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ROH 08.17.13 Manhattan Mayhem V Results


ROH Manhattan Mayhem V
Aug 17, 2013
Manhattan, New York

Credit: Our very own Ari Berenstein

Show starts with Prince Nana being announced as doing commentary and Nigel McGuiness's talent scout.

Silas Young defeats Adam Page with the headstand into the arabian press moonsault for a three count. Code of Honor upheld at the end. Good opener, Page took a big bump to the outside off the chicken fight position. Good stuff from both. Silas does not like streamers, they are not manly.

Steve Corino came out and ROH officials made him leave to chants of let him stay and bullshit.

Scramble Rules Tag Team Match
C&C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander) def Adrenaline RUSH (ACH & Tadarius Thomas) when Cedric pinned TD

Proving Ground Match
World TV Champion Matt Taven w/ Truth Martini, Seleziya Sparx and Kasey Ray def “No Fear” Mike Mondo
**If Mondo defeats Taven, or lasts the time limit, he will earn a future TV Title match**
Taven over Mondo with the headlock driver. Good near falls at the end. Distraction by Truth and the thin girl not Selezyia hit a hurricanrana. Taven frog splash. Book of Truth was teased by and then used against Taven. Crowd in GA was not into it at the beginning except to make fun of Taven being cool, but got behind it at the end and had support on the floor level.

There were SuperDragon chants

First Time Ever Dream Tag Team Match
The Forever Hooligans (Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov) def The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) with the contract killer
– Great match by the end picking up steam with criss cross sequences
– Code of honor was done in the end. Standing ovation from the crowd.

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QT Marshall and RD Evans were in the ring cutting a promo about the injustices in ROH. Nana interrupts and mentioned he signed two guys to deal with Marshall Law. Lights go out and warning siren. A guy in a clown mask and another in a false face come out. They double closeline QT and Evans, take off their masks and it's Eddie Kingston and Homicide!

Homicide & Eddie Kingston w Prince Nana def Marshall Law (QT & RD Evans)
– Dress shirts and ties and slacks. Homicide in purple Eddie black.
– Nana stayed on commentary


ROH World Championship Tournament Quarter Finals
Tommaso Ciampa def Michael Bennett with air raid crash on the outside
– There were “You killed BJ” chants
– Okay match spent with Bennett working Ciampa's leg. Kind of lost the crowd. Pildriver tease in the ring but didn't happen. Then later on apron but again no.

ROH World Championship Tournament Quarter Finals
Kevin Steen def Roderick Strong Steen with the sleeper suplex and package piledriver
– Fast open, hot crowd for Steen. Very good brawl and some STIFF shots.

ROH World Championship Tournament Quarter Finals
“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin def “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson
– Elgin over Anderson with two backfists bucklebomb and Elgin bomb. Great in ring but crowd hurt it at times. Crowd spent a lot of time chanting Hooooo because they thought Elgin looked like Hacksaw. Also stupid Benoit chants. AWESOME super stungun variation at one point.

World Tag Team Title Match
reDragon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly) def The American Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) to become new tag champs. They went for Chasing the Dragon and Richards kicked out but Kyle rolled into the cross armbreaker and tapped him.
– Lots of good double teams. And kicks and chops as one might expect. Fish is fun as a heel. O Reilly did an amazing hurricanrana that sent Edwards from the inside to the outside of the ring
– Wolves hit the double knee lungblower but Kyle kicked out. WOLVES went for double moves off top turnbuckle but Fish pushed Eddie through a table.
– Warning lights and siren. Homicide and Kingston out and meet reDRagon, a little bit of boos for that. Crowd not sure if face or heel. It was supposed to be a hot angle but crowd didn't react that way to some interpretation.
– Homicide “broke” O'Reilly's finger
– Kingston cut a promo saying they're not ex MMA guys. Puts over Homicide as an original, says they're gonna take down the corporation ROH has become. They're Outlaw Inc and they are going to be taking over ROH

Photo by karuhmelle


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