coming out of intermission as Gulak wins with the GuLock.

Winner/Rating: Kimber Lee and Drew Gulak/***1/4

Queen and King Semifinal #2: AR Fox and Athena vs. Matt Tremont and Addy Starr

Tremont immediately dives on top of Fox and Athena. Tremont no sells Athena. Springboard DDT. Tremont kills the referee on accident and takes Fox out as well. Chris Dickinson goes after Starr. He and Tremont brawl. Fox dives on everyone with Lo Main Rain. 450 splash on Tremont. Three count. Decent enough match before the interference. Loved the way everything began with Tremont’s splash. More time and this could have been an insane spectacle.

Winner/Rating: AR Fox and Athena/**1/2

Inter-gender Dream Match: Jessicka Havok vs. Sami Callihan

Some brawling and some really stiff work kicks this match into gear. They exchange stiff chops on the apron. They connect with simultaneous big boots on the apron. They make it back into the ring and Sami goes to the top rope but Havok knocks him off and he crashes all the way down to the floor. The match regains structure. Sami says Havok kicks like a girl and then they simultaneously connect with kicks to the head. Their up again, forearm exchanges and now Sami tells Havok to just walk away. Sami connects with a headbutt but Havok retaliates with one of her own. Havok sets Sami up for his own move, a running boot against the turnbuckle, but Sami shakes it off right away and connects with a massive clothesline for a near fall. Sami gets Havok into the stretch muffler but she counters out and sends Sami right into the referee. A back drop driver by Sami. A missed big splash from the top rope and Havok goes straight for the air raid and connects. A second air raid but neither get a three count. The match ends when Havok connects with yet another air raid and a low blow that the ref didn’t see. Great stuff by both here.

Winner/Rating: Jessicka Havok/***

WSU Queen and King Finals: Drew Gulak and Kimber Lee vs. AR Fox and Athena

Your 2013 Queen and King of the Ring is…Athena and AR Fox. Athena earns the pin fall victory and therefore earns the right to face Havok for the WSU Championship. There seemed to be some noticeable miscommunication throughout the entire match, but for the most part, everyone got time to show off some stuff. The usual from AR Fox and some good technical stuff from Gulak. Gulak and Lee did a great job at heeling it up the entire match. Havok challenges Athena to a 2/3 falls contest in a post-match promo.

Winner/Rating: Athena and AR Fox/**1/2


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