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Combat Zone Wrestling-CZW Featured Indie Results PPV Review 

CZW Down with the Sickness 09.14.13 iPPV Results and Analysis


This page will feature live coverage, in real time, results and analysis of Combat Zone Wrestling’s “Chri$ Ca$h Memorial – Down with the Sickness” 2013 iPPV. 7:30/8 P.M bell time.

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Combat Zone Wrestling Presents “Down with the Sickness” 2013 iPPV.
Airing September 14, 2013 from Voorhees, NJ.
CALEB KONLEY AND SHANE HOLLISTER vs. (THE BEAVER BOYS) ALEX REYNOLDS AND JOHN SILVER: Konley and Reyonlds kick the match off. The pace is slow to start as both men are fighting for position and even attempt to dish out a couple of quick roll ups. The pace is actually quite lethargic for the time being. Both men give up fighting for the offense and decide to tag in their partners. Silver and Hollister going at it now. Back to back springboards on Hollister by Silver and then Reynolds. Pin attempt but Hollister kicks out, bursts up and and goes on offense. Konley signaling for a tag but Hollister remains ignorant to the idea. Instead he hits a dive to the outside on Reynolds and he takes out Konley in the process. Blind tag by Konley. Konley and Reynolds are the legal competitors now. Konley with firm control over Reynolds. Hollister blind tags in and now he has firm control over Reynolds. A cooperative tag in by Konley and Hollister. Reynolds finally gets to silver and being the fresh man, he dominates Hollister eight away, hip tossing him all the way across the ring. Double sliced bread by Silver. A little double team work by the Beaver Boys and then Silver applies a crossface on Hollister. Hollister cannot break the hold but Konley sends Reynolds into Silver allowing Hollister to escape the hold…the stream is chopped and scrwed…surprisingly enough the stream cleans itself up with Silver applying a crossface on Konley. Konley powers out of the hold and gets a near fall. Double superkick to Reynolds. Konley and Hollister line up for double forearms on Silver but Silver dodges it sparking a miscue between Konley and Hollister where Hollister kicks Konley in the face. Then I  completely missed exactly how Silver put Hollister away to earn the three count but nevertheless…Winners: John Silver and Alex Reynolds. *** range.
JAKE AND DAVE CRIST vs. SOZIO AND BIFF BUSICK: The Crist Brothers hit simultaneous dives to the outside to put the match into gear. A little brawl on the outside ensues. Busick launches Dave into the guard rail and then Jake comes to the rescue sending Busick into the ring and then the bell sounds. Dave is not yet on the apron so Jake is very much being isolated. Busick and Sozio taking turns with legal tags. Not one bit of offense for Jake several minutes in. Dave is finally making is way onto the apron. Blue thunder bomb by Sozio on Jake. Sozio tags in Busick and then they go to knock Dave off the apron again. It takes Dave no time to get back up and he manages to get the tag. A hot burst of offense by Dave. A bunch of strikes from Dave. Back in comes Jake but back in comes Busick. Massive Dragon suplex on Jake. Busick gets tossed to the outside and Dave hits a springboard moonsault to the floor and ends up in the front row! Thi is becoming a ton of fun to watch but then DJ Hyde ruins the party. He grabs Neveah at ringside causing a distraction allowing Busick and Sozio to attack Dave and Jake and ultimately get the win. Then a beat down takes place. Massive dragon suplexes. This obviously forces the continuation of the OI4K/Hyde feud. Winners: Sozio and Biff Busick. **1/2 range.
Matt Tremont makes his way to the ring. He takes a seat in the middle of the ring. He says how the last time he was relevant in CZW he was standing on top of the Cage of Death after sending DJ Hyde to hell. He says nobody has given their bodies and bled as much as he has for CZW in the last year. He goes over how Joe Gacy is still a thorn in his side. He complains of not having any opportunities but that he should, since he doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass and only wrestles for the CZW fans. He talks about his health scare but promises he is ready to go and his lack of relevance has nothing to do with that. He says what he wants and what he deserves is a shot at Gacy right now. He says he ain’t going anywhere until it happens. Maven Bentley comes out and says Tremont needs to leave. Out comes Gacy but there is a lot of security between them. Gacy tells Tremont to stop wasting his time and to basically give up. Tremont is heated and randomly powerbombs one member of the security team. Tremont threatens to hit Bentley with his fork so Bentley says he’ll make the match but not until next month. Tremont attacks Gacy. Security is trying to break them apart. At “Cerebral” on October 12, these two will lock up again in a “House of Horrors” match. Fantastic segment!
DAVID STARR AND JT DUNN vs. (4LOKO) AZRIEAL AND BANDIDO JR.: Bandido and Dunn start the match off. Dunn tosses Bandido to the outside almost right away and then hits a suicide dive. Bandido retreats back into the ring and tags in Azrieal instead of dealing with a hyped up Dunn. In comes Starr and he puts the match on the mat. He controls Azrieal, pops back up and tags Dunn back in. Azrieal turns the tide with an electric chair drop. 4loko with a little back and forth tagging and attempt at isolating Dunn. Three amigos is blocked by Dunn on the third one and Dunn uses that counter to make it to Starr. The attempt is a failed one. Dunn with some hard forearms on Bandido but a hard clothesline puts a stop to it. Azrieal back in now and the isolation continues. Dunn finally makes it to Starr and Azrieal goes for a tag at the same time. German by Starr. Springboard sexfactor by Dunn. Dunn turns Bandido inside out with a lariat. A double underhook powerbomb and a Starr slam. A rapid pace now. Starr and Dunn set up for simultaneous roaring elbows but they connect with each other. The miscue sets up the finish and 4Loko gets the pin fall victory with their double stomp tombstone combination. Winners: Azrieal and Bandido Jr. ***1/2 range. 
Grudge Match – DREW BLOOD vs. LUCKY 13: Blood attacks Lucky in the entrance way as he is making his way to the ring. Blood retrieves a few chairs from under the ring, unfolds them and sets them up like a table. The tease the spot with some work on the apron next to the setup but they block each others attempts and end up in the ring. The bell sounds. Wheelbarrow stunner and a sick kick by Lucky. Ron Mathis attacks Lucky from behind out of nowhere. Out comes Danny Havoc. Out comes Rory Mondo. The match is thrown out. Havoc and Mondo pair up since they have a scheduled ultraviolent rules match. Maven Bentley orders the Havoc/Mondo match to start now and also orders weapons to be brought to ringside…
Ultraviolent Rules Match – DANNY HAVOC vs. RORY MONDO: Havoc is already busted open. Havoc wacks Mondo with carpet strips and then launches a shopping cart into him. Havoc staples Mondo’s head. Mondo throws a few kicks but Havoc cuts him off with a clothesline. All Havoc at this point. Havoc goes to the top rope but Mondo stops him. Mondo hits Havoc with the carpet strips. Mondo has gained control. Mondo suplexes Havoc off the apron and through the chairs that Blood had set up on the floor. Chair shots by Mondo. Mondo unfolds a pair of chairs and sets them up upside down. The idea bites Mondo in the ass when Havoc sends him on the upside down chairs. Those chairs are flat now. Havoc throws a chair at Mondo’s ankle. Mondo rolls to ringside looking very concerned about his ankle. Havoc gets some thumbtacks. Havoc goes to remove Mondo’s boot and tries to drive the exposed foot into the tacks but can’t pull it off. Mondo places Havoc on the tacks face first. Mondo goes to the top rope for a double stomp but Havoc rolls out of the way and Mondo comes down on the tacks with one of his boots off. Havoc goes and gets a door that is conveniently under the ring. He sets it up between the apron and the guardrail. Havoc goes tot place Mondo on the door but it collapses. Sort of funny. Not really. Okay maybe a little funny. They go to the top rope. Mondo hits a death valley driver on Havoc through the door. Mondo rolls Havoc back into the ring, goes for a pin, 2 count. Mondo hits Havoc with a few loose pieces of carpet strip. Mondo has a barbed wire wrapped chair so he smacks Havoc in the back with it. Cut throat driver by Mondo onto a an upside down chair. Brutally dangerous. Up goes the X. Out comes a stretcher. No contest. Mondo retreats to the back but comes back with a weedwacker! AHHHH! Maven Bentley tries to stop him and says if he uses it he will fire Mondo. Mondo throws a fit saying Havoc quit. A double stomp by Mondo onto Havoc who has been strapped to a stretcher. Nasty! Some real life heat between these two might be turning into a really hot angle! No Contest. *** range.
Intergender Tag Team Match – CHERRY BOMB AND PEPPER PARKS vs. GREG EXCELLENT AND CANDICE LeRAE: Parks attacks Excellent before the bell sounds but Excellent responds with some hard chops. Excellent then bites his nipple! Ouch! Excellent is having his way with Parks. Parks tags in Cherry Bomb. She spits at Excellent and retreats to ringside. In comes LeRae. Springboard armdrag by LeRae then a drop toehold and a dropkick. Cherry Bomb scrambles and tags in Park. Parks shoves LeRae and she responds with a lou thesz press. LeRae with the upper hand on Parks. Parks asks LeRae to tag in Excellent and as she turns around to do so Parks hits her from behind. In comes Cherry Bomb gets a few moves in and then goes straight back to Parks. A cocky scoop slam by Parks and a dirty tactic with a workout band. Ref doesn’t see it. Parks and Cherry Bomb are exchanging frequent tags. The PWG ballsplex by LeRae and she finally makes it over to Excellent. In comes Excellent and he takes out Parks. A bottom rope snukka splash by Excellent. Halarious. Parks rolls to the outside. LeRae takes note and nails a suicide dive on Parks. Cherry Bomb is dancing for Excellent to distract him while Parks recovers. Excellent rubs his hand down his pants and then shoves that same hand in her face. Back in comes Parks. He takes out Excellent but Candice then catches him with an abdominal stretch. Somoan drop by Excellent on Parks. Things are tornado style now. Cherry Bomb takes out LeRae but she fights back and suplexes Cherry Bomb onto Parks. LeRae continues a beat down on Cherry Bomb but then Parks recovers, grabs a gym bag he brought to ringside and hits Excellent in the head with it, 1, 2, 3. The commentary point to the bag being loaded, most likely with a weight or something. A really good showing by LeRae here. Winners. Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb. **1/2 range.
CZW World Tag Team Championship Match – (BLKOUT) BLK JEEZ AND RUCKUS def vs. (OSIRIAN PORTAL) AMASIS AND OPHIDIAN: The Portal attack BlkOut on the entrance way. Very minor brawling at ringside before Amasis and Jeez get into the ring and begin to go at it. Ophidian and Ruckus are still going at it on the outside. Amasis hits an over the tope rope topeconhelo onto Ruckus. Ruckus and Ophidian are dueling in the ring now and Jeez is going at it with Amasis on the outside. The pairings switched places. There is no order to this at all. Jeez lays out Amasis, gets in the ring and now since he is technically the legal man he takes control of Amasis. Jeez tags in Ruckus but the momentum stops because Amasis recovers after being layed out at ringside, gets in the ring and takes out Ruckus. The Portal take out Jeez and then begin to double team Ruckus. They tease getting things under control but it doesn’t go far. Ophidian with a bulldog to Ruckus on a chair, sparking the first near fall of the contest. Jeez tombstones Ophidian onto Amasis. Cool spot! Seconds later Ruckus puts Amasis away to end the match. There was something about this I couldn’t get into. Decent stuff all around and I am sure many of you will like this more than I. Winners: And still CZW Tag Team Champions, Blk Jeez and Ruckus. **1/2 range.
CZW World Championship Match – DREW GULAK def vs. CHRIS DICKINSON: The entire Gulak Campaign is at ringside. They go for a lock up but Dickinson overpowers him. Another attempt but this time Dickinson catches him with a wrist lock. Attempt number three at a fair lock up but Dickinson overpowers Gulak again, this time pushing him into the buckle. Dickinson puts Gulak on the mat again by overpowering him and then he applies an indian death lock. Dickinson is slapping Gualk around. Dickinson backs Gulak into the buckle again but the ref calls for a break. Gulak takes advantage hitting an axe handle and then a running senton. Gulak backs Dickinson into the corner now but Dickinson uses his strength to break free. Dickinson with a power move or two, then some mudhole stomps and a huge release german. Dickinson slows it down and Gualk catches him into a slick arm bar. Again Dickinson uses strength to break free, gets Gulak up for a crucifix (or tigger bomb) and launches him towards the buckle…chopped and screwed stream for a few moments…Dickinson in complete control, pretty much bullying Gulak at this point. Gulak Hulks up but the strikes don’t phase Dickinson the least bit. Dickinson puts Gulak in the tree of woe. Running dropkick. They work towards getting up on the turnbuckle. Superplex by Gulak and the momentum has finally turned in Gulaks favor for the first time in the match. A heel hook by Gulak but Dickinson throws some kicks to break free. With each move, the match is becoming more and more intense and the execution is showing it. Lariat by Gulak. Gulak wants Dickinson back on the turnbuckle. Gulak applies a chin lock while they battle for position on the buckle but Dickinson turns the hold into a tortue rack/psycho driver off the top rope! Dickinson then guerrilla presses Gulak from the ring to the floor on top of every campagin number. He follows it up with a huge dive over the top rope onto Gulak and the campaign. He rolls Gulak back into the ring and then goes for a crucifix powerbomb. Near fall! They exchange some hard strikes. Gulak applies the Gulock but Dickinson again uses all of his might to break out of it. Brainbuster by Dickinson. Nearfall. Kickout. Gulak hulks up again and gets Dickinson on the ground immediately. Gulak applies the indian death lock forcing Dickinson to taps this time. Great match. This is go out of your way to see stuff. A clinic. Winner: And still CZW World Champion, Drew Gulak. ***1/2 range.
Chri$ Ca$h Memorial Four Way Ladder Match for the CZW Wired Championship. AR FOX def vs. ANDREW EVERETT, ALEX COLON AND SHANE STRICKLAND: These matches can be extremely hard to cover, and to be selfish I want to keep my eyes peeled on it, so here are some of the key spots…Simultaneous tope’s by Fox and Strickland to kick things off. A superplex by Colon on Everett to the floor, crashing down onto Fox and Strickland. Colon with a ladder assisted camelclutch on Strickland. Springboard dropkick attempt by Fox is blocked by Everett, so Fox goes flying back, crashing through a guardrail that was positioned between the apron and the front row barricades. Fox places strickland onto the same guardrail he just crashed through, and hits a kickflip moonsault onto Strickland. Everett sets up a ladder in the ring, gets a smaller one and places in between the ropes and the standing ladder. Everett goes for something high risk but Strickland moves out of the way and Everett crashes through the ladder. Fox hits the lo mein pain on Colon sending him into a ladder. Strickland hits a candian destroyer style rana on Colon sending him to the floor through a table. Colon needs attention. He is being brought to the back. This match is completely built on spot to spot transitions, but it’s one of the best spot fests you’ll ever see. The locker room clears out in support of the match, pounding the mat at ringside. Strickland retrieves a 20 footer. Everett takes out Strickland and goes to climb the ladder. Fox tips it over and Everett comes down crashing through a table set up leaning against the turnbuckle. Fox sets up another table in the ring and places Strickland on it. Fox climbs the ladder but Strickland stops him and hits a cash flow driver off the ladder. Strickland is climbing now and looking like a sure winner, but Colon who had been attended to and brought to the back runs out, shoves Strickland off, climbs the ladder, grabs the title and wins the match. Great finish! This was spotty but the spots were so frequent the flow was perfect. Winner: And new CZW Wired Champion, Alex Colon. **** range.
This was a phenomenal showing by CZW. A highly recommended show and every match is well worth sitting through. This is the best outing for CZW since “Best of the Best XII” earlier this year, and perhaps another viewing session will determine it is the very best CZW show of 2013 thus far.
Overall Show Grade: A-

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