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Combat Zone Wrestling-CZW Featured Indie Results PPV Review 

CZW Tangled Web 6 08.10.2013 iPPV Results and Analysis


Combat Zone Wrestling’s “Tangled Web 6.”
August 10, 2013
Voorhees, NJ

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Maven Bentley is invited down to the ring to start the show. He says Scotty Vortekz will not be able to make tonight’s main event. He is with a family member in the hospital. Drew Blood interrupts and says he smells bullshit. Out comes Danny Havoc and Lucky 13 but before they can get a word in they are attacked by Rory Mondo. Ron Mathis joins in on the fun. So does Devon Moore with a barbed wire bat in hand. Havoc says do whatever you have do. Bentley proceeds to make a the tangled web main event match a 6 man tag. Danny Havoc. Lucky 13 and Devon Moore VS Drew Blood, Rory Mondo and Ron Mathis.JT Dunn VS. David Starr: They lock up fighting for position. Dunn comes out on top and goes for a pin but Starr comes right back and makes the take down. A little chain work and then a stare down. Dunn has all of the control now. Pin attempt by Dunn and then the momentum shifts…sort of…huge lariat out of nowhere by Dunn. Super kick by Dunn. Facebuster by Dunn. Nearfall and then another momentum shift. Huge release German by Starr. Olympic slam by Starr. Starr tunes up the band, but with hsi fist. Huge roaring elbow. That match was flawless! Winner: David Starr. *** range.Alex Colon starts cutting a promo on Shane Strickland as he, Joe Gacy and Biff Busick make their way to the ring.

Matt Tremont, Shane Strickland and Greg Excellent VS. Joe Gacy, Alex Colon and Biff Busick: Strickland confronts Colon who is trying to be on strike by sitting down on a chair in the ring. Strickland takes him out and the bell sounds. Busick and Strickland kick things off. Some early mat work. They continue to play feelers for a while. Busick begins to prove how much stronger he is but Strickland with some swerve action prevents any advantage. In comes Tremont and he exchanges strikes with Busick. Tremont with a t-bone suplex on Busick. Busick tags out and in comes Gacy. Gacy attacks Tremont from behind and sends him to the outside. Strickland hops in the ring and sends Busick to the outside. All the competitors are on the outside and in a bunch so Gacy goes to the turnbuckle and hits a moonsault to the floor on top of everyone. Somehow Tremont, Excellent and Strickland make their way into the ring and then all three simultaneously hit suicide dives to the outside. Order is regained but then a triple team on Strickland ensues. Strickland has been isolated and after a long while he makes his way to Tremont. Tremont takes everyone out. Gacy is the legal man. The order is long gone again. Something happened witht the referee that I cannot explain but it was very pop worthy and involved a stunner…6 of them, sort of. Just ridiculous, in a good way. Tremont and Gacy start slugging it out and then Excellent and Busick mess something up. They go for it again, and whatever the hell it was works this time. Busick with the pin fall victory on Excellent. Great match with a sloppy ending. Winners: Alex Colon, Biff Busick and Joe Gacy. *** range.

DJ Hyde and Navaeh are in the ring. Both are dressed to compete. Hyde with a promo reminding everyone of how OI4K shoved a cake in his face last month in honor of Jake Crist’s birthday. He reminds us that Jake and Dave Crist are suspended because of the incident. Hyde then gets into with the fans pretty good! He introduces us to someone named Shanna. DJ Hyde puts her over.

DJ Hyde will choose Navaeh’s opponent – Navaeh VS. Shanna: The two go back and forth with various momentum shifts. Shanna teases control but Navaeh stops some forearm attacks and gets the better of Shanna. Roll up attempt by Navaeh is blocked and Shanna hits a double stomp. Sideslam by Shanna. Legdrop by Shanna. Pin attempt fails and this fires up Navaeh. Back suplex by Navaeh and then an STO. 2 count. Shanna fights back, stunner. Two count again and another come back by Navaeh. Release german by Navaeh and that leads to the three count. Winner: Navaeh. ** range.

DJ was at ringside the entire time. He says he didn’t pick Shanna and that Navaeh accepted the match when he introduced her. Hyde attacks Navaeh. Lariat!

Caleb Konley VS. Shane Hollister: Hollister knocks Konley down but Konley kicks up. Another attempt with the same result. Konley suicide dive blocked by Hollister. Slingshot legdrop by Hollister. Konley with a take down. Springboard moonsault by Konley. They exchange strikes. Springboard tornado ddt by Hollister. Enzuguri attempt blocked by Konley. Springboard moonsault attempt by Konley again but this time Hollister blocks it with a  dropkick. Hollister slows things down with an armbar on the mat. Attack by Hollister countered, northern lights into the turnbuckle. They exchange strikes and Konley sends Hollister to the outside and then hits a suicide dive. Konley with kicks to the chest on Hollister. Hollister blocks the third straight kick and hits a sit down powerbomb. Nearfall. Another striking sequence but this time with bicycle kicks and super kicks. They both collapse but as they get their footing Konley with a roll up and it’s over. Since Hollister holds a future championship opportunity based on a win at New Heights last month, I don’t care for this booking decision. Winner: Caleb Konley. *** range.

New Heights Tag-Team Rematch – 4Loco, Azrieal and Bandido Jr VS. The Beaver Boys, Alex Reynolds and John Silver: Reynolds and Azrieal kicks things off. Some early mat work but nothing notable enough to give someone the edge until Reynolds hits some arm drags and then a tiltawhirl backbreaker. In comes Silver. Double team and Silver is able to get into full control. Azrieal finally makes the tag. In comes Bandido. Silver tosses Bandido like a rag doll. Reynolds goes for the save but he is tossed like a rag doll. Then Silver tosses the ref like a rag doll. Fantastic! With Silver all pumped up he takes his eyes off Bandido and Bandido takes advantage and earns control. Azrieal is tagged in and Silver spills to the outside. Azrieal with a running dropkick against the barricade on Silver. He tosses Silver back into the ring and goes for a pin attempt. Bandido back in now and Silver is totally isolated. Hot tag attempt is broken up by Azrieal. Silver is still being dominated. Azrieal tags in. Double team work. A spontaneous attack by Silver, double knees to the chest and finally here comes the hot tag. Reynolds is in and handles Azrieal with ease so Bandido tags in. Reynolds fights him off and then does a front flip dive over the top rope onto Azrieal on the floor. A miscommunication by Silver and Reynolds leads to a bridged german and a very close nearfall but its broken up by Silver. Silver is all hyped up but finds himself attacked from behind by Azrieal and on the wrong side of a reverse electric chair drop and a double stomp to the back. A two on two slugfest sequence. All four men down. Azrieal has Silver in powerbomb position at ringside and Bandido hits him with a suicide dive and Silver goes back first into the guardrail. Reynolds in a two on one situation in the ring now but holding his own. Chrissy Rivera finally plays her role and serves as a distraction while Azrieal hits a low blow on Reynolds. A ddt double stomp combo puts Reynolds away for good. This match defines action packed. I may have enjoyed last month’s contest slightly more but this was as loaded as any tag match gets. I smell a third match between these two teams. Winners: Azrieal and Bandido Jr. ***1/2 range.

CZW Wired Championship Match – AR Fox defends VS. Andrew Everett: Everett with a cheap shot attack on FOX and this is off to a rapid pace. A triple suicide dive attempt by Fox seconds in but the third one is stopped by Everett. Everett takes control and slows the pace right down by going into that full-fledged heel mode he pulls off so well. Everett with a rona, then a drop kick and Fox spills to the outside. Everett launches Fox into the ring post, then back into the ring. They exchange forearms. Enzuguri by Fox. A ddt, bulldog style by Fox and then a long distance springboard dropkick by Fox. It’s all Fox right now. Fox tosses Everett to the outside and then goes straight for the kickflip moonsault. Everett crawls back into the ring and crawls towards the turnbuckle. Lo mein pain attempt by Fox is blocked. Everett teases that he has some control now but no can do, roll through death valley driver and then a 450 by Fox but only a two count follows. Fox goes for the shooting star cannon ball and misses. Everett sets up for something on the top rope. 630 splash but only a two count follows. Everett says he wants to go for the double moonsault now but Fox catches his breath and stops the attempt. Lo mein pain, literally out of nowhere, 1, 2, 3. Winner: AR Fox retains. ***1/2 range. 

CZW World Tag-Team Championship Match – BlkOut, Ruckus and BlkJeez defend VS. The Osirian Portal, Amasis and Ophidian: Jeez makes his way to the ring, Ruckus-less, without him. Jeez grabs a mic. He says there is something called card subject to change in the world of pro wrestling. He says Ruckus is in Baltimore, but then Ruckus attacks the Portal from behind. A brawl on the outside ensues. Amasis and Jeez take it to the ring while Ruckus and Ophidian continue to brawl on the outside. Ruckus powerbombs Ophidian into the guardrail. A tornado ddt by Ophidian on Ruckus on the floor. Now Jeez and Amasis decide they should head back into the brawl at ringside. Ruckus is tossed into the seats. Jeez hits a snap suplex on Ophidian on the floor. Ruckus and Ophidian head into the ring, as does Amasis and Jeez. The Portal get the upper hand and begin some double  team work, including an assisted superplex on Ruckus. Then, as the Portal set up for something on Ruckus, Jeez kicks the ref where it hurts the most. Rough night for Kris Levin! The match gets thrown out. Bullshit ending to a fun little brawl, but this is wrestling after all. BlkOut retain due to the Disqualification. Winners: Amasis and Ophidian. **1/2 range.

CZW World Championship Match – MASADA defends VS. Drew Gulak: They fight for takedown position and MASADA comes out on top. MASADA miscalculates a submission hold and this allows Gulak to target the knee and apply a variation of the STF submission hold. MASADA with the slightest of comebacks but he is taken down by Gulak and put into a stretch muffler. Another small comeback by MASADA, that lasts a little longer but again Gulak catches him, takes him down and targets the knee. MASADA gets free, retreats to the outside and then tosses a chair into the ring, but Gulak tosses it right back out. Gulak then attacks MASADA on the outside. Russian leg sweep into the guardrail by MASADA. MASADA grabs a chair and brings it into the ring this time but Gulak ditches it again after throwing it at MASADA. Gulak spears the knee. Yet again, the slightest of comebacks for MASADA but it leads nowhere. Gulak takes him down and goes back to working on the knee. Christina Von Eerie, who is at ringside, hands MASADA the skewers but the attack is blocked. Kimber Lee, who is at ringside, slides into the ring and takes away the skewers. Gulak applies a single legged crab, transitioning into a heel hook but MASADA reaches the ropes. Gulak applies a modified figure four and MASADA taps out! We have a new CZW World Champion! The psychology here is easy to take advantage of, but the pace at which MASADA can work with the knee injury can’t provide much justice to this type of match, and unfortunately is a hindrance to the way these two decided to draw things out. Much respect to MASADA for putting up with it though. He truly is a beast. Get well soon MASADA. Your time as the most dominant champion CZW has ever seen should not have expired this way! Winner: New CZW World Champion, Drew Gulak. **1/2 range.


INTERMISSION…While they set up the gimmicks for the Tangled Web Match.

6 Man Tangled Web – The Nation of Intoxication, Danny Havoc, Devon Moore and Lucky 13 VS. Drew Blood, Ron Mathis and Rory Mondo: There are a few different barbed wire gimmicks/contraptions set up. Some are hard to explain. Just know, they are pretty damn ultraviolent. Right off the bat, Moore goes head first into a web of barbed wire. Lucky and Blood working front and center. Blood powerbombs Lucky into the wire. Mondo hits a top rope assault driver on Moore. Mondo retrieves a massive barbed wire board and brings it into the ring. Cut throat driver by Mondo on Moore into the barbed wire board. Mathis sends Lucky from the top turnbuckle to the floor through a pile of chairs with a barbed wire board placed  underneath the chairs. Havoc sets up an ironing board topped with barbed wire. Mondo attacks Havoc but Havoc fights him off. Power bomb off the top rope by Havoc on Mondo onto the ironing board. Thewre is a boxed style contraption lined with carpet strips on the floor. Havoc and Mathis fight for position on the top rope but they both come crashing down through the contraption. Holy shit they fell hard! Mondo and Moore are now fighting on top of a scaffold. There is a barbed wire board chained to the roof at the height of the scaffold. Moore sends Mondo through the hanging board. That was insane and only the picture can do it justice. Mathis and Havoc are now going at it. I guess they survived that fall! Havoc places a barbed wire board on top of Mathis. Moore hits a shooting star off the scaffold onto the board that is on top of Mathis, 1, 2, 3. That was relatively short for a tangled web match but damn, that was an action packed spot fest if I’ve ever seen one. Winners: The Nation of Intoxication. *** range.

Havoc cuts a promo saying that Mondo and Mathis earned a ton of respect tonight. Havoc extends his hand to Mondo. Mondo slaps him in the face. Havoc challenges Mondo to something ultraviolent next month.

This was a great show from CZW and is well worth the investment. One of those shows that is really, like nothing else. Thanks for joining us!

Overall Show Grade: B+


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