Positives, Negatives, and Predictions (ROH and WWN Universe)

Jerome Cusson

Jerome Cusson has been a professional wrestling fan since late 1994. Having started out as a fan of WWF, he eventually expanded his horizons into WCW and ECW. After the unfortunate deaths of these two companies, Jerome's interest in wrestling nearly came to an end before he discovered independent wrestling. Let the love/hate relationship with wrestling continue.

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  1. alan says:

    i think you mean looking back at 2013 predictions and looking forward to 2014

  2. Rob says:

    I think ROH had a very good year, all in all. The iPPV situation is real bummer, and I certainly don’t know if it will get rectified this year, but my fingers are crossed. But to hit on some of the points made about ROH:

    Michael Elgin had a rough year, which is weird to say, seeing as how he probably had the best matches for them all year.

    Ciampa is becoming a good draw, and I think that will continue with every company he works for.

    I also expect the Briscoes to team up again, because I don’t see them doing anything important any time soon.

    As for WWN, I went to all of the NYC DGUSA/Evolve shows, and I enjoyed each one. Gargano is amazing, though I think his time as champ is coming up, and I 2nd the prediction of Ricochet being the one to dethrone him.

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