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Wrestling is Intense 09/15/13 results


Wrestling is Intense
Sept 15, 2013
Carbondale, IL
Credit: Our very own Jennifer Lynn

Juan Francisco def Mat Fitchett after hitting a German suplex into a bridge pin

Gary the Barn Owl def The Proletariat Boar of Moldova (who is carrying the broken remnants of the Hammer of Peace) with a crucifix pin

Eddie Kingston hits Jeff O’Shea with a Backfist to the Future. Afterwards turns over a table of merch yelling, “This is what it’s come to?!”
– And Kingston walked out still in his gear with his duffle bag over his shoulder.

Sue Jackson def Christian Rose (and his undefeated streak) with a running/crashing cross body

The Daywalkers (Alex Castle & Matt Cage) def the Beautiful Bodies

Estonian Thunderfrog def Arik Cannon with a frog splash

Darkness Crabtree vs Jervis Cottonbelly was interrupted by 17, CombatANT and DeviANT who have stormed the ring, taken out everyone and are demanding Intense be shut down

17 held Jervis hostage until the manager of Intense gave in. “Wrestling is Intense is officially shut down.”

Everyone had to be carried to the back. Darkness Crabtree wasn’t moving. A ref carried him in his arms to the back.

That’s it. Wrestling is Intense appears to be no more. The Swarm and 17 have shut it down.



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