NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 8 Results

Brian Da' Brain

Wrestling fan since 1985 but I was born in 1988. My favorite wrestler changes everyday. I love storytelling and wrestling is the perfect example of the classic three act story arc. Everything has a beginning, middle and end. Every hero hears the call. Every hero has a villain. Every hero has their darkest hour. Every hero must RISE. Got a degree in film and television a year ago and have been doing the whole "Office Space"/"American Beauty" thing for now. Will get an industry job soon. Hopefully.

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  1. Sean Grey says:

    I’m sure the moment WWE brings back the over the top entrances for Wrestemania again, people will complain about them forgetting they’re a wrestling promotion.

  2. Ryan Ingram says:

    Appreciate your reviews, I plan on reading up to determine what I have to see from last year. Do you happen to have a “Top 5 PPV’s of 2013” anywhere?

  3. Chris GST says:

    Not yet but no doubt we will have a list on our next podcast reviewing the entire indie wrestling scene in 2013

  4. NJPW is the top wrestling promotion in the world, a great stage, amazing entrances and the card looked really strong, specially the two main events, like the way it should be, forget about WrestleMania this is the top event of the year.

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