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AIW 02/07/14 #TGIF Results


February 7, 2014
Cleveland, Ohio
Credit: Ohio Report

6-way scramble match
Colin (don’t say Delaney) Olson vs Ty Colton vs Matt Cross vs Flip Kendrick vs Tyson Dux vs Davey Vega
Davey Vega gets the win

AIW Intense Championship
Louis Lyndon def Johnny Gargano with a roll up when Ethan Page distracts Gargano

AIW Women’s Championship
Allysin Kay def Veda Scott to retain via submission

Gregory Iron comes out and goes to take their relationship to “the next level”. Veda Scott would attack him.

AIW Tag Team Championship Match
The Jollyville Fuck-Its (champions) def The Hooligans when T Money scores the pin after Nasty Russ hits the cannonball

#NIXON Explodes!
Special Referee: The Duke
Made into a triple threat match with Eric Ryan vs Rickey Shane page vs Leah Von Dutch
Leah Von Dutch pinned Eric Ryan with The Duke counting a fast count. Eric & Rickey Shane Page were escorted out of the building
– The Duke announced that a third person will be added to the match because they are undefeated with #Nixon…Leah Von Dutch

The Duke demanded that LVD get an immediate AIW Women’s title match. Allysin Kay came out.
The Duke gave Allysin Kay the duke driver and Leah Von Dutch pinned AK while the duke (still in ref attire) counted to three and Leah Von Dutch is the new AIW Women’s Champion

Bobby Beverly def Kyle O’Reilly

Kevin Steen def Ethan Page via DQ when Sparx came out and gave Steen a low blow

Tim Donst def Danny Havoc in a hardcore match. Claims post match that on March 14th, Eddie Kingston will die.

AIW Title
Michael Elgin def Drake Younger

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3 thoughts on “AIW 02/07/14 #TGIF Results

  1. Kyle and Gargano both lose? Yeah, glad I didn’t buy this.

  2. Not sure what Kyle and Gargano losing has to do with it. If you only buy something based on your favorites winning and losing without being able to see how it occurred, I don’t know if that’s the best gauge.

  3. […] hat tip to our friends at PWPonderings for full results of the show (via @OhioReport on twitter), which now allow us to piece together […]

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