PWG Ten DVD Review

Jerome Cusson

Jerome Cusson has been a professional wrestling fan since late 1994. Having started out as a fan of WWF, he eventually expanded his horizons into WCW and ECW. After the unfortunate deaths of these two companies, Jerome's interest in wrestling nearly came to an end before he discovered independent wrestling. Let the love/hate relationship with wrestling continue.

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  1. A. says:

    Cusson’s pretty much the only wrestling reviewer I use to base decisions on when it comes to buying DVD’s. I mean, I will read other reviewers and enjoy them but his style leads to more “Here’s my impression of what happened” instead of “Here’s a list of what they did”. This show seems worth picking up, so I’ll be grabbing the DVD.

  2. Lambino Dukester says:

    ***1/4 for Hooligans/RockNES, you drunk bro? Match was fucking terrible.

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