Chikara Aniversario: Never Compromise iPPV Review and Analysis

Jerome Cusson

Jerome Cusson has been a professional wrestling fan since late 1994. Having started out as a fan of WWF, he eventually expanded his horizons into WCW and ECW. After the unfortunate deaths of these two companies, Jerome's interest in wrestling nearly came to an end before he discovered independent wrestling. Let the love/hate relationship with wrestling continue.

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  1. John says:

    I’ve spent the last hour or so going to pretty much every website reviewing this show and am honestly shocked and disgusted at the reaction people are having to it. THIS IS PRO-WRESTLING PEOPLE!!! And for all these websites that claim to love it seem to have no understanding of how it works.

    Don’t get me wrong most wrestling companies have been horribly booked since 1989. Most companies except Chikara. As a person who is primarily a movie fan above anything else. Not just watching but breaking down the aspect of storytelling and what we got tonight from Chikara was an amazing end to the 2nd act of a story. Wrestling is meant to be booked this way. A story is slowly built and big advancments happen on ppv. What we had tonight was huge progression in the story, this is the kind of thing we all tear the WWE apart for not having. “I paid $15 dollars and got tat ending Boo Hoo”. It’s indy wrestling you pay $15-20 for every show!

    “We didn’t get a clean finish Boo hoo”. You are all know its not real right? If you want clean finishes with no shenanigans its called the UFC check it out. I’m starting to ramble so I’ll end this now with simply we watch wrestling for storylines if you don’t I have no clue why you do. So please stop complaining when something truely great like what happened tonight happens.

  2. Jason says:

    The three last paragraphs you wrote, Jerome, were amongst the saddest things I’ve ever seen you write. For you to be that outraged…you need some help.

  3. Playing the world’s smallest fiddle for this dude’s whiny ass inability to follow a complicated angle.

    Stick to doing WWE recaps dude, and also stay away from sharp objects.

  4. CaptNewJapan says:

    … Storylines, its all about storylines.. I love this Peck and this Backfist to the Future hook 😛
    As far as rumors goes, its rumors but they still selling tickets for July’s show and WIF! is still dong is June Show. WIF! and Chikara still have there events listed but know way to by tickets passed next month…

  5. Chris GST says:

    They have now all been canceled.

  6. Chris GST says:

    We have actually been following it from the beginning and recapped it on the podcast.

  7. CaptNewJapan says:

    well according to PWInsider.. all Chikara events will be Wrestling Is or be cancelled. So let’s just say a new and improved NWA 😛

  8. JMaq says:

    I’m going to respectfully disagree with your feelings about the main event. Chikara has been telling a secret story comprised of small clues and online scavenger hunts and conspiracy theories for the last few months (and to a lesser degree, years), and that ending was the first time they put it front and center. I understand being put off by a show that’s asking you to do homework, but it’s begging you to dig deeper and feel like a part of it, and that’s something far more magical than just another evil commissioner screwjob ending.

    I hated the no contest ending with a passion, but only because Chikara actually made me want to see Icarus become champion (SHOCKED FACE) and they took that from me. I’ve been emotionally manipulated by good storytelling. Even if this was the end of Chikara there’s no way it’s the end of the story, and to view it as such is to do yourself a great disservice. The stage coming down was just the opening salvo of a much larger battle.

    Even beyond that, hating a show that you otherwise loved because you hated the last five minutes seems silly. Writing off half a dozen promotions because of it is insane.

  9. Just for the record, my decision to not review Chikara and the Wrestling is companies came before the iPPV. If I wasn’t clear in my actual recap (and I’m unhappy with my writing of the whole review honestly), then let me make it so. I made my decision not to cover/review Wrestling is shows because of the quality of the shows not being very good. I may still buy shows that look good, particularly Wrestling is Respect, but someone else from PWP can do the actual reviewing I’m not reviewing Chikara for reasons that extend beyond what happens on the actual shows. Again, I may still support the promotion, but someone else can review them. Thank you for your comment.

  1. Jun 4, 2013

    […] Yesterday afternoon CHIKARA presented its latest iPPV, Aniversario: Never Compromise, live on iPPV from the Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA and it was…controversial and shocking to say the least. Read on for match results and notes from the show, courtesy of Jerome Cusson‘s live coverage of the event over at PWPonderings. […]

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