PWP Xtra – #7LevelsOfHate Documentary Review

Jerome Cusson

Jerome Cusson has been a professional wrestling fan since late 1994. Having started out as a fan of WWF, he eventually expanded his horizons into WCW and ECW. After the unfortunate deaths of these two companies, Jerome's interest in wrestling nearly came to an end before he discovered independent wrestling. Let the love/hate relationship with wrestling continue.

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  1. Mark Kohn says:

    Great review guys. I really enjoyed it. As things change, they stay the same. Quite amazing the NWA board as you two noted no different today than thirty years ago. Amazing in a terrible way.
    You mentioned Bloodstained Memories, any chance for a review of that?

  2. Chris GST says:

    I am finishing it up very soon so I will be throwing something together either in podcast form or written. Thanks.

  3. Mark Kohn says:

    Cool. I am looking forward to that.

  4. jay says:

    I don’t care what anyone say’s Adam you did one hell of a job with that Doc you and Colt Fucking awesome!!! that in my dvd player that holds 50 disks people say it way to long but the history need to be told long or not it good to here from the feds that invested their money into this fued and this is that special type of match that Hardcore matches are ok it settle something that both were invested in!

    Thank you both for puttin all in well worth the money I spend to see those matches on the dvd.

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