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Podcast of Honor: Best in the World 2013 Weekend Edition


With all the issues surrounding ROH once again when it comes to iPPV, Jerome called for a special edition Podcast of Honor to be brought together with Chris GST & Ari Berenstein. The group discuss the podcast in three sections so that anyone who hasn’t seen Best in the World or read our TV Tapings can still enjoy the podcast without having to worry about spoilers. The first section is about the iPPV issues and the lack of customer response from Ring of Honor. The second is match analysis for Best in the World (the part we could see anyway). The third, with ample spoiler warning so you can stop listening if you choose to, the group talks about the TV tapings and what they mean going forward. Let us know what you think as always by emailing us at

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TV Tapings Spoilers can be found HERE

ROH 06.22.13 Best in the World 2013 iPPV Results and Analysis can be found HERE

After the recording of this episode, ROH put out the following statement on Facebook which can be found here (

To our fans,

This past weekend at “Best in the World” in Baltimore, MD , Ring of Honor proved once again from top to bottom why our talent is truly the best in wrestling today. Unfortunately, there were some issues with the live iPPV stream that wound up distracting from the energy and action in ring. For this, we sincerely apologize to all fans that encountered problems.

Because of how much we value the support of our fans, and understand the imperfections of the live streaming technology, “Best in the World” will be the last iPPV stream that we will be broadcasting live. All future main event shows will now be offered as a Video On Demand, which will allow Ring of Honor to present a flawless show and truly depict the excellence of our product.

From now on, fans can watch ROH Wrestling on TV, VOD, or DVD, however there is still nothing like seeing Ring of Honor in person. We thank you for your continued support and are excited to be moving forward.

-Ring of Honor Wrestling

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One thought on “Podcast of Honor: Best in the World 2013 Weekend Edition

  1. Sean

    I’ve heard some people theorize that having Steel Cage Warfare at the TV Tapings & the hasty finish to S.C.U.M. (more specifically the much larger S.C.U.M. that emerged at the 11th Anniversary Show) was Delirious finishing off the last vestige of the Jim Cornette-Era of ROH, since S.C.U.M. started under Cornette. Not sure if it’s true but that’s what I’ve heard some people theorize.

    I’m also interested to hear some thoughts in general on the fact that ROH will be running places like Tennessee, Alabama & Minnesota in September, which I feel is an interesting talking point.

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