Wrestling Is Back! TCW Is Wrestling!

Adam Leavelle

I've been a wrestling fan since 1977. I've always followed everything, but the original NWA was always my favorite. Indy wrestling is now my passion, and I follow more than I can count. You'll see me covering my local home indy feds, The UWE, LCW, VPW, Atomic, and CCW, here on PWP as well as VOW. You can also find me at www.wrestlingdoneright.com and I welcome all feedback. Please follow me on Twitter @aleavelle

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  1. Carl Duncan says:

    So how much did TCW give to you for this puff piece? I’m glad that they decided to cater the internet crowd even though they had them.

  2. Adam Leavelle says:

    Are you joking? I wish I got paid! I meant every word I typed here.

  3. Well, sadly I must report that this article of mine, will have to be looked at as a tribute. I’ve recently learned that starting this Friday, TCW will begin airing “classic” episodes, as production on new episodes have stopped. There is hope for a return, but none promised. TCW was an amazing organization, that had be more excited for wrestling, than I’ve been in years. It really was like turning on WTBS, back in the 80’s, to watch the NWA. I’m pulling for them to return. I’d still highly recommend the “classic” episodes, as they are very, very, good! If you’re a fan of TCW, new or old, I recommend ordering DVD’s from “Elite Championship Wrestling”


    Many TCW stars are on the roster, and they style of wrestling is exactly the same. Unfortunately, they just don’t have a TV, or YouTube show. However, neither does PWG, and they are doing just fine.

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