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ROH The Golden Dream 11/02/13 Review


ROH: The Golden Dream
11/2/13 from Cincinnati, OH

There was a time when I would buy almost every ROH DVD that came out the instant it was on sale due to the buzz, the participants in the matches, or the importance of fights. In recent years, I’m more than willing to admit that it probably happens less than it did about five years ago and definitely the mp4/VOD format which have been traditionally cheaper have been a remedy. So I say this will full confidence, The Golden Dream is worth owning on DVD and having it in your wrestling collection. Every match on this card delivered, some more than what I would have given them credit for on paper.

The opening series of matches between the ROH Tag Champions reDRagon and Alabama Attitude didn’t seem more than basic opener fodder when I saw them announced. Mike Posey versus Bobby Fish was decent and Fish looked like the top talent that he is. But when it came to Corey Hollis and Kyle O’Reilly, they had a really good match. Better than what I expected, especially when it came to some of the counters and wrestling. Granted both men seemed tired going into the final moments and some of the moves weren’t as crisp as they could have been, but it was definitely worthwhile to see two young talented men show that they could defeat expectations. Both Alabama Attitude members lost, but I do think we’ll be seeing more of both and definitely Hollis in the future.

Michael Elgin and Silas Young are no strangers, and while this match wasn’t the best I’ve seen them have, it was good. It showed that Young can more than hold his own against Elgin who at the time was the #1 contender for the ROH World Title. When Young lost to Elgin, it by no means lessened Young’s caliber in my mind.

Davey Richards defeated ACH, but don’t let that fool you. These two men put on one of the best matches of the year in ROH and I would stack it up against any other non-title match in any promotion. ACH’s athleticism can’t be denied, but the psychology in this match can’t be over looked. A quality that sometimes Davey Richards can miss in his matches, it was obvious the two men wanted to give something different here despite some criticism to Richard’s style. They wanted to steal the show, and do it with more than just high spots and impact moves. Richards would target ACH’s chest throughout most of the match, with a few other traditional spots he always does, but in the end the double stomps from the top rope would win it for him.

The ROH TV Title match between Matt Taven and Adam Page by far was one of the top three matches of the night. An over the top rope powerbomb onto a barricade from Page to Taven will probably be one for the highlight reel for many fans and if you’ve never taken Page seriously before, you will after this match. Taven would retain but he also did a lot more in this match to solidify his spot than I think he has in months.

Jimmy Jacobs defeated Roderick Strong in a great match that had me on the edge of my seat. Jacobs continues to be one of the best wrestlers to not have a significant push behind him in ROH. Strong as always brought it and I think this one would be on any compilation for both men in the future.

There was a three way for a chance at Taven at Final Battle between Jay Lethal, Tommaso Ciampa, and Mark Briscoe which was exactly what you would expect from the three of them. It was a good match and Ciampa won it by pinning Mark Briscoe and cementing his spot at the biggest show of the year.

Jay Briscoe would defeat Kevin Steen in a match a bar below the one they had at Supercard of Honor, but it was the significance of it that makes it must see. Briscoe or Steen would earn the spot at Final Battle to be in the main event for the ROH World Title against Adam Cole and Michael Elgin and both men fought hard to earn it. Some interference from Cole and Maria would mar this bout but it still brought all the hard hitting action you would want from both men.

Overall: I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who still collects DVDs for the shows they want to watch over and over without having to log onto the ROH website. With a great mix of action and storyline significance, it deserves a spot on your shelf or DVD binder.

Stand out matches:
Corey Hollis vs Kyle O’Reilly
Davey Richards vs ACH
Matt Taven vs Adam Page
Jimmy Jacobs vs Roderick Strong
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4 thoughts on “ROH The Golden Dream 11/02/13 Review

  1. Everyone

    You may be the worst writer on the internet. Has nothing to do with your opinion, but strictly based on your wording, sentence structure, and half of your points which make absolutely no sense in context. AWFUL.

  2. HA! Read the comment below and guy sounds like he only reads the funnies in the newspaper. Thought your review was insightful and pretty accurate to my thoughts of the show. ROH has had better house shows recently but I agree with Jerome and you that it hasn’t translated into more buzz. I almost forgot Final Battle was coming up until you guys tweeted the results.

  3. Appreciate your criticism man. Was just trying something different but we’ll see what happens in 2014.

  4. Thanks dude. I welcome any criticism and I’ve received far more positive than negative feedback via email. Can’t please everyone. I agree that the buzz surrounding FB wasn’t as high as it could have been but so far the show is at least receiving good reviews. Thanks for following us on twitter.

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