AIW 2013 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament Night 1 Review

Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford has been a wrestling fan for as long as he can remember. At PWPonderings, Kevin pens show reviews for Absolute Intense Wrestling and Beyond Wrestling. He also co-hosts the CHIKARA centric ¡VIVA CHIKARA! and Adventure Time centric "Flooping the Pig" podcasts. There was going to be a section about what Kevin does when he's not watching wrestling, but that's not interesting, nor is it sadly an often enough occurence.

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  1. Andy Pearce says:

    TPI isn’t back this year, it’s cancelled due to Ian Rotten having a Cancer diagniosis and undergoing chemo. I hope he pulls through.

  2. Chris GST says:

    This was written before that news was released.

  1. Sep 5, 2013

    […] can check out my reviews of the entire shows here (Night 1) and here (Night […]

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